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Welcome to AstroBTSnet, a network created to unite fans of both Astro and BTS, who love and support the boys just as much as we do! We hope to provide a nice and friendly environment where fans can interact, share their content, and make new friends. With our network, we aim to support the fans who devote their time and efforts to BTS and Astro.

General Rules:

  • Follow AstroBTSnet.
  • Reblog this post; liking doesn’t count. We will be checking!
  • Must be an active kpop blog.
  • Look out for our acceptance posts.
  • Your original** content must be yours only. If not, you will be removed from the net.
  • No sexualizing any members, regardless of their age.
  • Check out Admin A at rainytaes & astro6ix and Admin K at cypherkookie & astroparks (optional)
  • Join the KKT and/or LINE group chats (optional)

Once Accepted:

  • Add a link to AstroBTSnet on your blog; we will be checking!
  • Track the tag #astrobtsnet to see other members’ content and other important posts.
  • Tag original BTS and Astro content with #astrobtsnet (within the first five tags so that we may see it)
  • Notify us of any url changes.
  • Make sure you’ve joined the group chats if you’ve given us your KKT and/or LINE ID.

You can ask us questions here and apply here.

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