mjolnir in his pants

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Imagine Thor is injured on a HYDRA mission being the stubborn God he is, he refuses help, assuring you he is fine but you demand to at least clean his face wounds!

“Oh, shit” you rush at the end of the fight to Thor, he pants from his knee’s, Mjolnir in his right hand and you place a hand on his back “you okay, big guy?” you asked in a soft voice and he takes a few seconds to answer. He stands up straight, wincing at he does, cuts and bruises on his face as he looks down at you and fails at hiding the pain he was feeling. 

“I am fine” he comments “tis but a scratch” he shrugs you off, following the rest of the team to the Quinjet, everyone had a few bruises and scratches but Thor had received the brunt of the force of HYDRA’s gun power.

“Thor, you gotta let me have a look, I’m medically trained like Bruce,” you tell him and he chuckles, saying again he is fine to you, you sigh loudly and look at someone else for help but they all look away pretending to be busy. “Please, it may be nothing but it will ease my mind,” you tell him. 

“I am fine, (Y/N)” he places a hand on your shoulder “it will take a lot more to bring me down, I promise” he smiles gently, you notice the cut on his forehead, lightly bleeding and if he won’t allow you to assess the wounds on his body; his face will help ease your worrying head.

“Could you stop being so stubborn and let me help you?” you asked, he let out a long sigh “at least let me clean that wound on your forehead” you point, grabbing the nearest first-aid kit, he nodded and sat down and you grinned at him “I’m gonna worry about you” you tell him and he nods. 

“And for that, I am grateful,after,” he tells you “having someone to about us, me, on this odd but wonderful planet; is nice” you grin and nod at him.

(Sorry it’s short but that’s all I could think of for this Thor imagine. IF ANYONE GOT THE MONTY PYTHON REFERENCE THEN WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS- TIS BUT A SCRATCH. I hope you like it, remember to catch up on my Alternate “You”niverse series and my Becky and Peggy one! Plus I Never Forgot You . Request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Does it make me a bad person if I every time I see a Taylor fan gush about how Tom is such a perfect gentlemen I want to flood their dash with all of Tom’s NSFW sex scenes, every time he has said fuck, close-ups of the Conda, and the videos about needing implants if he were a woman and having Mjolnir in his pants?  I thought we had finally banished the Disney Prince cliche, but the Swifties are doing their best to bring it back to life.  It’s driving me nuts.

Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Seven

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

NOTES: I am making this the penultimate chapter. The final chapter will have a special note on it, please read that before reading the chapter. 

Kari stared at her ever growing stomach. She had not seen her feet in the seven weeks she had been placed on bed rest, even when she went for a bath or simple waddled to the bathroom, something she had felt utterly humiliated by, she could not see them. According to Frigga and Eir, it was completely normal, but that was little consolation to her. She was almost to full term and the baby was growing and thriving well, even if she felt as though she was going mad. Thor, Frigga and Loki had taken turns keeping her company, but overall she was sick of staring at the ceiling or the far wall.

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Mjolnir has many uses.

I would quite like to fly in the way that Chris flies, I think that’ll be fun. The idea that you could swing it so fast that it becomes like some kind of personal helicopter would be quite useful on safari. When you’re about to be eaten by a lion. You could just swing it and the lion’s like: that’s not fair, that’s not playing by the rules. You could probably tumble-dry your clothes with it. A sort of extra fan. If you didn’t have a tumble-dryer, I don’t know.There’s so many uses for the thing.

-Tom Hiddleston

And you could stuff it in your pants too!