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what would a bornite/rose quartz fusion look like?

I kindof couldn’t think of what other pink stones out there nor could I figure out if it was a good idea that a quarts would become another quarts? lol. anyway, I just thought Angel Quarts was a pretty multicolor gem that would work for their fusion.

Feel free to send me gems to fuse Bornite with.


A Fusion between Bornite and @twodemigodtraveleroflorien’s Pink Sapphire

She’s very playful and about the same height as Garnet. (I included Pearl so you could get a height reference of Bornite as well.

I kindof really love this fusion X’D

If you’re interested in fusing with Bornite, feel free to submit your gems (or canon gems if you’re just curious) to my inbox :)



sortof, I didn’t properly shade them ^^”

Anyway, meet a couple of Diamonds and Pearl, based on Mimi’s OCs Jian and Dunn and my OC Miranda. I almost went with Rutile for the twins since she didn’t know what gem to give them and I thought they had a cool design in Steven Universe but my story/Au ideas led me to Diamonds.

So a little summary:

For some reason when Red Diamond was being baked, they broke into two, creating two half Diamonds. They’re about a head smaller than the normal Diamond. When they popped out they were fused together so other Gems were non the wiser, who would question a Diamond right? Maybe it was just a fashion choice. They decided to stay together and hide as one so that they would not cause trouble on homeworld.

Eventually at some point they were gifted a Pearl. She definitely acted funny in the sense of she wasn’t that graceful and often spoke out of turn though she always tried hard to help her Diamond(s) and even staying loyal to them after accidentally finding out their secret.

After some events (I don’t know what yet but something), the Diamonds unfuse and are outed as a defective Diamond. So… they flee so they can live and fight another day.

Thats all I got but I like to entertain the idea sometimes :’)