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Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which MJ Becomes a Tough Love Team Mom to the AcDec team

  • MJ can’t be as nurturing and loving as Liz bc she doesn’t have that kind of energy or warmth for anybody but Peter
  • Not that he knows it yet
  • Flash, she has little patience for, but works with him so he’ll have patience. She doesn’t hesitate to order him to shut up but she treats him with respect when he focuses and makes sure to congratulate him bc he seems to crave validation.
  • Ned is brilliant and really applies himself, but MJ just makes sure that he’s always applying himself and that he never stops bc he can get distracted
  • Cindy and Betty seem to love working as a team as much as Ned and Peter, so MJ makes sure to work on them to make sure they can operate in settings and scenarios where they can’t rely on each other
  • Sally, MJ kinda tiptoes around since she still wants to keep a respectful distance since she asked her out a few months back. But Sally is still sweet and dependable, MJ makes sure that she knows that she values her friendship and loyalty. And eventually MJ is helping Sally pick out a bikini to wear to an upcoming pool party date with her new girlfriend. And MJ loves that their friendship made it through what could’ve been a disastrous end and Sally loves it too
  • Abraham, MJ finds, is a fast, cheerful dude who is key to group morale. He’s so constantly happy and whimsical he even makes MJ laugh. MJ is sure to tell him this but also tells him that if he ever needs to take a breather to let her know and she’ll support him. Bc she doesn’t want to pressure him too much. She also begins searching for any signs bc she notices the way Flash looks at Abe and it just makes her ponder
  • Then there’s the boy she’s head over heels in love with
  • Peter Parker
  • Sigh
  • He’s so sweet and genuine and freaking brilliant when he actually shows up
  • When they win nationals second year in a row, MJ can’t stop herself from grabbing Peter’s cheeks and kissing the fuck out of him
  • And the whole team stops, and then cheers, wolf-whistling and even Flash is happy for them despite his own longing for Peter
  • The Midtown High AcDec team is a well oiled killing machine
  • And it runs on the love and effort from their tough AF captain
  • Only that captain now has a First Gentleman by her side