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Eddie, are you ok?
So, Eddie are you ok?
Are you ok, Eddie?
You’ve been smooched by
You’ve been smooched by
A smooth criminal

(no, those are not the real lyrics. lol)

After reading that certain chapter this was all i could think of. FOR DAYS. and it always made me laugh no matter how many times i reread it. So here i am at 2 in the morning doing this quick little something to get it out of my system.

I am referring this is from a marvelous Scriddler story called Batman: We Get Along, written by the brilliant @teamof1.

Like, it’s so good you guys. You have to read it. Their character is spot on, the interactions, conflicts, discussions, their thoughts, their fears and emotions. It’s all just so in depth. Real quality stuff here that you need to get in on.

Here. Here is the link .Go read it. Go. Like now. Why are you still here?

clicky the linky ^^^^^^^^ you need this in your life. You just don’t know it yet.

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Cuddling With Astro


Originally posted by daddy-mj

  • he likes spooning lets be real in a world of forks the boy is a spoon
  • idk what i meant by that 
  • moving on
  • fr MJ here would love to just drag you to bed at night to cuddle
  • he would either cuddle you like right after lunch or something or right before you sleep 
  • those are his favorite cuddle times he feels the cuddliest then its his peak cuddliest always
  • he’d pull you onto the couch or the bed and just wrap his arms around you from the back
  • and pull you into him
  • god he would smell so good omfg
  • but like right when you’d relax into him MJ would be like
  • lol n o p e
  • and start tickling the heck outta ya
  • he loves watchin ya squirm
  • ;)
  • jkjk
  • soon after you would both quiet down and it would get like comfortably silent and he’ll never tell you but those moments of quiet with you and only you are his favorite times 
  • like ever
  • he loves those moment more than anything
  • and he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder and your head will rest against his collarbone and you’ll just revel in each other’s warmth
  • MJ really likes cuddling you
  • he even tries to get you to call him the cuddle master supreme or somethin
  • just
  • cuddling MJ would be a lot of fun and also really peaceful just super wow ya feel me
  • wow


Originally posted by dognmin

  • jinjin doesnt cuddle
  • no
  • he snuggles
  • he would just be lying down and you would pass by and suddenly you’re being pulled onto your boyfriend
  • he’ll grab onto anything and pull
  • sometimes it’s your hand, your elbow, your thigh, it doesn’t matter
  • if jinwoo wants to cuddle
  • no
  • snuggle
  • he’s gonna snuggle
  • he’ll pull you on top of him so you’re both lying down
  • and jinjin would make you put a blanket on top of you so you don’t get cold because he anticipates you two will be in that position for a while
  • he would hold you close to his chest
  • close enough to hear his heartbeat
  • ohmygod
  • and wrap his arms around you and basically it would be like hugging a teddy bear
  • and your head would be against his chest and underneath the blanket
  • your legs are intertwined 
  • you would constantly switch positions though
  • “jinjin that is my boob
  • “ah crap sorry”
  • “don’t move wait”
  • “…”
  • “i said not to move now im like halfway doing the splits”
  • “sorry”
  • because eventually one of you would have a limb fall asleep and it’d get uncomfortable but you want to keep cuddling snuggling 
  • so you always end up lying on your sides facing each other
  • and hugging tight
  • and falling asleep entwined and warm underneath like seven blankets with your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat and his arms around you and i am just
  • s n u g g l e s w i t h j i n j i n


