dorksidefiker  asked:

For the meme: Sabreclaw and 9, Darkdevil and 19

Sabreclaw - Music

shamelessly piggybacking off your headcanon that he’s a country boy here

Hudson adores country music. He is a bit of a snob about it, in fact, and has Opinions about just what is “the good stuff”. Recommendations are also the main way he bonds with the other guys on the team. Kevin uses tunes to help him paint, Zane’s still figuring out what he likes so he listens to a little of everything, and Warp is as much of a nerd (though I can’t decide on a genre for him) so they enjoy talking/arguing about music.

Darkdevil - Summer

It’s the worst time of the year. He bleeds hellfire, for crying out loud, so of course Reilly runs a bit hotter than most. Couple that with a black and burgundy costume that - my guess, another headcanon - is a mix of kevlar and leather? Yeah. It’s a miracle he hasn’t melted yet. Mary Jane has been begging him to let her redesign it or at least swap in some more heat-friendly materials, but he won’t budge.