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June 1, 1991: Temptations' group member, David Ruffin, dies of a drug overdose. Because it has been found that Ruffin was peniniless, Jackson contacts Swanson Funeral Home in Detroit & makes arrangements to cover a large portion of the funeral costs. He also sends a heart-shaped arrangement of carnations to the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit with the note, "With Love, from Michael Jackson". Jackson was a big admirer of Temptations. He would not attend the funeral ceremony to not divert attention from it.

└ Work and play, all in the day for MJ~

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On his Bad tour in Japan, Michael Jackson gave free concert tickets to handicapped kids & visited Japanese schools. He also sent condolences & $20,000 to the family of 5-year-old Yoshiaki Ogiwara, an Osaka boy who was kidnapped & murdered. At one concert, he dedicated his tour to the boy, a gesture that brought tears to the eyes of adoring fans.
We’re still honoring Prince by laying down the facts.

The legendary Prince passed away at 57 years old, but left a legacy of rich music and priceless moments. Since the artist kept most of his music and private life, private, there are still a lot of things most people don’t know about The Purple One. Check out these ten facts about him:

Did You Know?

1. Prince wrote his first song while playing on his dad’s piano. It was called “Funk Machine.” He was seven!

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July 16, 1997: One of Michael's vans accidentally ran over a fan's leg, causing a broken foot. The fan, Joe Jenish, later received a phone call to inform him that Michael knew of the accident and was concerned enough to want to arrange to meet him. The next day, Joe got to go backstage at Wembley stadium where Michael apologized profusely for the accident (though it was not his fault) and signed his cast twice.

What Marlon said about jermaine so far, hilarious

Jermaine………………..likes Jermaine.

Jermaine likes the miror, even if the miror doesnt like him back…..

He is a diva, 

Jermaine has a nursery he has 3+ 4 + 5 + oh i dont remember but he has a lot of kids, he had a lot of wives too, that helps…..

Im not like Jermaine i keep my stuffs in my pants

I always laugh when i hear Michael’s song who is it, when he says is it my brother ??? of course Mike , its Jermaine he stole your girl !!! 

My favorite Jacksons album is Triumph…………because Jermaine isnt on it hahahaha

To the person who sent me a birthday card thank u ! i apreciate, but next time write Marlon ok, im not Jermaine, please please please…..

Don’t make me talk about Jerm’s hair…….. its his head afterall..

When i asked who is the cutest jackson brother i heard Jermaine, are u serious ? come on its Michael….and me just next ;) 

Jermaine always go cry to mama when we tease him,,poor lil boy, and im younger than him ! 

Jermaine is a know-it-all  and guess what I HATE the know-it-all ! 

( to Jermaine’s fans please no hate towards Marlon he loves his brother its just typicall brothers fun fights even if Marlon is no more a kid, in the family they call him Mister shade for this reason so just hope ull find that funny and cute and not take that too seriously :) ) 

Introducing ASTRO: mini-bio series

Stage Name: MJ | Real Name: Kim Myungjun 
Birthday: March 5, 1994 | Age: 22 | Sign: Pisces  | Height: 175cm
Position: vocalist, dancer
Fun Facts:

  • MJ is the oldest of the group even though it’s very questionable how his personality matches up with his age
  • the second shortest member in ASTRO (i still find it funny how the two oldest are the two shortest haha)
  • on To Be Continued he played a girl crazy guy who’s mischievous and always happy-go-lucky
  • he auditioned for jyp in 2012 and won a one year scholarship to seoul national university (which is impressive bc seoul national university is largely considered to be the best university in the country)
  • his favorite marvel character is iron man
  • makes the best sound effects
  • is a little a lot weird and Moonbin says that he has a 4d personality
  • which makes him a really gr8 candidate for memes and also i sweat everytime i think about him on variety shows bc CAN U IMAGINE
  • if thats not enough his specialty is making lame jokes
  • like honestly if someone is doing something weird theres a 90% chance mj has something to do with it
List of Jinjin and MJ videos you should watch

sweet churros (fansite/youtube)

truth is it doesn’t matter if chan is eating, showering, performing, practicing, doing aegyo, getting chased by woozi and his guitar, watching meanie do bro jokes, watching coups getting rejected by jeonghan, watching videos of michael jackson, filming for a new music video, recording for a new song, listening to soonseok talk, dealing with the things seungkwan does, sleeping, if you say michael jackson, he will know and he will come.


