People really need to stop sexualizing Finn Wolfhard. The kid is 14 years old.

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Hi, I want to major in sociology but I don't know if that would be good job wise?

Instead of listing out career options available to you, I found this awesome PDF you should take a look at. 

Click on that link to view all of your career possibilities as a sociology major and it also lists out some links to take a look at for job postings.


Supernatural 10x01 "Black"
Breaking Bad 3x01 "No Más"
Breaking Bad 5x07 "Say My Name"

The Curious Case of Demon!Dean – Little Boy Lost or Big Bad Wolf?

I have been writing a lot about Supernatural and its multiple shoutouts and references to „Breaking Bad“ last season (see here, here, here and here - if you are interested - as well as here in parts in my three entries for the „Hellatus Meta Madness“), because it is such a compelling piece of television to compare Supernatural to. Mainly due to the both main characters – Walter White/Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman. Especially in relation to Dean’s season arc spanning from S8 to S10, which could be summed up perfectly with one of „Breaking Bad“’s most famous quotes

“Technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Just think about this. Electrons. They change their energy levels. Molecules. Molecules change their bonds. Elements. They combine and change into compounds. Well, that’s all of life, right? It’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really.”

In S8 we saw Dean seemingly becoming more in tune wit himself, getting more comfortable with showing emotions, claiming things for himself - growing (Growth), only to see him make a step back or rather see him fall down the rabbit hole further than he has ever been down in S9, crumbling under all of the things that happened and the mistakes he made. Everything that seemed better (his drinking for example as well) came crumbling down, Dean was falling apart in for all of us to see (Decay) and to turn into the very thing he has always despised an never wanted to be when Crowley raised him a demon (Transformation) at the end of S9 and now S10. It’s the classical three-act-structure that has been talked about a lot in the fandom.

“Breaking Bad” tells the story of how the Bad Guy becomes the Bad Guy, it’s a tragedy and it has a lot in common with our beloved Dean Winchester. I won’t get into the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman more in depth (just check one of the links above for a more elaborate read up on that topic) here, but will only focus on the most important aspects of the story and how I feel it relates to Dean and Demon!Dean and the topic of duality in particular. In fact, if I would want to be on the nose about it, if analyzing Demon!Dean/Dean with “Breaking Bad” it’s a trinity to consider, because Dean Winchester/Demon!Dean carries a Walter White, a Heisenberg and a Jesse Pinkman within, which I personally found conveyed beautifully in 10x01 “Black”.

Of course this is just my personal impression and my way of making sense of the show and talking about the connections my brain is making. I am not saying the show has absolutely made these shoutouts with the things in mind that I am going to talk about a bit more behind the cut.

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