Episode 104: Her Rival is an Idol! A Spark of Love! Suzume’s Victory??

That one episode that can cause a shipping war. I remember being a part of this war, but I matured and accepted both KiyomaroxMegumi and KiyomaroxSuzume since both couples made sense. I forever say that Kiyomaro would choose Megumi in the end, but I wouldn’t mind him getting together with Suzume. Although, Suzume needs to get over that ditzy, clumsy personality first or her future with Kiyomaro can be ruined.

I sometimes think that they should have stuck to the manga instead… Having Tio note Megumi’s jealous side would show some character development.  I still want to ask Raiku Makoto who he thought Kiyomaro should have been with. The manga showed a lot more moments with Megumi, but even more with Suzume…


Aside from loving Mamura Daiki and Yosano Suzume of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, I keep on thinking this bubbly and cutie couple (Asai ‘Yukirin’ Yukiko and Naoe ‘Tsuyoponnu’ Tsuyoshi) at my best and worst times ‘cause they are not just any other common couple you read in manga(s). I mean, it is rare to find a guy who have the same hobbies and interests as you are! You’re lucky enough if the guy you meet is caring and accepting as them (Mamura Daiki & Naoe Tsuyoshi). They’re fictional characters, though. I really recommend you to read 'Nijiiro Days’ by Mizuno Minami and 'Hirunaka no Ryuusei’ by Yamamori Mika As of now, I have a 'Second Lead Syndrome’ 😁

First photo (Left): Nijiiro Days
Second photo (Right): Hirunaka no Ryuusei