As you all probably know, I never post watermarked images however this is an exception.  I have searched high and low for a version of this with no watermark - never to find it.

Here’s What I Know: The photo is obvi Jordan playing against Ewing. From what I can tell from the photo its circa ‘84/'85. The KMOV on the windows and the banner is a radio station in St. Louis, which would make me think this was a summer league of sorts. Ewing’s Adidas gear and Knicks colorways lead me to believe its post 1985 draft but what about MJ’s Tarheel colorway 1’s? 

I need the answers, Sway. 

So… if anyone knows the story behind this, please reblog/share - someone out there has to know the 411 of this image. With your help maybe we can crowd-source the answer and all find out the story together. 

The image is too dope not to be captured with some context, agreed?