Originally posted by moonbinny

  • hes like a super giant so it would be kinda hard to find a nice cuddling position
  • but eventually you’d decide on like koala-ing him 
  • you would wrap your legs around his waist
  • and your arms around his neck
  • and 
  • squeeze
  • dongmin wouldn’t mind the squeezing honestly because you’re so small and cute he doesn’t even notice it
  • and then you’d pout at him bc he didn’t say anything about your squeezing
  • he would so kiss you so much though like you’re hanging onto him
  • or like as close to hanging as you can be while you’re lying down
  • and he would just be struck by how adorable and vulnerable you look 
  • he wouldn’t be able to help himself
  • it’s like
  • unstoppable
  • he blames it on hormones but 
  • he would move your hair or do whatever he needed to do to kiss your forehead or your cheek
  • and you’d pout at him again
  • this time in response he would
  • kiss your lips
  • over and over 
  • just pecks to tease you until you clasp your hands together behind his neck and forcibly bring him down to kiss you properly
  • he would smile into it
  • eventually dongmin would take your hands off of his neck and hold them in front of his chest
  • and smile
  • and look at you
  • he would sigh out of happiness and contentedness and love and you should all put “cuddling with lee dongmin” on your bucket lists


Originally posted by kpopyoulater

  • cheek to cheek
  • only way to describe it
  • you would start with your head in his chest but somehow later you would’ve pretty much moved up his body
  • and now your chin is in his shoulder while his chin is in yours
  • and you’re both facing each other 
  • he’s so warm
  • and the boy smells really, really good
  • you can’t help but breathe in his scent
  • and sniff his hair bc you’re 99.99% he used your shampoo 
  • but your cheeks would be smushed together but neither of you would mind
  • and his arms are loose around your waist 
  • your arms rest on his are just fanning out from your body tbh
  • they don’t really do much just
  • hang
  • until Bin takes one of your hands in his and intertwines your fingers 
  • you put your other hand on his shoulder and his other arm stays holding you close
  • for a long while neither of you talk but then
  • “did you just fart”
  • “it is only natural”
  • “i hate you”
  • “actually you love me you told me so exactly-”
  • “whY HAvE YoU BEen couNTiNg”
  • jk but honestly you would start quiet and then end up bantering and giggling but staying cheek to cheek the entire time
  • and somehow it would get late and Moonbin realizes that wow
  • you’re fast asleep on top of him
  • and he contemplates throwing you off and running for it but
  • he really likes this
  • it’s worth his arm and hand falling asleep he guesses
  • as long as, when the morning comes, you and him are still entwined


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • minhyuk and doryongi could be brothers or somethin they’re both floppy when it comes to cuddling
  • not that you mind
  • minhyuk is usually p chill but when the boy wants to cuddle he wants to CUDDLE
  • like he’s needy af when he wants you in his arms
  • that sounded cheesy i apologize lmfao
  • anyways
  • you’ll be doing homework or something and suddenly you hear minhyuk screaming your name from the couch or your bed or something 
  • the first few times he did it you freaked out bc
  • what if he’s getting eaten by a bear or something 
  • but you soon realized that when he yells for you it’s because he wants to cuddle
  • and its non-negotiable bc whenever you wanna cuddle he’s always there for you
  • unless he has like idol stuff but thats a given
  • when you finally get to him he’s all “’sup” but then 
  • breaks out into a huge grin that practically splits his face 
  • if you don’t get to him fast enough he’ll come looking for you and pick you up bridal style or throw you over his shoulder
  • sometimes you aren’t fast enough on purpose
  • he doesn’t need to know that
  • and then he’ll wrap like all of his limbs around you
  • you’re stuck
  • have fun
  • eventually you’ll wiggle a leg out so on of your legs is between his and one of his is between yours but his arms stay rooted
  • sometimes minhyuk will roll around with you in his arms if you’re in bed together he’s super playful that way 
  • then he’ll make kissy faces at you and give you butterfly kisses
  • minhyuk would be such a frickin dork when cuddling it would be amazing
  • eventually he would fall asleep with you in his strong grip
  • and you don’t want to wake him
  • so you just stay there
  • stuck
  • until sleep finds you too
  • but you don’t really mind because you’d rather cuddle your amazing(ly warm) boyfriend than do math 
  • any day


