“Draw your otp/squad like this” challenge #3: double trouble blondes
ie who thought it was a good idea to make one the world’s savior and the other the leader? xD

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Bonus (ie I couldn’t resist sneaking in reinako hints):

Bonus II:

Ami is one of those characters who is too often pigeonholed into her most stereotypical traits. Even though she is often shy and quiet, Ami has plenty of moments in which she is assertive and confident, especially with her friends, and especially when academics are concerned.

But this is by no means limited to interacting with the other girls. For instance, in Act 30 of the Infinity arc, she knowingly walks alone into an enemy trap in order to gather intel. Through the entire act, Ami exudes confidence and determination in her abilities. After all, this is a school. Who better to infiltrate it than her?

With how sweet we now know Ami is, it’s easy to forget that she was first introduced as intimidating. Her classmates found her cold and scary. The warmth that Ami is actually capable of was a surprise, drawn out only by Usagi’s infectious personality.

Ami may be shy, but she’s no wilting flower. Underestimate her at your peril.