The incomparable Michael Jackson has made a bigger impact on music than any other artist in the history of music. He was magic. He was what we all strive to be. He will always be the king of pop! Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about how many moments in life that take your breath away. For anyone who has ever seen, felt, or heard his art, we are all honored to have been alive in this generation to experience the magic of Michael Jackson. I love you Michael.

-  Beyoncé

Artists inspired by Michael Jackson 2/?

‘Friends Who are Guys’ Interview ①

Reporter Kwon Bora (Reporter Kwon): Eunwoo-ya, Bin-ah, it’s nice to meet you. Amongst the ‘friends who are guys’ we’ve met, you guys are the youngest.
Bin: Really? This is an honor.
Reporter Jung Hee Yeon (Reporter Jung): I was thinking of making today even more special. Since the two of you are the chosen 'friends who are guys’ (laughs).

Reporter Kwon: Eunwoo recently returned from filming 'Laws of the Jungle’ in New Caledonia, right? I really enjoyed the broadcast.
Eunwoo: The number of people who recognized me have increased thanks to 'Laws of the Jungle’. That kind of response is fascinating to me since I’m a rookie and it’s also a new feeling. It also makes me think how I have to better behave myself.

Reporter Jung: In particular, Hong Seokcheon-ssi who went to the jungle with you mentioned you too. Did you read that article?
Eunwoo: Yup. Of course. The teamwork amongst the members who went to the jungle together then was good so even after we came back, we ate out (together) and are still in contact. I’m thankful for the fact that Hong Seokcheon sunbae had even mentioned me.

Reporter Kwon: You’re a visual who even the handsome Seo Kangjun acknowledged.
Eunwoo: I’m embarrassed. Kangjun hyung came to congratulate us when we held our debut showcase and I was thankful that he answered like that to something the MC had jokingly asked. Hyung, you’re even more handsome!

Reporter Kwon: Bin, how did you feel watching (the episode of) 'Laws of the Jungle’ in which Eunwoo appeared in?
Bin: To be honest, I wanted to go too. On top of using my body a lot and being active, I like moving. 'Laws of the Jungle’ is also a program that I do enjoy watching on the norm. That’s why I advised Eunwoo on what to be wary of and told him, “Have fun in my stead.” Eunwoo prepared quite a lot and I think he did as well as he prepared to I felt proud and happy as I watched him.

Reporter Jung: What left the deepest impression on you as you watched?
Bin: Eunwoo took off his top in the jungle. Eunwoo’s body wasn’t originally that good. But his body has really gotten better since returning from the jungle. His abs have also gotten more defined and he lost a lot of weight. I think the jungle had an influence on him.
Eunwoo: Amongst the members, Bin-ie was the one who mentioned that he wanted to go to the jungle the most. I think i’ll be nice if our team succeeds even more and all six of us go on a special episode the next time.

Reporter Kwon: An ASTRO special sounds good. Amongst your members, if you had to choose one who’d be the worst at adapting if he went to the jungle?
Bin: MJ hyung? Hyung’s quick-witted but on the contrary, he worries a lot so I feel like he’d go through hardship.
Eunwoo: Sanha for me. He’s the youngest amongst three brothers and also the youngest in the team. I think the fact that he’s youngest will show a lot.

Reporter Jung: Then the member who seems like he’d be the best at adapting?
Bin-Eunwoo (in chorus): Rocky!!
Reporter Jung: Oooh~ Your opinions on this are the same?
Bin: Rocky uses his body well and is dexterous. I think he’ll be good at captures if he goes out hunting. I don’t think there’ll be any reason for him to starve. People would probably believe you if you told them he was a New Caledonia native.
Eunwoo: That’s true. His will to survive is also strong. He’s probably 'Chief Rocky’ amongst us.

Source: http://sports.donga.com/SPORTS/3/all/20160830/80040900/2

Translations by @99pmh
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Astro Reaction

“Astro reaction to their s/o surprising them and their members with a bunch of food at practice”

Mj: Mj would be so shocked to see you with food, you knew he never ate when he practiced because he didn’t have time. “Y/n! You always know how to make my day”

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Jinjin: You managed to sneak past all the other boys and bring him his food before practice. Seeing the smile on his face was worth it everytime “You’re the best baby thank you for this! I’ll eat well”

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Eunwoo: He’d have the gummiest smile on his face. He’d sit with you enjoying the good food and telling you a little about his day as you both ate. “The craziest thing happened today! Manger-nim…”

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Moonbin: He’d call a break right when he saw you walk through the door. He’d be so happy that you thought about him and brought him food. “You’re the best girl/boyfriend ever I’m starving”

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Rocky: He would be extremely thankful you brought him food knowing he won’t stop practice for food. He’d give you a shy kiss and start eating “You treat me too well babe I promise to make up for it”

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Sanha: He’d be all happy and giggly the moment he saw you with the food in your hands. He’d hop over to you all cute and hug you “Noona! You always take such good care of me”

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160827 ASTRO MINI LIVE Thankx AROHA - 숨가빠 (Breathless) (MJ focus.)

It’s You, Idiot// Kim Myungjun

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Pairing: MJ x Reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
Hi, can I request a super fluffy MJ scenario, where he always teases you and tries to know who you have a crush on, but then you had enough of the teasing so you just have a random outburst that it’s him? Thank you


xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)!” Myungjun giggled as you walked into Astro’s dorm room, bags slung over your arms that were filled with treats.

“Hi MJ,” You smiled as he hugged you tightly, moreso reaching for the bags than actually hugging you.

“Nuh-Uh-Uh!” You scolded MJ as you tapped his nose, rolling your eyes at him, “These are for later.”

“But, there are so many snacks,” MJ pouted, “Give me one, please?”