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • hes a giant like eunwoo 
  • but hes a smol beanie bby awkward giant
  • the first time you guys cuddle you have to ask him about it
  • and then he gets all flustered but tries to play it cool like
  • “cuddle??? uh, yeah, sure, uh, um, whatever?? you want.. babe???”
  • his voice squeaked on the last part it was great 
  • MJ and JinJin recorded it 
  • it’s JinJin’s ringtone now
  • after that though you guys got into a cuddling routine
  • funnily enough
  • in the beginning he was the small spoon
  • needless to say 
  • it really didn’t work out
  • instead you guys tend to lie down facing each other
  • smiling, laughing, talking
  • trading homework tips and joking about teachers and his managers
  • sometimes the hyungs will try to listen in on your conversations
  • that’s when you guys start roasting them, acting like you don’t know they’re listening
  • fun times
  • anyways you guys face each other
  • and eventually his arm tentatively finds itself around your shoulder, pulling you in slightly
  • it moves down to your waist as time goes on
  • sometimes you hold hands and put your clasped hands in between the two of you
  • always facing each other
  • after talking for a while the two of you will just stop saying anything or making any noises and just trace each other’s facial features with your eyes
  • you’ll find yourself leaning in and then all of a sudden he pulls you into his chest
  • both of your faces about as brightly colored as his hair is
  • and you’re both really tired at this point so you’re about to fall asleep
  • when you’re rudely brought back to being awake by all of Sanha’s hyungs taking pictures of the two of you and tweeting them
  • you should make a show
  • life with (6) boys

ASTRO 붙잡았어야 해 (Again) Choreography Appreciation

The choreography for 붙잡았어야 해 is really good and let me take you through step by step why it’s so good. (On top of that, when it’s in GIF form and you can’t hear any music, it’s easier to spot where they aren’t in sync. Or in ASTRO’s case, appreciate just how in sync they are.)

One thing I really appreciate about ASTRO choreographies is that they switch the focused member so easily. Here, MJ and Moonbin spin back to back. Moonbin sings first, and MJ sings second. This transition ONLY works because MJ is so much shorter than Moonbin - Bin can completely hide MJ behind him, and so when MJ spins out it’s like !!! he’s here !! In general it is very in sync.  

They have to do this spinning transition often when switching center members because of their six person group. In order to keep it symmetrical, there’s one center and two on each side, leaving one left over. This spinning transition lets them keep the symmetry without leaving anyone out for too long. 

The best part of this is how Moonbin’s hand turns, and it turns in time with their heads turning, especially Jinjin and Rocky., as if he’s the one turning their heads. Also that move where both hands are in is really good with the music, it fits really well and I love it alot. 

This move is actually really hard to do (trust me I’ve tried). I really love how it starts out lowkey with them doing the little feet straight forward and then it’s like BAM dynamic shape with the arm. 

Look at how smoothly MJ comes around to the front. Like the way they do the same back to back turn where Rocky turns inwards and MJ moves on the outside of him is what makes it look so smooth. On top of that watch MJ’s feet too. Also appreciate how they purposefully put the three shortest in the front to avoid off balancing the formation too much also appreciate how good rocky looks

This move is just sick. Like the way Sanha walks forward through the middle and like “hits” the others’ hands away and they open up the path for him is really cool. I’m still a big fan of how they are keeping similar heights on both sides. Also watch the way that the triangle of binusan moves from the focus of eunwoo in front to eunwoo sliding over to put sanha in the middle. 

Now this is one of my favorite parts of the choreography: the part right before the chorus where they all form the one line is the same point in the song where the electric guitar like slides out and the melody comes back thats a horrible way to describe it but still. Like when they are walking into the line it’s kind of just all over the place, but then when they slide out it’s so symmetrical. 

Alright this next move needs to be split up into parts for proper appreciation:

 I know it’s kind of hard to see at first but it’s not a random movement. The line kind of folds out ? Moonbin is stepping back just as Jinjin comes forward, and MJ’s moving forward in time with Jinjin coming forward. The important part is that Jinjin is moving from right to left, and everyone else is moving in a line behind where Moonbin is. This transition keeps your focus on the two who are currently singing, Moonbin and then Jinjin. 

