mj season

3x02 Clarke is just like…Peak Clarke:

plays dead
tries to garrote man 2x her size
screams when asked to be quiet
is petty
stabs a man in the chest
gets in roans head
is generally a Huge Pain in the ass
gives no fucks
cries about bellamy #relatable
begs for bellamys life


Thank you Thai Arohas! This is so amazing

Some GMW Thoughts

1) We have no idea what’s happening so don’t panic

2) It would make sense for the season finale to be set up in a way where it also could be the series finale IF NECESSARY

3) S4 happens? New storylines…. if it doesn’t all storylines are wrapped up- no loose ends

4) Until we hear from MJ or Disney DIRECTLY everything is pure speculation

5) S3 didn’t get ordered until November so we might not know for awhile

6) Even if Disney orders another season… MJ and his crew have to want to do it as well

7) No matter what we hear tonight….. DO NOT ACT LIKE IDIOTS. No threats, no hate, no stupid hashtags ….NONE of it.  IF MJ is on the fence? More stupidity at this point could tip him the other way