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Hc3 chojuro, mei and yagura sfw and nsfw headcanons. This is what you meant by 3 separate headcanons right?

Mei SFW and NSFW Headcanons 

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It might be obvious to all, but it is to the people that know the Mizukage, that she absolutely despises the mentioning of her age or an age difference between the to of you. Never breaching the subject of age around her in general is a safe bet. She just becomes calmly offended and threatens to hurt people, it’s never a good outcome.

She is definitely one of those hopeless romantics who just waits for those moments for you to give her flowers or write her some poetry, or for you to take her out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Mei also loves when you call her babe, it makes her feel young. She also has a soft spot for romance novels and will often read them to you with a steamy look in her eyes.

Mei hates if you pay attention to anyone but her, so basically she’s an attention whore. At all times she wants your undivided attention, and will get angry if you are looking at other people too long also. It might be her job as Mizukage that really drives this desire, but she isn’t very good at sharing too much.

She is a passive aggressive type of person when she’s angry with you. Mei is never going to openly state her discontent, she thinks it makes her look weak, so you better figure out why she’s ornery, and fast. She isn’t a patient person, but Mei does accept apologies very quickly and tries not to hold too big of a grudge.


Oh Mei is always, and I mean always trying to talk you into a threesome. She doesn’t care if it’s one guy and her, or her and another girl. She is always up for someone to spice up things in the bedroom. This extra person is never a permanent feature, that is her one condition, she doesn’t want anyone attracted to you other than her, but she does like changing the dynamics of sex frequently.

Likes being the dominant one in the bedroom, this is an absolute. She wants to be the one riding you, on top, in complete and utter control. She is the type to make it a bit of a show too, like Mei will rub her breaths together or tweak one of her nipples while she’s bouncing off your hips.

Has a weakness for rubbing her clit and will just melt into the bed. It’s probably her favorite thing and will beg you all the time during sex to run your fingers over her clit. She will literally cry out with low throaty moans that will cause chills to run all up your arms and neck.  

Mei has probably some of the most perky and perfect breasts you will find, and they are overly sensitive. Like if you just lick them enough there is a good chance you could probably cause her to have an orgasm – a very intense one at that. If you massage or knead then she will be crying out.

Chojuro SFW & NSFW Headcanons

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Chojuro lacks confidence in things like this, and he has a hard time mustering up the courage to ask you out. A few times he almost did it, but backed out at the last moment or awkwardly changed the subject. He might tell one or two of his close friends that he likes you, and it is with their encouragement that he finally manages to stutter out an invitation to spend some time alone together and get to know each other better.

He is very, very shy about showing affection. You can tell that he wants to - he might keep looking at your hand like he’s thinking about holding it, or even brush his hand against yours on purpose, hoping you’ll get the message and that maybe you want to hold his hand too. Do the poor guy a favor - grab his hand and give him a sweet smile. Even something small like this will boost his confidence with you.

Chojuro has a habit of becoming a bit of a motor-mouth in situations that make him nervous.He walked you home after the second date and everything was perfect, he knew it was the perfect moment to kiss you and you even wanted him to from the way you tucked your hair behind your ear and looked up at him shyly through your eyelashes. Instead of taking the opportunity he went into some nervous autopilot mode and began babbling incoherently about things that didn’t even make any sense. He could see your bewildered look but he just. couldn’t. stop. So you leaned up on your tiptoes and silenced him with a kiss, for which he was eternally grateful.

Chojuro is very thoughtful and determined to take care of you, particularly when you are too stressed and tired to take care of the smaller things that make your life convenient. He will bring over groceries when you haven’t had the time to go shopping, pick up your dry cleaning, gently rub your back to lull you to sleep when you can’t sleep - in short, he will spoil you rotten.


No matter how long the two of you wait to have sex, he’s going to be a wreck. The second things start getting heated and he gets suspicious that all of this kissing is leading somewhere, he is a flustered mess, but he wants to please you so he swallows his nerves and just stops thinking so much. Things go a lot more smoothly after that.

Once he is given the chance to get over his hang-ups, Chojuro is a fantastic lover. He is eager to impress you and make you feel as good as you make him feel, so he takes his time exploring your body and finding the places that make your breath hitch. Naturally thorough and intuitive, it doesn’t take him long to figure out how to make your squirm for him.

He likes when you ride him slowly and sensually. The quick, frantic, needy kind of riding is nice too, but he prefers when you take your time and grind on him, building your rhythm until your face contorts in pleasure and you’re gasping his name and digging your nails into his chest. Chojuro enjoys watching you come apart for him, and he can fully appreciate it if he isn’t distracted by keeping up with an exhausting pace.

He’s very, very sensitive around the head of his cock. When you’re sucking him off, he can only take you working on the head in very small doses or else it becomes uncomfortable for him. It’s best to swallow and suck around his shaft and lightly kiss and lick the head every once in a while. You’ll know when you’re doing it right because he starts panting heavily and he flexes his hips, shallowly thrusting into your mouth.

Yagura SFW and NSFW Headcanons

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• In spite of his firm insistence that he is not childish in the slightest, he has a habit of hiding sweets in his clothes. Shinobi who have worked with him are suspicious because people swear they’ve seen him inching his hand into the waistband of his pants and emerge with a snack that he quickly stashes in his sleeve for easy access. Because of this rumor, no one will take any kind of food he offers them because of the chance that he’s been hoarding it in some secret pocket in his pants.

• He has an unreasonably short temper. Those who interact with him on a regular basis really hate informing him of bad news, because he has a tendency to snap over even minor inconveniences and it can be a scary experience if Yagura gets too out of hand. Once, he completely decimated his office by losing control of his tailed beast chakra due to a spelling error on a mission report.

