Review of Los Campesinos! @ Club Dada Dallas

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Venue: Club dada-Dallas, TX

Artist: Los Campesinos!

Reviewer: MJGuer

Drink of Choice for the Evening: Miller Lite, it was a school night…

Recognition must be given to the opening act of the evening, Parenthetical Girls. This 80’s feel-experimental-pop group began the show with an entertaining gig. From Everett, Washington, this rather unheard of group was led by singer Zac Pennington’s theatrical performance.  As Zac began the show, it was difficult not to jaw drop at his sporadic movements, over-lengthy pausing and swallowing of the microphone while continuing to sing. 

He exhibited a David Bowie esque persona.  His prancing into the crowd in various random directions, his tan/brown almost disco attire, was all very much appreciated by everyone present.  Zac also made an appearance outside the show, banging on the window with a drum stick.  If any of this has not convinced you to check them out live, your fun factor should be in question.

Los Campesinos!  Sexiest bass guitar player ever; Ellen Waddell, marry me?  I am pretty certain we met eyes as you walked by to the restroom, that is fate.  A tweet, email, or phone # would be appreciated. 

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