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Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard on Michael’s compassion for the homeless (From Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days

Javon: One night, we were driving home from the Strip, and there was this on-ramp for the freeway that we had to pass to get back to the house. We were s topped at a red light by this ramp, and right off the road there was a homeless man and woman. They were arguing with each other about something. The man was sitting and the woman was standing with a sign; it’s the kind of thing you see all the time out here, people with signs that say “Homeless, Please Help.” Vegas is a hard town. You get caught up in gambling and all that? It’ll ruin you.

Bill: Mr. Jackson saw these people and said, “Why are these people out there?” “Those are homeless people, sir.” He was like, “Really? Wow.” He told Javon to pull over. We pulled over to the curb and we just watched for a minute. Mr. Jackson saw all the other cars passing by and he asked, “Why isn’t anybody helping them? Why isn’t anybody stopping?” Then he said to Javon, “Call the woman over to the car.” Javon rolled down his window, waved her over. When she got to the car, Mr. Jackson rolled his window down just a little bit and said, “What’s your name?” “Amanda,” she said. They talked for a bit. He wanted to know her story. He asked her where she was from, where’s her family at. She said she used to be a dancer, a showgirl. Then I heard him reaching around in the backseat for something. I heard the sound of paper. He was pulling out money. He pulled out three-one hundred dollar bills, gave them to her and said, ‘Here. Take this.“ She was floored. She was almost crying, saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

Javon: After he gave her the money, she backed up a few steps and I started to drive off. The guy that had been sitting near her got up, came over to her, and tried to snatch the money away. She pulled back, but he kept trying to grab it from her and they started fighting again. She started yelling, "No! This is mine!” Mr. Jackson saw that and said, “No, no, no! Javon, stop the car. Pull back over.” I pulled back over, he leaned back out of the window and called the man over this time, saying “Don’t do that! Here, I’ve got something for you too.” He pulled out another three hundred dollars and gave it to the man. The lady started crying, like she’d been saved. 

Bill: He told them to use the money for food. “Get something nourishing,” he said. “Don’t get any drugs.” “No, sir!” they said. “No, sir!” They were both gushing with thank-yous and God-bless-yous when all of a sudden the man stopped and looked in the car window and said, “Are you Michael Jackson?” “No. No, I’m not.” I turned to the backseat. “Are you ready to go, sir?” “Yea, I’m ready,” he said. And we pulled off. As we were driving, Mr. Jackson said, “Are there a lot of people like that in Vegas?” “Yeah,” I said. “There are parts of Vegas where a lot of homeless people live.” “Really? Can we go there?” I hesitated for a moment. “You want to go there tonight, sir? Tonight wouldn’t be a good time.” “No, no,” he said. “We can go another day. I just want to see." The bad part of Vegas is on the north side, Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, over by Cashman Field. When he mentioned going there, I was hoping he’d forget about it. Sometimes when he made unusual requests, things I knew weren’t feasible or just weren’t a good idea, I’d wait a bit before following up, to see if he’d drop it. Sometimes he would. If he reminded me again, I knew he was very serious. This time, he remembered. A couple of days later, he came to me and said, "When are we going to go to that side of town?” “What side of town is that, sir?” “Where the homeless people are.” “We can go there today.” “Okay, let’s go.” So we took him to the other side of town, about twenty minutes from the house. We headed north up Main Street, and all of these people were out. You could hear in his voice that he was shocked that all of these people out here were homeless. He couldn’t believe it. “It’s just amazing,” he said. “This country is so rich and these people are poor and living on the street.” He asked Javon to pull over, so we pulled over. I was a little antsy. I wasn’t cool pulling over in a nice car with all these people around. We sat there on the side of the road for a bit. Then Mr. Jackson said, “I want to give them something.” I thought he meant he wanted to get out of the car. I said, “I don’t think it’d be a good idea to go out there, sir.” He said, “No, no, no. I’ll pass it out of the window.” He cracked the window and started waving people over. He had a fanny pack he was wearing. He opened it up and the whole thing was stuffed full of cash. They would come to the window and he would pass out a hundred-dollar bill through the crack in the window to each one. One thing I noticed was that he was trying to catch the attention of the women. He wanted to make sure they were the ones who got the money. He was like. “Come here. No, no, no. You. You come here.” A lot of men got money too, but I could hear him singling the women out of the crown, calling them forward. People started lining up outside his window, like it was an ATM. 

Javon: He gave away so much he ran out, and he got upset wit himself. He was saying he should have brought more. We started to see another side of him, his compassion for others, and it was kind of amazing. There was no media out there, no cameras. There was only a crack in the window, so no one could tell that it was him. It was just something that he wanted to do.

