You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

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thank you so much for tagging me ^^ this is the first 20 songs in my mp3 and there is some arabic songs that i don’t know how to translate their names so i will just link you to it ^^

1:كاظم الساهر  فرشت رمل البحر

2: kim junsu Rainy night

3:كاظم الساهر - سألتها‬

4:TVXQ _ All in vain

5:TVXQ _holding back the tears

6:kim junsu _ beautiful thing

7:Huh Gak _ I Told You I Wanna Die

8: kim junsu _ you are so beautiful

9: Park yoochun _I love you 

10: JYJ _In heaven

11:JYJ _ the the boy’s letter

12:JYJ_ you’re

13:JYJ _ song without a name

14:JYJ_ nine

15:JYJ _W

16:Tohoshinki _ why did i fall in love with you

17:Tohoshinki _ kotoba wa iranai (No Words Are Needed )

18:Tohoshinki  _ begin

19:Tohoshinki _ with all my heart

20:Tohoshinki natsu no owari no harmony (X)


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Hello! ^.^ so today well actually yesterday I hit 200 followers! Yay ^^ and I was suppose to do a video thanking everyone… but um.. it was to awkward and after an hour of trying I just gave up.. this is a lot simpler xD

But uh, I really would like to than all of you guys! I really don’t know why you guys follow me… I don’t edit or anything like that :p But I’m very grateful and I know some of your urls! lol it’s pretty cool, so thank you very much! and I wish you a rainbow full of happiness :D

Now for my tumblr buddies :D hehe

hyohunnies Okay if you guys are not following him already.. please go do so :p One of the first few people I started talking to on tumblr. I was his late night anon LOL Out of all my tumblr friends I'm defiantly closest to him ^^ He makes edits and stuff too! and Minho is his so you can’t have him. The only flaw this kid has is that he has gauges.. lmao I’m kidding Liam~ I love you~ ^^

shimchangmaine I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I REALLY WISH I FOLLOWED YOU EARLIER AND KNEW YOU EARLIER SO MUCH WASTED TIME T_T Its just so amazing how we both love exo and tvxq lol and spazz about them.. and have the weirdest fucking conversations and I just love you so much and I cant get over how much I love you. I really love you okay? xD 

5everaktf  EMILY!! :D Of course you’re in this lol Emily who is so pretty and everyone loves cuz shes just so amazing~ ^^ You’re the sweetest person ever and your blog is amazing and I love your fics even though I perfer YunJae :p and its so funny how both of our biases are HoSu xD and I love talking to you so much, you’re amazing ^^

shimbitchmin  ins’t her url amazing? lol This is Joanna who is super fun to talk to, and her blog is amazing and she just recently changed her url to this amazing url. Ins’t it amazing? xD But really! go follow her! and talk to her too~ 

mjjaejae Just started talking to her ^^ shes really awesome though! and her blog is amazing! and I love her edits, and just go follow her okay, and she is Jaejoong biased :D


for5ver-passionable  I just realized I don’t know your name :O But I love you xD Really sweet and pretty! :D I love her blog she posts the best things ever. and shes so nice and sweet~ ^^

jejungie omg Claudia I haven't talked to you in ages.. I'ma put you here anyways because I love you and your blog and your edits. and I’m pretty sure everyone knows who this or know her blog, and if you’re somehow not following her already then go follow her perfect blog now :D

Really thank you guys! ^^ This was pretty long… oops.. 

hey guys. So, I was thinking we could watch dating on earth and the mirotic concert on friday or saturday? SYNCHTUBE PARTY!!!

I’ll put up the link later this week if you guys want to watch ^_^

I forgot to check the let people answer this thing because I fail… but um yeah, message me or reply or something? XD

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♡ ❁ ✓

Hello Sheri my sweetheart

♡ : share 5 favourite songs

Ugh this is hard because I have so many many many

Taxi - DBSK (My ultimate DBSK song XD)

Bolero - DBSK

Mirotic - DBSK

Before you go - DBSK

Hurts - Shinhwa (My heart aches and my mind fills with all OT5 memories everytime this song plays ;_; Idek why)

❁: share 5 favourite blogs

mjjaejae (U-KNOW IT), dongbangsexual, nae-sang, tjmraso, shimcharming

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

1. Most of my real life crushes’ names start with N

2. I have a purple wig and I will get a pink one soon lol

3. My fashion sense SUCKS

4. I am reading about about medical use of Marijuana 


XD thanks for playing along love <3


hi everyone! this is me and my face again. thank you for following me and I got to spend the later half of 2012 with amazing people like you <3 getting to know many of you changed my life to be honest. and I regret NOTHING. please continue to show me love and lets be friends for a long time okay? okay ;3;

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back-to-five, mjjaejae, chunporn, aikatsukiko, shimbitchmin

wow wow wow lol

back-to-five: I follow her haha one of the most famous cassie blogs out there and her macros are supah funnay xD

mjjaejae - SHERI. Im so happy I met this girl, I actually know her in real life and SHE IS THE CUTEST THING AROUND I SWEARR. go talk to her, she is too nice ;3;

chunporn: OH MAN mimi is def one of my favorite for several reaosns. 1)quality chunnie blog 2)her perviness is FANTASTIC 3) she is one of my closest friends here haha AND SHE IS GORGEOUS JFC.

aikatsukiko: she is my partner in crime okay. her voice is amazing and her accent is WAY TOO CUTE I REALLY CANT. also one of my closest friends here hur hur

shimbitchmin: JO BB she is like an older sister ;3; she is really nice and I look forward to talking to her <3 she is like the umma of our group :D

follow these blogs if you havent yet guise ;3;

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✓ ☆ ☀ ☼

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself

  • I am awkward most of the time
  • I love dogs
  • I change moods easily
  • I overthink and overreact a lot
  • I am in love with an evil person

☆: share your current mood

I am feeling a bit sad and depressed.

☀ : something that made me smile today

This would be a little contradicting with my current mood but this thingy is staring at me for hours now and it makes me smile :)

☼ : something you love

My phone and my laptop hehehehe :D

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mjjaejae, tohoshinkidesu, imbreakingmyrulesagain, shimbitchmin, kerryshinki

mjjaejae: sheri <3 first of all, she is IRL friend hehe we go to the same school! she is actually SUPER CUTE in real life. like the way she act(?) make me want to hug and feed her cake. and she is super duper sweet and cares about others ;; so much I can learn from her yo. and even though she says she doesnt like her colorings, I LOVE the edits she makes, its so bright and clear c:

tohoshinkidesu: one of the first blogs I followed! and I still follow her hehe<3 she used to be my faithful scenario reader~ and her edits now a days are so pretty ;~~~~: 

 imbreakingmyrulesagain: I see her all over my dash when i’m on. we must have the same timezone? hehe nonetheless  I want to talk to her more c:

shimbitchmin: JO UMMA. she is my chu ch OTP and we talk every day on twitter ^^ she makes me feel at ease when I speak to her. she is so comfortable to talk to and we have SO much in common! and in the year that I’ve known her, she became an important part of my life. I always say kalena is my OTP and best friend and stuff (well its true ofc) but I consider jo to be in the same place as kalena ;; she is so kind and calm haha please do follow her! amazing person right here 

kerryshinki: kelly LOL ok so she was one of the first friend I made on tumblr. I remember feeling all giggly in the bathtub while I read her reply to my post LOL and since then, she has been my friend here <3 kelly is very… out there lol just like me haha I feel like her and I are alike on so many levels. and her edits are so pretty ;; SO CLEAR AND OTL yup def a senpai ah huh /hugs/