• Yagura has an assistant who brings him breakfast, lunch and dinner. She tries to slip vegetables into his favorite foods, because Yagura refuses to eat them when he knows where they are, and so far she thinks she has been successful. She isn’t at all. He can smell a pea from a mile away and routinely dumps the carefully prepared food out of his window and buries it when he leaves to keep his assistant from finding out.

• As a jinchuuriki, Yagura had to endure a lot of people staring and whispering about him behind their hands throughout the years. The feeling that a hundred pairs of eyes are on him never really left, and as such he is constantly looking over his shoulder to find the culprit even when he knows beyond a doubt that he is completely alone.


• Before he has sex with anyone, Yagura has a thorough discussion with partners so he can draw a clear line of what they can handle and what their limits are, as well as to establish consent and a mutually agreed on safe word. More than any act of a sexual nature, he is addicted to the trust that a s/o must have in him to allow him to inflict pain on them and trusting him to stop if it’s too much.

• Although he enjoys inflicting pain, he is also very serious about making sure his s/o enjoys it. He will pause in the middle of a series of stinging, body-rocking slaps to the rear and go down on them, his tongue very softly lapping at them. The conflicting harshness and gentleness is intense, and it doesn’t take him long to bring them to orgasm, but right when they are on the precipice, he will pull away and go back to spanking them.

• Yagura doesn’t care much for being touched himself unless he is ordering his s/o to touch him, so depending on how much control of their reactions he thinks his s/o has, he will either command them to keep their hands behind their back or tie them behind their back. They will be expected to stay like that until he is finished playing with them, no matter what.

• His favorite position is doggy style with his s/o’s hands tied behind their back. Sometimes he will use the ropes around their wrists to hold them upright, but most of the time he lets them sink their head down on the mattress and focus on their own pleasure. By this point, they’ve probably been teetering on the edge of orgasm for so long they’re too sensitive to every little touch to relax, but when Yagura finally lets them come it is always earth-shatteringly intense.


@forgivememadreforihavesinned I know you said before that you dislike Boruto but look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CLASS IS GOING ON A FIELD TRIP TO KIRI IN NEXT WEEKS EPISODE!!!

Personally like you I have a lot of headcanons about Kiri(more specifically about the third Mizukage and who his possible descendants are which I’m more then happy to share with you if you want)
I’m a little worried some of my headcanons will become untrue but eh I just really hope we actually get a info dump here.
LIKE HOW EXACTLY ARE THESE TWO( Kagura Karatachi And Shisuma Hoshigaki)RELATED TO KISAME AND YAGURA!!!!!(I’m betting nephews if not distant cousins) and WHAT HECK IS THE SANDAIME MIZUKAGE ACTUAL NAME!

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Oh, wow! Your art is beautiful! I thot u only did Team 7. I love the Mist x Sakura. Particularly loved the Haku one! I recently fell in love with Fourth Mizukage - Yagura x Sakura fics. Could you draw these two in a loving or maybe a kissing moment?

Yagura-kun loves surprise presents!!

Okay like… I’ve been stewing over this for the past few weeks and I really just have to ask-

What was the point of Obito controlling the Fourth Mizukage? Not even just thematically, but what actual purpose did it serve in the story? This is really fucking me up because I’m really not seeing a clear answer for this.

Like first off we know that both Obito and Yagura weren’t responsible for the graduation killings. The wiki is lying to you. It’s impossible. They’d been going on for years before he got crushed under a boulder (Mei claims to have participated when she was nine years old, which would be 22 years before the Kage Summit), and the Mist ANBU he fights after Rin dies specifically refer to themselves as members of the Bloody Mist. We also know he wasn’t responsible for the caste system, as that was in place starting with Mist’s inception. He also wasn’t responsible for the war that resulted in a lot of people with kekkei genkai getting hunted down, since that was implied to have happened between the Second War and the Third War, as Haku’s mother seemed to have gotten the hell out of dodge at around that time.

But that just highlights the biggest issue: What the hell did he do? 

We don’t know! There is next to fucking nothing we actually know about Obito and Yagura’s reign in Mist. There are only three things we know about Kiri that can be attributed to Obito/Yagura.

1. Zabuza and his crew, for some reason, really, really wanted to kill him. We don’t know why though, but Gengo implies there was something noble or just to the reason, enough that he considered accepting money from men like Gato to be a betrayal of their ideals.

2. Kiri did not participate in the Konoha held chuunin exams (the chuunin exam arc). This might even be an oversight but when we are shown the number of participants from various villages, there aren’t any Kiri nin recorded.

3. The Kaguya got bored and decided to attack the village.

That’s it. That’s actually it. Everything else we know of that’s notable in Kiri was before his time.

So why even have Obito control Yagura? I can understand his motivation fine. He wanted to avenge Rin. Sure. Whatever. But once he gains the position, what does he do with it? Nothing! You can’t even argue he was there to keep an eye on the tails beasts there considering Utakata pretty much just walked out of the village and had to be retrieved by Pein himself.

The only reason I can see that Kishimoto had Obito control the village is… for him to meet Kisame. And that’s just… weird? It’s a massive plot point with a lot of potential ramifications that reach many other characters and that’s the only purpose it served. Obito didn’t even have to be controlling Yagura at the time for them to meet either. He could have just been watching Kiri from the shadows trying to find out what happened to Rin, and stepped forward.

I am really mad about this okay. I want to know why Zabuza wanted him dead!