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‘Baby’ choreography syncing with any kpop song plus bruno mars


Thank you Thai Arohas! This is so amazing

I’m so frustrated like even Jaime abandoning Cersei wasn’t as satisfying as it shouldve been because THIS being the last straw for him doesn’t even make sense after the writers had him turn a blind to her MASS MURDER that caused THEIR OWN SON to COMMIT SUICIDE like,,, and he didn’t even say all the other things she’s done wrong it should have been a FINAL and CATHARTIC rejection of everything Cersei is and has done and instead he’s just like “wow can’t believe you went back on a pinky promise” WHEN WILL THIS SHOW FEED ME LIKE I DESERVE

3x02 Clarke is just like…Peak Clarke:

plays dead
tries to garrote man 2x her size
screams when asked to be quiet
is petty
stabs a man in the chest
gets in roans head
is generally a Huge Pain in the ass
gives no fucks
cries about bellamy #relatable
begs for bellamys life

Noah Fence but the 4x08 scene between Jasper and Bellamy in the woods is the best scene in season 4