When you browse informal photos of Marilyn Monroe, there are three recurring themes: she’s often in bed, napping, lounging, daydreaming; two, there’s always a drink at hand; and three, she’s on the phone a lot—a lot. I bet that in this age, she’d been an avid online chatter.

That she’s often seen with a drink doesn’t mean she was a drunk though: it was common to drink in those days.

The photo was taken in 1955. It’s not as sharp as I would like, but this seems to be the highest quality it’s in.

OK guys, I need your opinion

This has been bothering me for a long time now and I need thoughts on my situation.

I am 22 years old, living on my college campus but I live at home when I’m not at school.  Since I am trying to save money for school, my dad pays for my phone. 

Here’s the thing though. At random times, he will take my phone away from me and go through my texts and messages and photos for no particular reason. If he finds something he doesn’t like or agree with, I get yelled at and reprimanded. I’ve been called a whore because of things my boyfriend and I have sent to each other, SOMETHING MEANT TO BE PRIVATE. I have had to delete so many texts and pictures and conversations just so I can avoid any trouble.

I just want feedback on this from others. Do you think this is right of my dad since he pays for my phone and he has the right to look through my things? Or does privacy and being an adult trump what my dad is doing? Please help…