mizuno winterfest

so there were these obnoxious girls staying in the hotel room next to us at winterfest

and they were being really loud at like 1am so my mom had to call the hotel people to make them shut up

and then the next day they were being really loud in the hall so my friend kaitlyn (who is the most sweet & innocent person i know, and also 6'2" and really strong) and i walked out to see what was happening and they were like, “oh it’s the bitches that called room service on us”

and i was like ok 1. i was asleep when all this happened and 2. kaitlyn isn’t even on this floor..

and kaitlyn was like “EXCUSE ME? EXCUSE ME? WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? WHAT?”

my mom made us go back in the room otherwise shit would have gone down

you don’t fuck with kaitlyn ok

and then i guess their team hated us from then on because they were working another one of our club’s teams and missed points on purpose and some of the parents saw them erasing the points from the book so it looked like they never got them

i was like wow are you that pathetic..?