I just remembered something that made me very upset. I think It was about 2 years ago in school in wood work class my teacher was playing music and I went up and asked him if he could play Michael. And he said “absolutely not” and I got very confused, I was really naive back then and didn’t think people could be so horribly mean so I asked you know “why?? ” and he just said “I don’t wanna play child molester music” I got really mad and upset of course it’s Michael we’re talking about. I didn’t know much about the trials and stuff but what I knew for sure was that Michael was innocent. So I went home and like searched for it everywhere and everything and read this big articles about people explaining why mj was innocent and that he was declared innocent. So the next week before the class our teacher had us lined up before class and my best friends says to him (the teacher) “she hates you for saying that about her idol” and I wanted to slap across the face how could she say that but he didn’t say anything but later in class he came up to me and said he was sorry and I just put him at his place saying all this about mike being innocent and stuff and that shut him up and I got an apology and I don’t really remember but I think he played Michael after that 😎 that’s how you deal with an ignorant person. Tho I don’t wanna trash talk this teacher bc he’s my fave and really cool and helped me talk to my crush and just simply awesome but what he said about Michael wasn’t okey.


When we were at the hippopotamus exhibit (at the zoo), Bill was walking a few feet ahead with Mr. Jackson, Prince and Paris. They’d all seen the hippopotamus and moved on. I was hanging back with Blanket. He was straggling a bit because he was just so amused by this hippopotamus. He thought it was the greatest thing. Prince already had his dog, and Paris had just gotten her kitten, so Blanket thought he should get a pet too. He called out, ‘Daddy, I want one of those as my pet.’ The zookeeper and everybody, they all laughed. But I knew that little guy wasn’t joking. If they still lived at Neverland? I’m sure a hippopotamus wouldn’t have been entirely out of the question. With all the other crazy things we’d been asked to do, I half-expected Mr. Jackson to say, 'Guys, I need you to find Blanket a hippo.’ Instead, Mr. Jackson just humored him. He said, “We’ll have to see about that.”

The zookeeper said if Blanket liked the hippo, he could help feed it. They gave him some apples and he tried to throw them in, but he couldn’t get them over the fence. I picked him up so he could get high enough to toss one over. After he did that, I put him back down and turned around to follow the others. I didn’t take my eyes off him, but half a second and he was climbing up that fence, trying to get up on the railing so he could keep throwing apples in there. He was slipping around and trying to pull himself up. It was about a ten-foot drop down the other side. I had this whole scenario flash through my head. I could see the headlines: Michael Jackson’s Son Eaten by Hippo. I grabbed him by the shirt collar saying, 'Get your little ass down here before I lose my job lettin’ you get eaten up by a hippopotamus.’“-Javon Beard~Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days

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Welp, I can definitely relate to this one!
(Except maybe it should be called St. Stacy for me)
@lilac-iero / Aubergine… Great job! You just made me a PVRIS fan!

Anyway, to the actual review:

I liked the combination of an echo effect and dubstep with an acoustic guitar! This is the first song that I’ve heard by PVRIS, and it certainly is a good one.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wherever I go, Michael is already there.

I literally just went to a first aid class today and there was a selfmade Michael Jackson poster on the wall with lots of pictures. And on a wallpaper someone had written several song titles and stuff like “I Love You More Michael” and “Missing You”. They must be using the room for teen meetings or something I guess
And when my mom and I were about to pull out of the parking lot we heard xscape blasting from the car in front of us and my mom said she already heard it this morning from another car :)

This is a picture of fellow Suiteheart, Grenade Jumper!
She’s really close friends with Horseshoe Crab. She is in charge of coming up with designs for performance posters, as well as handling all paint-can related antics (which is why her flight suit is so stained). She is a talented pilot, as well as Horseshoe’s biggest fan.
Hope you enjoy! Her look is based on @trohmosexual.

So is GMW a kids show or a mystery show? The way some people write theories, they act like they’re trying to solve a murder. This is a show aimed for children. Kids are not going to be like look at that speck on the wall, it must represent how we are all a miniscule part of the universe and Riley is meeting the world and her first relationship will be miniscule too. Like no, children are going to be paying attention to the story like MJ has been telling us to do. He has said look further into things, as in look past ships this show is about friendship. This is a children TV show not some kind of mystery show. If you like making theories and solving life’s greatest mystery, good for you, but this show doesn’t need all that as the story tells itself.

