mj on stage

Bad World Tour

a list of things I love about Astro’s stages:

  • that their choreo is v. group-oriented
  • every one of them gets a chance to be the focus at least once
  • how their choreo is always so playful 
  • but when you think about it, the moves are actually difficult??
  • (they always go all over the stage and have generally v. active moves)
  • they like to mix some things up every now and then (see MJ and Bin in Breathless stages)
  • the fact that during their live perfs, they make the effort to interact with all of the audience and not just those directly in front of and near them
  • I just really love Astro

Bad World Tour


Again total improvisation of Michael and Marlon on stage, it always seems like one knows what the other thinks… and they act the same then, its amazing ! i mean if id try this with my brother we would hit our heads…