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What went wrong in mizu mono? Because Hannibal and Abigail were preparing dinner although Hannibal knew that Will have betrayed him ( or at least he knew he wasn't 100 %loyal) So the hangs in the circumstances and the sex and the city girl ruined the ending ?? The explanation can't be so easy.. Hannibal was going to kill Abigail anyway because of Will's betrayal ? And last but not least .. Are we sure Abigail is dead ? 😭😭

To answer the last question first - yes, we are sure Abigail is dead. We saw her being embalmed in Primavera. 

I think that at the Last Supper, when Will refused to change plans and run away that night, and insisted they go through the dinner with Jack, Hannibal decided to change his plan for dinner. Jack would still get killed. Abigail would be revealed. And then he’d hurt Will and take Abigail away, instead of the three of them leaving together.

I think that’s why he already had things ready at Bedelia’s house, he knew he’d have to leave his house fast whatever went down. 

Will calling to warn him that “They know” warned him that things were in flux, but as we know, Hannibal is the master of thinking on his feet. 

He was still committed to punishing Will for his betrayal, which is why he didn’t run, and why when Will asks why, he responds, “We couldn’t leave without you.” He couldn’t leave without Will seeing Abigail. He needed Will to know, and he needed to be there when Will saw.

But just like Will didn’t decide until Hannibal answered the phone what he wanted, at this point Hannibal hadn’t decided if he’d kill Abigail. I said in a previous response he’d decided to kill her at the Last Supper; I’m amending to say that became one of this trains of thought at that point.

It’s not until Will says that he’s changed Hannibal that Hannibal decides he will kill her. 


When he smells Freddie Lounds on Will Graham, Mads’ performance is so struck in that moment because Hannibal was convinced. Will’s plan succeeded; he absolutely seduced Hannibal Lecter. That’s part of it for Hannibal. “You tricked me, and I allowed myself to be tricked.” The other part was just the devastating loss of the friendship.

- Bryan Fuller.

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