In 1997, the results of an official survey revealed that 99% of the world’s population between 5 - 65 years know who Michael Jackson is. Michael is therefore the most famous person of all time!

27/100 Michael Jackson facts;

Michael presents a check for $125,000 to Esther G. Edwards, president of Motown Museum and Motown founder, Mr. Berry Gordy during ceremonies at the Motown Museum Historical Foundation in Detroit, Michigan, finance sustaining the maintenance of the famed museum, the highest amount of money donated up until that time to the museum.
Superstar Michael Jackson, in a rare public appea

rance, visited Detroit’s Motown Museum and donated $125,000 to the famed museum. Extensive security measures were taken for Michael’s visit to the Museum, West Grand Blvd. was completely blocked off and police officers and mounted police awaited the arrival of Michael and Motown founder Berry Gordy, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young welcomed them to city
“It’s great to be here. I’m very happy and proud to be back to the soil from be back to the soil from which I came,” Michael said during the ceremonies outside of the museum. “Berry Gordy is the man that made it all possible for me. I want to say thank you, Berry and I love you.”

“I am alive and I am here forever ”

-Michael Jackson. ♥

I love this quote so much because, even though he’s not here now(Physically) he is spiritually and he left behind a legacy that’ll be impossible to forget. Through that, Michael Jackson will be alive forever.