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Meet “Mudassar Jackson,” the UAE impersonator who has spent the past two decades skidding across stages in tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. From stadium showcases to impromptu bar and club appearances – such as this 30-minute set at Tribeca Kitchen and Bar, JBR, Dubai, last Saturday.

As this flexible figure twirls, points and pouts – a minute study of MJ’s mannerisms – the otherwise ambivalent audience can’t hide their visceral reaction to this animated anomaly. They turn, wail and whoop – rapt with a mix of admiration, adoration and disbelief. And, perhaps, a healthy slab of irony.

It is a performance you could only give with wholehearted commitment to the cause, and Mudassar Hussain Muhammad has it by the bucketload.

“I just do it for the love of Michael,” says the 35-year-old Pakistani, sitting backstage before the show, part of local performance platform GoPlayTheWorld.

I’ve long held an odd fascination with tribute acts. What is it, after all, that inspires a person to commit so many hours, weeks and years, so much study and sweat, into the craft of assuming another’s identity? And what effect does it all have on the person under the wig?

External image

Mudassar appears to be under few illusions. Alongside his moonwalk moonlighting, he holds down a day-job in air traffic control at Al Maktoum International Airport, only emerging in the King of Pop’s shoes after dark. His friends and colleagues however, are not as enthusiastic about Mudassar’s obsession.

“Not everyone is supportive, especially people from Pakistan,” he says gravely.

“I face big challenges because of where I’m from – Pakistani people just don’t understand Michael.

“But I challenge life – I look life in the eye and say ‘try me’.”

But at Mudassar’s side is a sympathetic supporter – wife Caroline Todler, a 27-year-old Norwegian, whose allegiance to Jackson has been pledged with a sizeable back tattoo. The couple married last month, after meeting via sharing Jackson-related images on social media.

“I wouldn’t say that Michael was the reason we met,” she laughs, “but I do think I came to the UAE for a reason.”

Todler, who works as a dressage rider at Abu Dhabi’s W’rsan Stables, still finds her husband’s lengthy rehearsal and make-up routines a novelty. “I love it, I’m always asking, ‘Can I help you?’,” she says. “I’m actually a little bit annoying.”

External image
External image

Make-up typically takes an hour, and at Saturday’s show, Mudassar arrived with a suitcase and several suit bags, changing his customized outfit for every song.

He dons a glittery black jacket for the set climax Billie Jean, strolling outlandishly into the crowd while a live saxophonist improvises a gutsy solo.

These stadium theatrics are quaintly overblown in this intimate setting. “It’s hard to moonwalk on carpet,” he says. But to Mudassar, every crowd is worth winning over, from a few dozen curious diners to the 15,000 punters he performed to at a Sharjah Cricket Stadium family show in 2004.

As a corporate entertainer, a booking for “Mudassar Jackson” costs from Dh2,000 for a one-song solo dance, without vocals, up to Dh300,000 for a 60-minute set, complete with a fleet of six dancers, four vocalists and a six-piece band.

Such a sum must have been unimaginable to the nine-year-old who first fell in love with Jackson in the late 1980s, shortly after his family moved from Lahore to Sharjah, where he still lives today.

By his teens, Mudassar had mastered the moonwalk, performing as Jackson for the first time at a school concert at the emirate’s Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School. In 1999, he was set on his path after being featured on MTV India, hailed as “the World’s Best Michael Jackson Tribute Artist”.

External image

Now, 17 years later, his passion remains undiminished and he is regularly spotted performing unbilled at Jazz@PizzaExpress’s weekly open mic night in JLT on Sundays.

“It was always Michael,” he says seriously. “Since I started, I just have not deviated from what I was doing – I believe in it and my faith carries me through.”

If Mudassar’s faith needed a signal or sign, it came in 2003 when he came face-to-face with his idol while working in the control tower of Dubai International Airport. When word came in that Jackson was flying to the UAE, Mudassar rushed home, put on his best MJ outfit and mined the courage to make an introduction.

“I almost fainted, I still get goosebumps thinking about it,” he says. “I started blushing and said, ‘I would die for you – I love you and your music so much’. And he thanked me, he was the humblest person. It was the most grateful and blessed day of my life.”

The encounter took place in the days before camera and smartphones were omnipresent, but Mudassar has his memory.

“I don’t need to show pictures to people,” he says. “I have the memory here in my heart, and I will die with that.”