“No,” you said sternly, shrugging his pouts off, “I’m not giving in.”

“Fine!” MJ huffed, “Then, if you won’t give me the snacks, you should give me something else that I want.”

“And what is that?” you pondered, placing the snacks on the kitchen counter.


“What information?” You asked as MJ leaned over the counter.

“Tell me who you like.”

Your cheeks flushed at his statement. You had told the boys once before you were a fan of Astro before you met them all, and that you liked one of the boys, but you never told them which one. And now, the boy you liked is asking you which boy you liked.

But it wasn’t the first time he asked.

Everyday for the last week, MJ had been pestering you about telling him which boy you liked. He would poke you, sit on you, and even go so far as to ignore you if you didn’t tell him. But, you held out this long.

“No,” you shrugged it off, “i’m not telling you.”

“Why not?” MJ whined softly, following you as you grabbed a drink and headed towards the couch, “It’s not like i’ll tell.”

“I don’t want to tell anyone,” you shrugged, taking the remote from off the coffee table, only to have it being snatched out of your hands.

“Myungjun, give me the remote.”

“Not until you tell me who you like.”

Rolling your eyes at his childish actions, you walked over to the tv, beginning to change the channels manually until Myungjun turned off the tv completely.

“I have more control, (Y/N),” MJ hummed, “Now tell me.”


“Come on!” He groaned, flopping himself onto the couch dramatically, making you giggle, “I’ll die if you don’t tell me.”

“Rest In Peace,” you hummed, sitting back in the recliner as you sipped your drink.

“You’d let me die, just like that?” MJ gasped, gripping his heart, “I’m offended, (Y/N).”

“And I’m not telling you who I like, Myungjun.”

After hours and hours of him pestering you, you felt yourself begin to get irritated. You couldn’t remember if it was the fiftieth, or the five hundredth, but MJ poked you so many times, murmuring the words ‘Tell me’ over and over, that you snapped.

“It’s you, idiot!” you groaned, cheeks flushing, partly from anger and partly from embarrassment, “Now, can you leave me alone?”

“It’s me?” Myungjun chirped happily, “You like me?”

“Yes,” you groaned into your hands, “A little less so now than I did before. You’re irritating.”

“Well, that’s just too bad, isn’t it?” Myungjun pouted softly, “Because I like you too.”

“Really?” you asked lifting your face from in between your hands as he smiled at you.

“Yes,” Myungjun nodded, “But you were mean to me, so I like you a little less, too.”

“Are you kidding me?” You groaned loudly, tackling him to the ground as he let out a loud laugh, “Lets see how you like three thousand pokes!”

Love Mo Siya, Sure ka ba?

I wasn’t really sure until you told me you will be leaving next year. Parang ginuho nanaman muli yung mundo ko nang malaman na iiwan mo ako para sa trabaho. Pero bago niyo sabihin na napaka-selfish ko, hear me first.

I wasn’t really sure what I feel towards you that’s why I read the book, the little book from Ronald Molmisa that I left at McDonalds last Monday. How irresponsible of me, I know… Anyway, going back. As I was reading the book, I read a lot of things… and made me realize things too.

I wasn’t really sure what I feel about you not until you held my hands and shower me with your everlasting efforts… Giving me your longest patience. Sa sobrang haba at sa sobrang dami na ng nagawa mo for me, minsan napapatanong ako sa sarili ko if worth it ba ako ng bawat pagod at pasensya na iniinvest mo sakin.

I wasn’t really sure not until you whispered you love me na sabi mo nga, hindi mo masabi kapag magkasama tayo kaya nagulat ako when I heard it from you.

Aaminin ko I am and still afraid to be commited and to enter something so serious. Sabi nga ni Leah, I need to be sure first bago ako mag-take ng risk, and I thank her for that little advice kasi ngayon… Sure na ako na he’s a risk, a big big risk na I am willing to take. Then a follow up question from Dana made me really sure about everything.

Dana: Mahal mo ba babes dahil mahal mo o mahal mo dahil mahal ka?
Me: Mahal ko kasi mahal ko na…
Dana: Yung nararamdaman mo ba babes is mas nangingibabaw yung love kesa fear?
Me: Nandon yung takot na ba masaktan lang, baka hindi magwork out pero hindi e. Nandon na yung love na kahit gaano kasakit at kahirap, willing kang masaktan kasi mahal mo.

Then sabi naman ni Baba, relasyon ang pinapatagal… Kapit lang daw. Since him and Jaqui will enter a long distance relationship soon at silang dalawa din yung makaka-relate sa situation ko ngayon…

Hindi ko pa masabi sayo yung mga salita na ‘yon kasi I take them so seriously. Ayoko na silang masayang… Kasi nasayang na sila before sa mga maling tao. I wasn’t sure pero ngayon, sure na ako.. Sure na ako sa kung anong meron sa puso kong minsan nang naging yelo. I wasn’t sure pero you thawed my frozen fragile heart… I wasn’t sure pero…

I love how the way you hold my little hands, I love how you’re showering me with your endless efforts and giving me your longest patience, I love how fearlessly you are na pumunta dito sa bahay at harapin sila Papa, oh God lalo na si Papa… I love how my parents like you (specially my mom), I love how my friends and best friends like you. Yes, I love you and I am not afraid to tell it to the world how blessed and lucky I am to have someone like you…

You waited long enough and I can’t wait to tell you how thankful I am and how much I love you. I love you at susuportahan kita sa lahat ng bagay na makakatulong sa life mo at sa life ng family mo. Here’s for the both of us, here’s for the future us…

Yes, guys… This is it. I AM IN LOVE!

PS: Thank you best friends. Love y’all! @theleyeaaahbells @bejsheet @urgoodgirlgonebad <3