This going to be called diagonal line #1. First of all I’m a sucker for this diagonal line formation, but I’m even more impressed by how Jinjin moves with the line. Jinjin’s little hop in the middle of it happens at the same time as the line does their first jump back. Also how the line moves from side to side is really smooth too. Probably the best part of this line though is Jinjin’s footwork that takes him backwards honestly all of the footwork in this choreography is spot on

Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. 

YO HERE IT IS THE WHOLE REASON I MADE THIS CHOREOGRAPHY APPRECIATION OKAY: This is one of the most beautiful transitions I’ve seen from ASTRO ever. The way the focus shifts from rocky to Jinjin, like how Jinjin just easily slots right into place for being part of Rocky’s rap squad is so smooth. Its just really beautiful and I want it to be appreciated. On top of that, the way that they keep this symmetry going - MJ and Jinjin the shorter members on the outside, followed by Moonbin and Sanha on Rocky’s sides. 

I call this the Rocky Rap Squad formation. It’s used a lot in their other choreographies - when rocky is in the center rapping and the other members go behind him diagonally on each side. The way Rocky’s moves are the main focus and the rest of ASTRO’s moves reflect the best parts of it just. There’s so much I appreciate about the way they move as a unit and how Rocky embellishes that. 

Also note: They still have this symmetry of small on the outside, then tall, then center. 

1) The way this formation transitions from Rocky as the focus to Sanha as the focus, everyone moves in a circular motion. Yet, they still keep the symmetry. This is because the formation goes tall short tall short tall short in the circle. So when Sanha slides to the front to become center, Rocky and Jinjin are the shorts next to him and Moonbin and Eunwoo are the talls on the end. 

2) The move where they cover their face and then switch is one of the coolest moves they’ve done so far for sure. 

Now this is one of those move/formations that is just beautiful because it’s a unit. The way Sanha as the center brings his hand up the first time in line with Rocky and Jinjin moving out, and then brings both arms down and up which kind of like “pushes” moonbin and eunwoo out and up. It looks really beautiful. And then he pulls them down and all of them drop. It’s mesmerizing. 

i just love this back and forth movement with the footwork. I think the footwork here just needsd to be appreciated. The parts where they are hitting their chests and sliding their feet together - look bud I’ve tried to learn that and let me tell you getting the coordination on that is not easy. But like the way they start initially only in line with two other members and then suddenly all of them are standing all the way straight up. Good stuff. 

No comment here is really needed, just an appreciation of how they’ve kept the back and forth two line formation is really smooth. (though this is the part of the dance where they are most out of sync, they aren’t bringing their hand down at the same speed or in the same way. 

Man these transitions are just so nice. The way that your attention is focused on Sanha who is so close to the camera, and how he completely blocks MJ in the middle who suddenly appears and is the main focus of the chorus. And then how Sanha just casually moves to the back of the formation. Also the sliding kinda reminds me of ice skating which is fitting. 

Remember when I talked about diagonal line #1? “Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. “

This diagonal line #2 goes the opposite direction: right side foward, left side back. Now instead of Jinjin moving from the front to the back, they “push” their arms and sanha takes the momentum of their arms and “pops” out of the formation, moving along the line from the back to the front. A stunning reflection of the early diagnoal line. Like imagine if those two lines happened back to back. 

I love this big circular motion they do with their hands. Of all the moves they have done so far in the choreography, all of them doing this arm circular is by far the biggest move they do in terms of how much space they take up. Like it’s a grand move for the dance so far. Their leg placement is also past shoulder width apart making the move look even bigger. And the way Bin like spins his hand in time with ASTRO spinning, and Bin moving from his legs apart to behind him, the footwork is so in sync with their spinning too. 

Okay this is really cool. This is the point in the music where the lyrics and melody are the chorus, but there’s more instrumental in the background. And their dancing reflects moves from the chorus choreography but instead of facing sideways they all face forward. And watch the way Bins arms move. All of ASTRO turn around at the same time that Bin turns to the front after turning away. 

This first box formation is two vocals in the center and the rest of them surrounding them. This was really smart that before this they had Rocky and Moonbin in the back spinning in sync because they were the best at that turn, and then they slid to the side so that Rocky, the main dancer, and Eunwoo, the visual, ended up in front. 

