mizuno elina

To the loyal fans who have been supporting E-girls and Flower

Thanks for supporting E-girls and Flower all the time!
This is Elina Mizuno. This time I am going to make an announcement here.

I have engaged in show business since I was a kid. I made my first stage appearance when I was only 10 years old
and started acting as an actress when I was 15.
Moreover, in 2010, I made my debut as an artist of Flower,
and from 2011, I started my activities as a member of E-girls.
As a member of both Flower and E-girls, I have been supported and encouraged by many fans,
thus I have accumulated a precious experience. I am very grateful for that!

What’s more, during that period, I have also engaged in movie, drama and stage play as an actress.
After meeting a great many people and getting plenty of encouragement, I seriously thought about what I really want to do and what my real goal is.
And, I also have realized the meaning and wonderfulness of my performance as a performer of Flower and E-girls,
and made up my mind to go on living and being active as an individual actress.
I will challenge the limit of my acting skill and broaden the acting field based on constant learning.

This time, I have talked with every member of Flower and thought about it carefully and seriously.
I have decided that I will put an end to my career as a performer of Flower and E-girls.
I will start challenging my new dream as an actress again.
I decide to withdraw from Flower and E-girls because of this dream in my heart.
But I am still grateful to members of Flower and E-girls
and friends who have been supporting me.
When thinking about those soft words of encouragement and those days I spent with my outstanding fellow members……
My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

From now on, I will hone my skills and get prepared for the possible opportunities in the future.
I will always be grateful to all of you and make use of the experience that I have got as a member of Flower and E-girls.
I will keep working hard for the new dream as an LDH performer!
Please support me!

October, 2013
Elina Mizuno