[ENG TRANS] 160723 FROM.MAMAMOO: Hwa Sa's Birthday Letter

Hello, MooMoos whom I love!

Last year on the same date, I wrote a letter to you, but another year has already passed since then.

I was enjoying being a 20 year-old as the maknae of MAMAMOO but….^^….

For the past few days, I’ve been incomparably happy, thanks to MooMoos.

I have read all your letters too.. And I feel the same way as I did last year.

I was so happy while reading the letters, but at the same time, felt very sorry.

Many of the MooMoos are young students, but you saved money together to send me gifts…

When I was a student, I often had to walk to save bus fare, so receiving these gifts makes me emotional (soft laugh) …

It must be difficult for a person to give unconditional love and support for someone, sometimes without

being noticed or recognized for it…

But MooMoos show me this kind of abiding love, and constantly give me courage to live my life.

At times, I feel lost in shame for my singing, and lose energy in disappointment with myself.

So reading the letters telling me that people are comforted from my music, I cried a lot.

I am grateful, and grateful, of the many MooMoos who are my strength.

You all are the reason I carry on.

I promise my everything that I will continue to live a diligent life in music, dedicating to improve myself,

and present you with sincerer music.

When my MooMoos are tired and worn out, I hope to give you strength.

Due to being in the midst of preparing for the concert I was a bit rushed to make this,

But this is my small gift in return for MooMoos.

Thank you and love you, my life companions!

Listen to Hwa Sa sing “Fly me to the Moon”: HERE!

Translation by REAL LADY @ Mamamoo-Trans.com
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i wanna haaaaang

Para Mi Pro Cosmetics

I’ve been wanting to make a post about Para Mi for ages, and since they’re having a huge sale (everything $15 or less!) I thought there’s no time like the present.

Para Mi Pro is an independent makeup company based in Santa Ana, California. So far their only storefront is at the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, but their online store ships across the country, and possibly internationally (I’m not absolutely sure).

Okay, so it’s another small makeup company. What’s the big deal? Well, the company was founded by Dr. Anjali Butani as the companion makeup to her line of skincare products, AnjaliMD (both of these lines, as well as others, are a part of her larger skincare label DermPoint). The makeup is formulated with skincare in mind and the foundation has a fairly wide range of colors (and for all of us constantly bemoaning that we can’t find foundations with olive undertones, they have some options!).

I cam across this company back around Thanksgiving. I own two of their products and can vouch for those products alone. The products I have are

Para Mi Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

    This stuff works really well! It even takes off liquid lipstick without a struggle and doesn’t feel oily at all. It’s eye and lip-safe and like all the other products, developed by a dermatologist. There is also an oil-free version for people with oily or sensitive skin.

Runway Looks Metallic Lipstick in Dancing Queen

   I confess. I love what I can’t have. For years, one of those things was gold lipstick. Every shade I came across had green tones in it that clashed with my olive skin. But this shade has warmer undertones, almost orange-y, and it’s really highly pigmented! It also is really long-lasting for a creme formula stick.

Another disclaimer: I didn’t buy either of these products at full price, and can’t say whether or not they’d be worth the money (I have no job and therefore am inclined to say that very little is worth the money) but for a high-end brand, their prices are pretty reasonable, and they have sales all the time.

I’m not saying you should run out and buy everything that catches your eye, but if you’re looking for a makeup company that

  • Was founded by and is owned by a woman of color
  • Prioritizes skincare
  • Caters toward the South Asian and Latinx community but emphasizes the importance of diversity in makeup

Then Para Mi Pro might be for you.
-Mod U