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Name: maggie

Nicknames: mags, mj, eems, imo

Zodiac sign: Leo (Virgo rising)

Height: 5'3’’

Orientation: I’m a str8

Nationality: Canadian/American

Favorite fruit: blueberries

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book: To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf

Favorite flower: lilies of the valley

Favorite scent: herby green stuff

Favorite color: blue

Favorite animal: fox

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: ☕️

Average sleep hours: 7-8hrs?

Cat or dog person: CAT

Favorite fictional character: Remus Lupin, Armitage Hux

Number of blankets you sleep with: One big giant fluffy duvet

Dream trip: Anywhere with some ruins in the mist, I’m not picky

Blog created: like, December 2015?

Number of followers: 1,267

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