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Fun fact everyone in the mcu is trans and there is nothing u can do abt it. Tony stark? Trans and gender roles, what are they? . Steve rogers? Trans and ready to fight. Bucky Barnes? Nonbinary as shit y'all. Natasha? A demigirl. Clint? Agender. Sam? Trans guy to the max. Pepper? Bigender and ready to sue u. Thor? He doesn’t even understand the cONCEPT OF GENDER. Loki? Genderfluid yo. Mj? Bet, gender fluid too. And peter fuckibg parker? The transest trans fella to ever trans.

Im sorry, this is canon I don’t make the rules they are all trans fact.

Ok so I feel like some people still don’t get it:

Like, do y'all not realize that Zendaya is the MCU version of Mary Jane?? She’s obviously not the same character exactly, just like how Liz’s character wasn’t exactly the same as Liz Allen from the comics, but it’s the same general idea. Liz from spiderman homecoming is peter’s high school crush, and vice Versa from the comics, however in the movie version there was a modern twist-just like with Zendaya’s character.

And news flash: there’s NOT going to be another Mary Jane popping up later in the movie series: it makes no sense to have two ppl be nicknamed “MJ”. Just face the facts: Zendaya is MJ/MCU Mary Jane, and will be playing a much larger role in the future. Otherwise, there was no reason for her to be in the first movie at all.

You can see the looks she gives peter in the movie, signifying that she likes/is interested in him. The directors did not chose to do that for no reason. This MJ or “Michelle” is being set up to be Peters official and canon love interest in the next films, or else they would not have Zendaya doing so much PR with Tom alone, have her chemistry read with him, and so forth. Zendaya’ already been more or less confirmed to return in the second movie, which will allow them to develop their relationship more, but the fact stands:

(SPOILER BELOW 🚨) Zendaya is M(ichelle)ary Jane Watson. Maybe not exactly the same from the comics, but she is serving to be Peters canon and main love interest in the series by coining her nickname MJ, proving that there can be yet another twist to the oh so familiar spiderman story that we all know. Why do you think the directors chose to create Michelle’s character in place of the original MJ?? Why is aunt May so young?? Why did they make Liz allen’s father the vulture?? Why do you think they left out uncle ben’s story, or peter getting bitten by the spider?? Because it’s something NEW. They wanted to be original and modern with something being rebooted for the third time in a row. (Also iron man was in no way this involved with Peter’s life in the comics or any other movie but I don’t see y'all pressed over that..💅🏿)

I guess I just don’t understand why everyone is in so much denial over Zendaya being MJ–it could be a race or ignorance thing, idk. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is MJ and she is potentially Peter Parkers love interest. So stop all that whining with the “she’s not Mary Jane” cuz she clearly is the marvel version of it, and deal with it, it won’t kill you.

spiderman spoilers below

I am so sick of these “hybrid mj” ppl - keep hating on the new mj why don’t you. Fact is, she’s here, she’s a boss - and if y'all think she can’t be complex, nerdy, beautiful on the inside and out, confident, smart, sarcastic, woke and funny as hell you’ve got a problem.

And those were some of the original MJ’s good qualities. Excuse me, but do we really want the other side of the ‘Mary jane’ who a) treated Peter like shit most of the time b) jealous of every other girl Peter ever hang out with (aka GWEN) and c) did you see??? The original spiderman movies??? Pls try and tell me that’s not 'problematic’. Go on.

I think y'all are scared that being 'poplular’ ain’t cool any more. Remember the reaction to brown, smart flash thompson, jealous of peter Parker a success? It’s not only his colour but also bc ppl can’t handle the fact that the stereotypes are being flung out the window.

And as a girl who got bullied by 'spunky’ white girls like the original Mary Jane’s bad qualities, I think its about damn time. You need to get over the fact that she’s uncool, that she’s smart AND that she’s black, that she doesn’t have red hair. Because let’s face it, it’s time we stopped with the appearances and focused on MJ being what MJ is supposed to be - a real, wholesome person who is not just to be 'right’ for Peter Parker - and if you’re gonna use that argument, wouldn’t you say it’d be nicer for him not to fantasise over someone unreachable but to gradually fall in love with a friend?

Michelle Jones is a complete new wave. An avalanche. She’s coming for you. Are you gonna roll with it or are you gonna get rolled?

Okay, so M(ichelle)J already figuring out Peter’s secret is all fine and good, but have you considered: MJ being completely oblivious.
Not to say that MJ isn’t still fucking suspicious as hell. Like she’s got the bulletin board with red string in her house, because what is up with this kid? Peter gets hit with “What are you up to, Peter?” every fucking time he leaves the room, and every time, she records his response in a journal. She’s come close a few times, but she gets derailed with, “Oh Peter couldn’t possibly…”. She ultimately decides that Tony Stark is his real father (what else would explain the internship and Mr. Stark’s donation of a brand new, state of the art robotics lab?) and when she goes to confront him about it, (partly because she wants to know the truth,  and partly because the academic decathlon team needs a flight to Salt Lake city next month, and MJ knew for a fact that Tony Stark has 3 planes) immediately hits him with “I know your secret, Peter” and Peter, being the loud mouth he is, spills everything(“…and then, I stole Captain America’s shield, but uh, that part I didn’t get on tape…”) and mj is PISSED because she has gotten SO CLOSE, SO MANY TIMES (“I knew i saw you with a web shooter! I thought you stole it so you could convince liz you were friends with spider-man”) And then he get to the homecoming debacle, and she absolutely LOSES IT (“NED KNEW?” “He’s my best friend!”) And of course at the end of all of this Peter’s like “wait, what did you think my secret was?” And after 3 weeks of pestering, she begrudgingly tells him her theory. Unfortunately, while peter had his suit on, so tony hears ALL of it, and peter never hears the end of it (“how you doing son? wanna go throw around the pigskin?”) until peter accidentally calls him dad, and tony doesn’t speak to him of a week. Thank god it was right before they left for Salt Lake City, plane courtesy of Stark Industries.(Come on, he’s not a monster. And MJ’s got a Pepper-like spunk to her that Tony likes)

July 16, 1997: One of Michael's vans accidentally ran over a fan's leg, causing a broken foot. The fan, Joe Jenish, later received a phone call to inform him that Michael knew of the accident and was concerned enough to want to arrange to meet him. The next day, Joe got to go backstage at Wembley stadium where Michael apologized profusely for the accident (though it was not his fault) and signed his cast twice.

ok but imagine: high school musical, but with astro