Also note how Rocky reaches up to “grab” something at the end, and “brings” it inside the formation. 

And then here they have another box formation, except for this time the two in the center are the rappers instead of the vocals. 

Watch the way MJ grabs up and raises his arm down, and then Moonbin raises his arm up as MJ’s comes down. (Also how they are on opposite sides of the square so the movements aren’t off balance.)

And then the way Rocky and Jinjin turn around each other to change the focus of the center. 

in conclusion: astro’s formations and transitions have me in love

  • Eunwoo: (on the phone to MJ) I need your help. Can you come here?
  • MJ: Well, I can’t. I’m buying clothes.
  • Eunwoo: Alright, hurry up then come over here.
  • MJ: I can’t find them.
  • Eunwoo: What do you mean you can’t find them?
  • MJ: I can’t find them. There’s only soup.
  • Eunwoo: Whaddya mean “there’s only soup”?
  • MJ: It means there’s only soup.
  • Eunwoo: Well then get out of the soup aisle!
  • MJ: Alright, you don’t have to shout at me! (moves to the next aisle) There’s more soup!
  • Eunwoo: Whaddya mean “there’s more soup”?!
  • MJ: There’s just more soup!
  • Eunwoo: Go into the next aisle!
  • MJ: (moves to the next aisle) There’s still soup!
  • Eunwoo: Where are you right now?!
  • MJ: I’m at soup!
  • MJ: FUCK YOU!!
the astro marching band au
  • everyone knows who jinjin is before he even starts high school bc he’s been playing drums Forever
  • literally he walks into first band camp and all the officers are just like “yep hes the next drum major”
  • manages to land battery captain as a freshman which is Unheard of and everyone respects him cause hes fuckin great
  • except mj
  • mj’s a shit
  • thats because mj is an oboe player who cant march bc “marching oboe is DANGEROUS you can DIE” 
  • so he goes to front ensemble and while jinjin isn’t in charge of front ensemble they do plenty of rehearsals together and jinjin has no idea what to do with this sunshine of a kid who has never played a mallet instrument in his life and goes around singing under his breath 
  • but he can memorize his music and vibe so who is jinjin to complain he’s cute too
  • mjs favorite part of being a front ensemble freshman is being stuck on the random instruments like gong which means he can just stare at drumline when they decide its too hot and go shirtless
  • he may or may not miss a gong hit
  • or two
  • oops
  • fast forward a year and moonbin and eunwoo enter the program 
  • eunwoo is this state ranked flute player who literally everyone just stares at bc a) hes beautiful b) hes brilliant c) hes a fuckin amazing flute player like what even
  • except this boy isn’t marching flute, oh no. he’s a guard boy. his lines are beautiful, and the guard instructor may have cried when he realized he was getting eunwoo pls im crying eunwoo as a guard boy my soul
  • no one was more shocked than moonbin who joined 100% thinking he would end up on tenor drums bc He’s Great but instead had to deal with bass drum like every other freshman bc hierarchy exists and jinjin takes no shit but it was ok bc the bass drums just happened to always end sets real close to where eunwoo was
  • and if that meant bin got to talk to the really pretty guard boy he wasn’t complaining 
  • bin may or may not have begged jinjin to make sure they were on the guard bus to states so he could sit next to eunwoo
  • jinjin obliged bc it meant that front ensemble would also be stuck on the guard bus
  • eunwoo fell asleep on bin, mj fell asleep on jinjin, everyone died i died thinking about it 
  • the next year jinjin gets assistant drum major, which means he’s no longer marching so great!! for moonbin who gets a tenor spot, not great!! for the battery section which has lost its leader of two years and flounders a bit
  • the biggest benefit of jinjin becoming assistant drum major is the ability for mj, who has moved to a mallet instrument and is always front and center bc of his ability to vibe being able to make faces at jinjin and fuck him up
  • but then rocky shows up at band camp in raybans and twirling drum sticks in his fingers and snatches the center snare spot from everyone bc its rocky what CANT HE DO
  • bin automatically claims him as a best friend
  • rocky and bin come up with so much dumb shit which begins innocently enough like making up weird sentences to memorize rhythms and seeing who could cause a bigger distraction during lunch or accidentally letting locker doors close when changing behind them
  • jinjin draws the line at the idea of rocky and bin exchanging sticks in the middle of the performance by throwing them at each other this aint drumline boys 
  • fast forward another year and finally sanha joins, and he’s a trumpet player is anyone shocked im not
  • jinjin is now head drum major, mj is front ensemble section leader, rocky is technically battery captain but shares it with bin and eunwoo is saber captain
  • jinjin and mj are basically married at this point
  • moonbin is v much in love with eunwoo and rocky is five seconds away from hurling a drum at him bc he keeps messing up rhythms bc he’s always getting distracted by eunwoo tossing 
  • so rocky, being rocky, with the help of jinjin decides to do somethin about it
  • which is during freshman/senior bonding which is where innocent freshman have to do the tasks the seniors ask of them or risk running laps, jinjin makes sanha go up to eunwoo during the middle of lunch and loudly say “MOONBIN THINKS UR PRETTY” and run away
  • bin may or may not have tackled rocky 
  • all the guard girls screamed and eunwoo blushed ten shades of red but ya know it worked because over the weekend eunwoo and bin went on a date and the marching band power couple of binu was born
  • sanha is also the bane of jinjin’s existence 
  • bc sanha is a good player, but the problem is that sanha knows it and is the piece of shit thats always upsetting the balance by going up to third octave and overblasting and always making faces at jinjin whenever hes trying to be serious and get the band to check their positions
  • mj loves it
  • jinjin may have threatened divorce 
  • and y’all this is just the shit that happens in marching season
[V LIVE] [ASTRO DDOCA] 아스트로 또까 in 재킷촬영장
Try watching videos on V LIVE!

