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mizz-apple2016  asked:

cutie wonho yoohoo, I LOVE your blog and your humor. Can you tell me the MOST EMBARRASSING moment Shownu ever had which you happened to witness it? Thank you and sending you kisses now /mmuah/

W: It was more endearing than embarrassing to be honest…

lil-mizz-jay  asked:

Don't you hate when you're just gently kneading that delicious bread on your subway sandwich and you open your mouth wide to take a bite and you're salivating everywhere and going full ahegao just thinking about how delicious it's gonna be and then oops you squeezed it too hard and it squirted mayo all over your face

Hate it? How can you hate such subtile meat and and saucy taste all over you mouth you can even feel it deep down your throat… It’s almost a naughty sin! <3