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wanna ask you to draw your favorite koopalings doing something fun

I don’t actually know the koopalings very well. ;u My life is, unfortunately, devoid of most games due to lack of money.

I always thought Bowser Jr. was the cutest, though. He looks like someone who appreciates a good snack.

I decided to record myself lining and coloring him, but forgot to record sketching… Hopefully you don’t mind my putting the video up later.

Trans Peter Parker Headcannons

Me, the local non binary, adding to the trans Spider-Man hcs. 

-Figured out he was trans early on and started presenting as male very quickly. -Was smart enough to not wear a binder under his homemade Spidey suit. Wore a pretty snug sports bra instead. 

-Tony didn’t know he was trans, so this dummy wore his binder under the new suit. Fighting Captain fucking America 

-Iron dad found out and nearly strangled him, because “I told you not to do anything I would do." 

-Tony immediately spends like 3 days straight, making a fight safe binder that expands so he can breathe and swing w/o sacrificing his flatness. He makes like 3. A tan one, a black one and a spider print one.

-Basically so they replace his old ones, so he doesn’t have to change his binder when he puts on the suit. 

-Def goes to pride as Spider-Man, def has a giant trans flag cape 

-Iron Dad def starts paying for Pete’s college to May can focus on paying for Pete’s T 

-She wanted to fight him cause he was being super generous. The college thing was a compromise 

-As soon as he qualifies, Tony pays for Pete’s top surgery, because the binders are all high tech and shit but they’re not perfect. 

-Everyone’s wondering why Spiderman was missing for a week and Tony makes like a,string of announcement tweets. 

-"Spiderman is out of commission this week while he recovers from surgery" 

-"I would like to clarify that Spiderman was not injured, nor was his life in any danger" 

-"I wasn’t gonna say so without his permission but Spiderman has cleared me to announce, as a way to minimize your fears, that he has successfully recovered from Top surgery. You go Spiderman." 

-Honestly, Iron Dad is the best dad. 

 -Ned tweets about the whole thing from Pete’s pov but somehow people don’t figure it out, cause people are dumb. 

-MJ is a super supportive Partner. Like holy fuck. Lots of compliments. Lets face it, Peter is v handsome 

- More parades. 

 - Spidey fan mail from Trans and NonB kids. They always make him smile.


- MJ draws him shirtless a lot, not because she’s like fetishy or something but like after his Top surgery he’s always taking his shirt off. At least at home. 

-"Draw me pretty MJ” “Go fuck yourself.” (joking ofc) 

-Flash is like the only one that cares he’s trans. Literally everyone else has no probs with it. They use his proper pronouns and everything. (Even Flash really has no prob with it tbh, he just thinks that being an ass makes him look cool) 

-I see all these HC about Pete having the worst periods and being like, bed ridden for 5 days. But like, with his healing factor I bet he’d have a pretty average period. Maybe some backache but MJ is good at massages. 

-The worst part about his periods are the dysphoria but being called Spider-Man legit helps a lot. Plus, you know, MJ is the best partner ever. (See: “You’re the most handsome boy I’ve met, fuckwad” “Thanks MJ”) 

-Tried to cut his hair short on his own when he was younger. It was a deeeesaster. But the stylist did a great job fixing it into the stylish mop it is now. 

-Before he came out to Ben and May he started binding with bandages like a moron. -Ben figured it out pretty quickly and nearly smacked Pete upside the head for being dumb and putting his health at risk. 

-Buys him a binder the next day. 

-His legal name change comes after Ben is killed to he takes Benjamin as his middle name. Such a sweetheart.

 Okay, I’m done.

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Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 4: Sweet Pete’s

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Masterlist Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x reader (best friends) 

Warnings: Occasional dirty joke and some shirtless Peter…and getting to feel up shirtless Peter a little bit… :)

Summary: Aunt May opens up a bakery and employs you, Peter, MJ and Ned to help run it!

A/N: This one is long but it’s really good! I hope you enjoy it!

Peter swung back to his apartment and snuck back inside his room, taking off his suit and hiding it in the closet, changing into regular clothes. He came out to find his Aunt May looking through old boxes of paper. “What’s going on?” He asks her and she looks up at him. 

“Oh Peter thank goodness you’re here maybe you can help me with this!” She says and passes him a box. “I’m looking for your grandmother’s old pastry recipes." 

"Uh…why?” Peter asks looking thoroughly confused. May ran over to the counter and grabbed a piece of paper. 

“Because I’m opening up a bakery!” May says excitedly. Peter’s eyes widened. 

“You're running a store now?” He asks and May nods. 

“Yes! I’ve been trying to get that place for months and I thought I’d never get it but then for some reason the other offer got pulled and they accepted mine!” May said excitedly and picked up Peter and gave him a huge hug. He hugged her back. 

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a concept: peter and ned are both in detention (peter still for skipping class, ned for saying he was watching porn during homecoming lmao). mj draws peter staring dreamily at ned and you can practically see the hearts in his eyes. it’s only after she shows it to him he realizes “fuck, i’m in love with my best friend” and the panic sets in 

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MJ is Autistic which is why she's so bad at socializing and why she's able to appear so calm (hint: it's faked) She knows all sorts of trivia, but isn't always great at school? (Because they're teaching Wrong) and she's really bad at reading social interactions and so when she meets Spider-Man, she remembers his voice. And it kills her that she can't recognize it, and eventually she figures it out, and then because the world is shit, decides she's wrong because she can't trust her own brain.

mj sitting in class just studying her peers, and she’s not obsessed with them she swears it, she’s just trying to see how they interact with each other so she can mimic it later and try to fit in better. and when she does try to mimic their social interactions she’ll fuck up and not do it right, it won’t have the same casual ease that it does when they do it, so she’ll just give up and throw out a biting comment and try again some other time.

mj is known as sarcastic and insensitive, and she lets people put that label on her even though she really doesn’t mean to be. she just says things, and she really doesn’t intend for them to be rude or cruel, but they inevitably come out that way.

mj likes to draw the people around her, and even when they aren’t around her she can remember what they look like down to the detail of their pores. she doesn’t mean for this to be creepy. connecting is hard, this makes her feel a bit closer to her peers even if it’s one-sided.

when her classmates are in danger in DC mj feels her head kind of drop into itself. everything around her is in chaos and everything is really loud and hectic and she feels her mind kind of becoming murky with overstimulation. like her brain is submerged in water, or ink. spider-man is there suddenly, and she knows that’s peculiar because he isn’t from DC, but she can’t really focus on that before something else is forcing its way into her attention. and his voice is grating, and it rings a bell in her mind but she can’t really focus on that because that bell is drowned out by everything else and she feels herself shutting down and going on auto pilot. she can’t focus on anything, there’s just too much of everything coming at her all at once. she feels like if one more thing happens she will implode.

but days later, when she’s laying in her bed at home and her mind is open and uncluttered, she’ll be reading and suddenly her mind will start to work on a new project against her will. information that was suppressed will work itself together like a puzzle she forgot about. it will click everything together and she’ll know that spider-man is peter parker. it will feel really simple, and obvious. and she will care, but from a distance. because for once she thinks that this would be a good thing, caring from a distance. it’s usually a hindrance for her, but this time it might be good for her and for someone else. and she’s good at it, she’s skilled at it. this could work.