[V LIVE] [ASTRO DDOCA] 아스트로 또까 in 재킷촬영장 


I Can’t be your big brother

Pairing: MJ X Reader

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count:1,201

Summary: You have been signed to Fantagio as a member of their new girl group. One day you are practicing alone and you meet someone, what will happen?

A/N: Y/N is the common “your name” insert, G/N is “group name” insert, and S/N is “stage name” insert. Also at this time Astro has been around for 4 years

Hey guys so this is a drabble written for MJ hope you guys like! ~Mod Ice Queen

You had just finished your meeting with your new manager and the five other girls who you would from now on be spending a lot of time with. You and all the girls had known of each other and talked to each other before but this was the first time you had all been in the same place at the same time. It had been hard to find times to speak with you all until he last of you had moved to Seoul.

The meeting had gone over just fine and you had found out you were going to be like a little sister group to the company’s one male group, Astro. You had been told you would be the “little” of the group’s MJ and so you two would need to meet and get to know each other. That earned a small laugh from the girls but it changed when they were told the same thing about the other boys. However, ironically enough for you, you knew who MJ was. You weren’t just an idol under Fantagio now, you had been a fan for years before hand and Astro was one of your favorite groups. Worst part was…MJ was your bias.

Yep, you biased MJ and now you had to spend time getting to know him and having him practically mentor you. Least to say you were both thrilled and a little terrified. What if he didn’t like you, thought you were weird, or worse thought you didn’t have what it took to be an idol. You shook your head to clear the negative worries and opened the door to the practice room. Since coming to the building a few days ago this room had become your solace. The one place you felt you could clear your head. You had unlimited access unless a group had it for something and so it was the perfect place to go after the meeting had left you with so many worries. You shut the door behind you and looked at the covered mirrors, you chose to leave them covered and set your bag under the table along the wall. You hooked your phone up to the speakers and started playing your playlist. The first song to come up was Astro’s Innocent Love.

