Does time really heal? It’s been eight years and yet I am still trying to understand it all. Never would I have ever thought that someone I’ve loved and admired so much since I were a small child would be taken away from the world so soon. Year after year of his anniversary I’ve dealt with constant sadness and pure anger.. all because he was no longer here. And as time went on I started to feel selfish, because I wanted him here for my sake. But then I realized something and everything made sense. He didn’t need to be here any longer. A heart and soul so pure had to endure ongoing torment and hell on earth. He had suffered enough. The world truly didn’t deserve him.

So does time really heal? No, it doesn’t. It does get a little easier but that’s a loss and a pain that will truly never go away. Michael I love you and thank you so much for everything that you gave us. Your time, your dedication, and your music will live on forever. One of my favorite things about you is your smile. That beautiful smile that could light up even the darkest room. It brings me overwhelming amounts of comfort. Today may not be the most joyous day but seeing you smile is just enough for me.

Forever in my heart. ❤️


A love and a heart that kept on giving. Even when backs were turned against him and he was given nothing in return.

One of the sweetest and <b>STRONGEST</b> souls I know. You inspire me daily. Inspiring me to be fearless, to love more, to give more, to be who I am without any apologies. My heart is still hurting knowing what you had to endure on this earth, but you are such a blessing to me, to so many. I thank God for you. My heart, my angel. This love is for a lifetime. I love you.


“Who wants mortality? Everybody wants immortality. You want what you create to live! Be it sculpture or a painting or music or a composition. Like Michelangelo said, ‘I know the creator will go. But his work survives. That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work.’ That’s how I feel. I give my all in my work because I want it to just live and just give all that I have.”

- Michael Jackson

August 29 1958- June 25 2009


I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan since I was 11. That was during the worst time of Michael’s life and I’ll admit, I was a bratty kid who made fun of him like everyone else. But, I found my moms old tapes, her copy of Moonwalker, and watched his videos on tv and absolutely fell madly in love with him. I read that book cover to cover several times, I read it so much that the spine of it broke and half the pages came out. Once, my mother got it from my room and put it somewhere different and I couldn’t find it. I literally sobbed so loud my parents thought I was dying (lol) but I was too shy to admit why I was upset. I still have that copy of the book, and a new one that’s much easier to read because it’s not broken.

My fandom strengthened and weakened over the years, but he was always my fav no matter what. I remember the locker number to my freshman locker simply because it was locker 58 lol.

I remember the day he died so clearly, I was out with a shitty boyfriend at 16, when I still pretended to like boys, and one of his friends came up and causally said “Michael Jackson died.” My world went silent, I didn’t hear what anyone else said for like 20 minutes. My heart felt cold and heavy, and everything seemed like it was in slow motion. Michael was gone, and I couldn’t grasp it. I started crying once we were headed home, boyfriend seriously couldn’t understand why and actually became jealous because I was upset over another man (he was a real douche). I laid in bed that night and just looked at the ceiling, not wanting to believe it. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the funeral. Never have. I don’t know if I ever can. It’s just too much.

Fast forward to 3 years ago. My love for Michael had faltered over the years, I mean I still loved him and was a fan, but I was not like I am today. Until one night I watched the Jackson’s movie and I could feel it starting up again. I then had a dream he was in my room, and he hugged me. He was so warm and comforting and that’s what I needed at the time more than anything. At that time I was depressed, full of anxiety, and in a job I hated. When I stared listening to his music daily again I started to feel better. I had the courage to seek help for my depression, quit that horrid job, and enroll back into college. Since then I’ve done well in college and have traveled to two different countries. Without Michael’s encouraging music I don’t think I would have been able to do all of that. Keep the Faith is still my go to song when I need some encouragement.

I hope you’re happy in heaven Michael, the horrible things the tabloids sadly continue to say can’t hurt you there. Your children are beautiful, smart, and they have your caring heart. We all miss you and you’ll always be in our hearts.