Fun Fact: The first song that Michael ever performed was for a school showcase and he sang “Climb Every Mountain” he was dressed in his Sunday best, and he said his teachers cried. He didn’t think it was anything special though, he was just singing like he did at home.💘

(Information from “Moonwalker” Michael’s only autobiography.)

Lessons from the triangle

so GMW is all about lessons, it’s expected that every situation has something for the kids to learn from, right? so when the “not triangle" is resolved, what are the lessons that these kids are gonna learn from? that’s an important question. so this is what could happen in all scenarios. these are things they may learn after the triangle is resolved, because tbh the whole group has learn so much from it, but i want to concentrate in the event after the conclusion.

If Lucaya happens

  • Riley So Riley’s whole life’s been a fairy tale, she has a great family who’s financially stable, she has people who encourage her to be better, people who protect her from “the cruel world” that’s beautiful, but not real, there’s no way that people that love you can spare you those though parts of life. deception, pain, sadness, despair, that’s part of life too. and a very important one,so yes it might be a harsh lesson to learn, but let’s face it, not everything is rainbows and unicorns, and not being chosen will teach her that not every time things go the way we expect them to go, and that’s okay too.
  • Maya Maya’s life it’s been a wild ride, she has abandonment issues, she has this sort of fake confidence, she craves for attention in the wrong ways, she gets in trouble because that’s her way to avoid her real problems. But she doesn’t wanna fail, she knows she can be better, and she wants to. she’s use to be the second place, the one that’s left behind. So yes if lucas pick her, she’ll learn that sometimes is okay to lower your guard, allow yourself to love and be loved back. to have someone she can trust, someone she can rely on. and believe me for a person who’s been hurt most of her life, love would make a big change for the matter.
  • Lucas mostly i think lucas needs to learn to accept his past and move to the future, and that doesn’t mean that you just ignore what you were, and become someone else, it means you can be a better version of yourself. so yes i believe that maya accepting “texas lucas” will help him to love himself, and learn from his mistakes, it will teach not to act like people expect you to act, but to try hard to be better than you were without forgetting who you are.

If Rucas happens

  • Riley NOTHING!!! not a freaking thing, she’ll go through life believing that the universe is on her favor, that is okay to expect people to be something they’re not just to fulfill her expectations. i know it sounds rude, but riley needs to stop idolizing people and start seeing them for who they really are.
  • Maya again not a freaking thing she’ll just confirm that allowing yourself to love gets you in trouble. That because she’s broken she cannot be loved. she’ll keep her walls and probably ruin most of her chances for being happy
  • Lucas okay i think that from being in a relationship with riley he can learn to be more optimistic, to seek the good in people, to love fondly, to dream big.

Don’t get me wrong i don’t hate Riley, or Rucas for that matter, i want both of the girls to be happy, and i hate that part of their happiness depends of a boy. so yes he’s gonna decide, and yes someone is gonna get hurt, but guess what, that’s life, it makes us take tough choices, and they are only in high school right now. i hope that all this not triangle thing will prepare them to face tougher decisions, that will teach what living life is about. so yes for lucas this situation is a win-win he has these two beautiful girls that love him, and yes i understand that he loves them both, but i expect that at the end, no matter what they don’t lose what the already have at the expenses of something unknown. guess will find out soon enough.


The cafeteria was occupied by scattered groups that missed/avoided the lunch rush. Every group kept to themselves but one still stood out from the others. The synchronized diving team was seated in the tables nearest the exit but MJ could hear their jeering all the way in the line. With an apologetic smile, he thanked the cook and made his way to their table with a full tray. As he neared the table, Jason’s complaints about their coaches were the topic of conversation. Quietly, MJ sat next to Mi Young with a smile.

The conversation drifted to Rhia’s latest date as a result he listened before she was interrupted by Jason- “Why is it that you only bring food to Mi?! What about me, your loyal diving partner?” He raised a single brow in confusion before realization dawned on him. The other was probably commenting on the fact that MJ always grabbed kimchi for Mi. With a chuckle, he pointed at the other with his fork. “Two reasons: Your plate is full-” Pausing he draped an arm around her shoulders, “She’s not as annoying as you.”