You slowly started to stretch out and then began to slowly dance around the room. You never noticed when someone stopped by the window and stood there, still as could be, watching you. He was smiling from ear to ear, his hair a tousled mess and his face almost pressed to the glass. He watched in awe as you moved and could hear through the door that had only made it part of the way shut the lyrics to a song he knew so well. He continued to watch you as different songs played and his eyes lit up each time you began dancing again. How you hadn’t noticed him was a mystery to him but he was thankful you hadn’t.  After watching you dance to a few more songs he finally had enough of just watching you and slowly made his way to the door. Giving it a few seconds he stood and waited before gently knocking and pushing the door open slightly.

You turned to face the door and your eyes widened. Coming into the room was none other than the person you had been anxious to meet. You bowed and respectfully greeted him and he greeted you in return. “I’m S/N of G/N” you said nervously and mentally kicked yourself for sounding so scared. He laughed and looked at you. “Nice to meet you S/N, now is that your actual name or your stage name?” He tilted his head and looked at you curiously. You smiled slightly and looked at the ground. “Stage, my real name is Y/N.” You look back up but try to avoid his gaze. MJ noticing this moves to be in front of you and looks at you. “Well nice to meet you Y/N, I’m MJ, also known as Myungjun, call me either just know unless we’re the same liner or you’re older I expect a little respect.” He laughs and ruffles your hair lightly, “Sunbaenim is also just fine.” He smiles as he teases you. “So Y/N if you’re a part of G/N that means one of us in Astro is your “big” correct?” He asks you as he goes to lean against the table. You only nod. “So who is it for you then?” Your response to him is to simply point at him as you are still slightly embarrassed.

MJ’s face lights up as he realizes. He smiles and scratches his neck. “That so? Well I assume we’re supposed to get to know each other then huh?” You nod slowly and he motions you over. You slowly walk over, your hands twisted together. He laughs “Don’t worry I don’t bite…people I don’t know yet.” He looks at you waiting for a reaction and sighs in relief when you laugh. “So tell me about you.” He smiles warmly and looks at you with kind eyes.

You told him about you, where you’re from and random other things he asked. He did the same about him and you slowly got more and more comfortable being around him. Eventually you two looked at the time and realized you had been in the practice room talking for three hours and that it was past ten at night. This only caused you two to explode into a fit of laughter as you chose to ignore it and continue talking. You shared likes and dislikes, dreams, past experiences with anything and everything and by the time midnight rolled around you felt like you two had been friends for years.

Finally MJ stood up and stretched, “we should probably get going it is getting super late” he smiled and offered a hand to help you off the floor. You smiled taking it gratefully and nodded in agreement. “So do this again sometime?” he asked sweetly, his eyes still shining making your heart flutter at the thought of spending more time with him. You nodded, not able to find words. He smiled and reached out his hand “Can I see your phone I’ll give you my number” he smiled as you handed it over. He put in his info and smiled at you, handing it back, he started to leave. “Oh, Y/N thanks for today, can’t wait to see where you’ll go.” With those words he left. You gathered your things and started to leave but before you could your phone buzzed. Being your mentor will be easy, but being your “big brother” that I don’t know about… take that how you want –Myungjun

You blushed at the text and couldn’t wait to talk with MJ the next time you could.

MJ stood by the door of Fantagio as he pressed send, a childish smile across his face, “she was so cute and so sweet” his cheeks turned red as he left for the dorm. The guys would definitely tease him when he got back but he didn’t care he had met you, and that made it worth it. 

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ASTRO + the plane to la

prompt from @moon-hyuks:  astro on the plane to la, bin sleeping on eunwoo, eunwoo practicing his english, sanha and rocky in awe of what international planes provide, jinjin asking mj to give him the window seat keeps taking aesthetic plane photos and mj making fun of him

the only international flight i’ve been on was a flight to canada that only took like an hour so pls excuse any flight provision inaccuracies


