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Oh, wow! Your art is beautiful! I thot u only did Team 7. I love the Mist x Sakura. Particularly loved the Haku one! I recently fell in love with Fourth Mizukage - Yagura x Sakura fics. Could you draw these two in a loving or maybe a kissing moment?

Yagura-kun loves surprise presents!!

Okay like… I’ve been stewing over this for the past few weeks and I really just have to ask-

What was the point of Obito controlling the Fourth Mizukage? Not even just thematically, but what actual purpose did it serve in the story? This is really fucking me up because I’m really not seeing a clear answer for this.

Like first off we know that both Obito and Yagura weren’t responsible for the graduation killings. The wiki is lying to you. It’s impossible. They’d been going on for years before he got crushed under a boulder (Mei claims to have participated when she was nine years old, which would be 22 years before the Kage Summit), and the Mist ANBU he fights after Rin dies specifically refer to themselves as members of the Bloody Mist. We also know he wasn’t responsible for the caste system, as that was in place starting with Mist’s inception. He also wasn’t responsible for the war that resulted in a lot of people with kekkei genkai getting hunted down, since that was implied to have happened between the Second War and the Third War, as Haku’s mother seemed to have gotten the hell out of dodge at around that time.

But that just highlights the biggest issue: What the hell did he do? 

We don’t know! There is next to fucking nothing we actually know about Obito and Yagura’s reign in Mist. There are only three things we know about Kiri that can be attributed to Obito/Yagura.

1. Zabuza and his crew, for some reason, really, really wanted to kill him. We don’t know why though, but Gengo implies there was something noble or just to the reason, enough that he considered accepting money from men like Gato to be a betrayal of their ideals.

2. Kiri did not participate in the Konoha held chuunin exams (the chuunin exam arc). This might even be an oversight but when we are shown the number of participants from various villages, there aren’t any Kiri nin recorded.

3. The Kaguya got bored and decided to attack the village.

That’s it. That’s actually it. Everything else we know of that’s notable in Kiri was before his time.

So why even have Obito control Yagura? I can understand his motivation fine. He wanted to avenge Rin. Sure. Whatever. But once he gains the position, what does he do with it? Nothing! You can’t even argue he was there to keep an eye on the tails beasts there considering Utakata pretty much just walked out of the village and had to be retrieved by Pein himself.

The only reason I can see that Kishimoto had Obito control the village is… for him to meet Kisame. And that’s just… weird? It’s a massive plot point with a lot of potential ramifications that reach many other characters and that’s the only purpose it served. Obito didn’t even have to be controlling Yagura at the time for them to meet either. He could have just been watching Kiri from the shadows trying to find out what happened to Rin, and stepped forward.

I am really mad about this okay. I want to know why Zabuza wanted him dead!