Me and mizzhadley​ were fooling around with this turkey cake my cousin Geraldine’s fiance Fred had brought over for Thanksgiving. :3 

Heh. Funny thing about Fred. None of us (us being me, Hadley, and the rest of our family) had never met him before, so none of us knew what he looked like. So while me and Hadley’s dads were picking up Fred and Geraldine, we were all talking about what he might look like and checking the windows literally every five minutes to see if they had come back yet. XD 

At one point, me and Hadley went to look out the garage window. We’re both short, so we really couldn’t see too well. We started jumping up and down to see, and then we saw them! :D We had to stand on this whack exercise equipment, it was like a bicycle, to get a better look. XD

Fred’s a really nice guy. He’s very nice, and very quiet. I don’t think he talked at all during dinner. XD

When it came time to have dessert, I didn’t eat any of the turkey cake. It’s kinda hard to eat something you’ve had such a good bond with, y'know? XD There is a piece of it in my fridge, though. Maybe I’ll eat it. :)