  • claims the window seat right off the bat with “i’m the eldest i get to choose”
  • won’t shut up
  • doesn’t sit still the entire time he’s either on turned around on his knees to talk to whoever’s behind him or standing up and leaning over the seat in front of him
  • flicks peanuts at whoever’s sitting next to him
  • the type to pack a lot of stuff in his carryon to do on the plane but not use any of it
  • probably refuses to put his carryon in overhead (bc he’s gonna use all the stuff he packed, he claims) but complains about how annoying it is to have it at his feet the whole time
  • most likely to take out a camera and start filming the members from bad angles
  • ends up handing the camera to jinjin bc he wants to be filmed too
  • does dumb things with the free slippers like putting them on his ears or something smh


  • argues with mj about the window seat
  • somehow manages to get it (either phsyically shoving mj over after a couple hours or asking enough that mj finally moves)
  • takes 183412 million aesthetic pictures of the sky (and ignores mj’s comments about it)
  • starts the english speaking when they’re recording videos and sets off a chain reaction of shouted “yo”s and “my name is”s
  • brings giant headphones and jams to music for like half the trip
  • probably doesn’t fall asleep tho
  • talks with whoever’s awake in quiet voices when the other members are sleeping
  • super respectful to the flight attendents
  • ignores any peanuts flicked at him
  • the type to almost forget his carryon


  • the type to carefully read the safety handbook
  • reminds everyone about seatbelts constantly
  • he and bin are next to each other and in the row behind mj and jinjin and if it weren’t for mj and jinjin turning around they probably would just ignore all of them
  • gets startled when the video camera gets turned on him
  • but after people have settled down and are relaxing he totally takes it and records himself practicing his english (ft. bin making comments from where his head is on eunwoo’s shoulder)
  • puts his bag up in the overhead compartment but has to go into it at least twice for books
  • probably brings language-learning books with him instead of pleasure reading and works on those while in the air
  • is the one that remembers to bring gum for popping ears
  • brings an eyemask and goes to sleep at some point (cue mj slowly zooming in on his sleeping face)


  • excited to be on a plane
  • not excited enough not to sleep
  • brings a neck pillow and earbuds and fully intends to conk out once they get up in the air
  • claims the window seat bc he’s gonna rest his head on the wall to go to sleep
  • eunwoo’s shoulder is his fave napping place tho
  • wakes up for the in-flight meal, goes back to sleep afterwards
  • when eunwoo starts practicing his english bin sleepily repeats some of the words he’s saying
  • eunwoo starts trying to teach him a couple words and bin repeats them and double checks the meaning in korean after every one
  • nods off in the middle of this
  • (eunwoo catches it all on camera and has that big shit eating grin on as he films bin slowly slipping forward off his shoulder)


  • really pumped to be on a plane but also mildly overwhelmed
  • sings to himself like the whole time real softly
  • sits with sanha in front of the mj and jinjin so he spends like half the flight turned around in his seat to talk to them
  • his puppy side would come out so hard he’d be so cute and excited and adorable
  • “my name is laki” is heard over and over
  • sits in the aisle seat by choice and then complains every time sanha gets up to go around him
  • when he gets the video camera from mj he turns it around and presses sanha up agains the window and they spend like five minutes just making v signs and faces at the camera
  • turns the camera again and spends a lot of time shooting mj and jinjin with a finger gun through the crack between his and sanha’s seats
  • ends up conking out at some point and doesn’t wake up until the plane starts descending
  • he spends the entire descent staring out the window and bouncing up and down in his seat bc he’s really excited to land


  • the Loudest
  • he’s too tall to stand up properly and ends up doing a weird half lean bc he wants to see his other members but he has to turn around to do so
  • puts his bag in the overhead but is constantly getting up to put things in/take things out
  • plays with everything that’s in his seat pocket
  • brings a neck pillow and it only gets half used for its proper purpose the other half it’s used to smack rocky or mj (and then snatched from him so he can get smacked right back)
  • plays with his food
  • uses the peanuts to make weird faces
  • accidentally hits his head on the cieling of the plane multiple times
  • probably puts his feet in rocky’s lap multiple times and rocky just kind of goes with it and pats his shins
  • steals the camera and gets yelled at for zooming in on peoples’ nostrils

                    okay but consider dark!mj