Read more at The National

UAE Michael Jackson Impersonator Shares His Story About His Journey And Meeting The KOP Meet “Mudassar Jackson,” the UAE impersonator who has spent the past two decades skidding across stages in tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
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Meadowsweet - Chapter 5

After overcoming writer’s block, I finally finished this chapter after two weeks. I feel relieved lol. Enjoy :)

Warning: language

Chp 1 / Chp 2 / Chp 3 / Chp 4

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You woke up in somewhat of a panic. You felt sweat slightly glistening on your body, and your heart racing more than it should have. With your eyes still closed, trying to go back to sleep, you attempted to move and maybe get rid of some covers or something, but something strong held you in your place. Genuine panic set in.

You opened your eyes to see what was holding you. You finally relaxed for the first time this morning since it was just MJ’s arm holding you down. Even though this was better than dying, it still freaked you out a bit. You saw that sometime in the night he had taken off his shirt, and now he was cuddling you like his life depended on it. Now you knew why you were sweating: this boy was like a human furnace.

Subconsciously, you knew you should wake him up to get out of this situation, but you couldn’t help but sneak a peek at his face. He was still deep asleep, which allowed you to look at every feature of his face. He looked even younger than usual, which you thought would be impossible. His calm breathing relaxed you, and you felt bad that you needed to wake him up.

“MJ,” you whispered. You tapped on his chest, which happened to be more built than you would’ve thought. He didn’t even move an inch, so you resorted to shoving his shoulder.

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I’m staying with my grandparents in Arkansas this week, and earlier this morning, as I was sitting in their living room, just drinking coffee and daydreaming, I remembered four ridiculously coincidental and thus ridiculously incredible things:

  • In March 2011, on this sofa, I first opened my brand-new copy of The Hunger Games
  • In November 2013, on the bed in the guest room, I created my FFN account and started writing my first Everlark fic (I’d seen Catching Fire a few days prior and had spent every night since hiding under the covers and reading whatever post-MJ stories I could find)
  • In June 2014, out on the patio while watching the sunset, I created this tumblr account
  • In November 2014, at the kitchen counter, I sat with a bowl of tomato soup, grilled cheese, and my laptop, brainstorming and ultimately writing my first Everlark drabble.

I don’t know what it is about this place. Maybe it’s the slopes of trees behind their house. Maybe it’s the fresh bread that always makes the kitchen smell warm. Maybe it’s the way the orange in the sunset seems so much brighter from their porch. Maybe it’s all of these, or maybe it’s none of them. Regardless, I would be a stranger to this fandom if it weren’t for this place, and being here is making me pretty darn sentimental about all that. (I know. Ew, feelings.) But I just have to say this: THG friends, thank you for being the home I’ve found in my home away from home.

anonymous asked:

Has the Alice in wonderland episode of girl meets world been confirmed or are you just making it up

Hi! Well, it’s actually not an episode of Girl meets World, but rather if you look at Maya’s journey as a whole and the clues that MJ and Co have scattered throughout the past seasons and episodes, you can begin to see a pattern and notice that Maya’s journey is paralleling that of Alice and her journey though Wonderland. I’m using Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for Maya’s journey and the story that MJ is telling through Maya rather than saying that there will be an Alice in Wonderland episode of Girl meets World. :)

anonymous asked:

it is weird how "miguel" ended up being flash but "michelle" is still michelle. Idk, I'm just going to wait and see, but it seems weird one was a stage name and the other isn't. In the end, I want a good representation of mj like we had with gwen, but I'm more curious about the story as a whole and how all these characters interact. but hey here's to hoping!

I find it weird how Zendaya says she’s off for filming for a while, and her show is on a hiatus right now. She has ample time to start filming back up for KC Undercover whenever she wants bc her character seems to be dropping in and out of scenes, just like she said as well. 

When Tony was confirmed, the article stating that he was Flash came out the same day it was announced at SDCC. Zendaya is one of the big names in the film and I believe they’re putting a twist on the MJ story, but will announce she’s MJ at the end of this film. Meaning that yes, she will be named Michelle but that might be a name to throw us off. People are still speculating different people with the same name or people are just easily going by with what Jon said. Easy to believe and never question it when it’s confirmed at SDCC right? He isn’t dumb.

I can see them doing this at the end of the movie…

Z’s hair isn’t red but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it towards the end of filming. They have all the way until September or October if i recall, good amount of time to do it with a wig or actually dye it. Her lying about things and being revealed to be MJ is a clever way to get this line into the movie.


Michael Trapson’s “Am I Ok?”

This song by Michael Trapson is amazing! It has much deeper content in the lyrics with MJ’s story in the mix! I love this one! It’s called “Am I Ok?” Michael Trapson a new kind of tribute to the King… Check it out!