Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari
The top picture is Mizuhito when he was little. The bottom one is a young Yuriko with Majima. 

OMG these pictures are so adorable <3 It’s so fun imagining what they were like when they were young and the times they spent together. But I can also imagine the… PAIN both Majima and Mizuhito went through at this time too and… *cough no more spoilers* Anyways, these are really sweet <3

蝶の毒 華の鎖 ~瑞人~
蝶の毒 華の鎖 ~瑞人~
Photo Stills Set 3

Mizuhito has about 5 endings夜色の髪(Hair of the Night Scene), つがいの蝶に(The Pair of Butterfly), 蔵の中で(Inside the Warehouse), 秘密の共犯者(Secret Accomplices), and 空虚な明日(The Empty Tomorrows).

I didn’t like this guy. He was such a creepy ‘brother’ with a weird fetish for Yuriko’s hair. CRAZY! I didn’t like any of the endings…Yuriko is so stupid. I really hate her character in here. Oh, and Mizuhito is like a total man-whore.

This game is really mess up. Like for real. And my first R18 game. I didn’t even know it was R18…despite the warning. I just fell in love with the music and the pretty art.

Below is definitely not safe for people under 18.


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蝶の毒 華の鎖 Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Mizuhito’s Bad Ending 2

Another ending with everybody ended up dead.

After Mizuhito and Yuriko went to the storage room, and yes, they had sex again. Halfway through, they heard a loud noise and realized that they were being locked inside. They waited inside, thinking that sooner or later, someone would come looking for them. 

As the time passes by, nobody came and looked for them. Mizuhito went to the second floor and looked outside. After realizing what had happened, he told Yuriko that the mansion was ablaze. That explained why nobody came and searched for them.

Since the mansion was on fire, presuming that everybody were dead, Mizuhito told Yuriko that they could do nothing but await for death. (;A;)

Mizuhito wanted them to be together, even in death, hence he suggested for sex again. (-_-“’)(I was like, last round of sex before dying? ;A;) 

That explained the CG. Mizuhito asked Yuriko if she was ever in bliss, which she replied yes. And Mizuhito told her that he was in bliss too. Hence even in death, they are not to be separated. (Yea having sex while waiting for your last breath to be cut off)

Even though I complained, but being a sensitive girl, I obviously cried at the sad scene. His love for Yuriko is so deep, that he wanted them to be together, even in death. (;A;) 


Finally finished Mizuhito’s good end and I would say I enjoyed it. Took me a while since machine translating things, keeping a notepad of the terms and making sense of it all were a bit time consuming but still pulled me through. But this game has furigana for difficult(?) kanji so it’s an incredibly big help since ITH doesn’t pick up the whole kanji which is annoying. So i just manually type them in.

*Kira Kira has a translation of the prologue, check it out :D 

This is my first R-18 otome game and I was not disappointed with the ero scenes. The genre might not be for everyone tho since it’s drama. As in telenovela level of drama, like the ones me and my late mother used to watch before the Korean wave took over XD

And I haven’t really played a lot of otome but I was impressed with the amount of expressions the characters have for this game. I mean it’s incredibly expressive that you’ll still get the feelings they want to convey even without voice. But thank the gods it has voice since I can listen to Mizuhito forever. I play his ero and sweet talk audio like 3-4-5-6x!!! before moving on to the next line XD

Yuriko (her default name and the other characters say it too unless maybe if you change it), the MC, was not a doormat which is great. She’s pretty strong-willed lady for the time period this game is set in. She’s also pretty snarky (whenever Shiba visits) and has some sense of humor. (Lol, the highlighted choice in the screencap is asking what color a certain character’s underwear is, and this was a scene where she was gathering crucial information. I haven’t really selected it so I don’t know how the conversation will go). Would’ve been better if she was voiced, but oh well.

I chose Mizuhito first after skimming through reviews for the game and since he’s hot. (they all are really) He’s your half-brother with a huge sister complex, loves to paint but family circumstances forced him to stop and he spends night after night in brothels. (mid-game I was like, “Thanks for the herpes oniisama!”) Mid-game there’s a twist and also the part where the romance and ero scene starts. There were times that I just want to hit him tho since he’s like all accepting with Yuriko’s feelings then suddenly tell her that it’s not really love she’s feeling. Even after having sex with her! (I was like what?!) But it all ended good (in the good end) they got what they wanted despite all the unfortunate events they had to go through. He has 4 bad ends tho, so I’m thinking if I should just start with a new guy or just finish all his routes. Because…

THIS guy stole my heart! As in, when I felt a lull in Mizuhito’s route, I was seriously tempted to just switch over to Shiba’s route since he’s….he’s…I don’t know. He’s adorable. No matter what Yuriko and Mizuhito threw at him, he just brushes it off or tosses a snarky remark back. He’s definitely my next route. Then, Hideo, Fujita and lastly Majima, (order wise, atleast the walkthrough I followed, it’s recommended to go through Shiba, Fujita, Hideo then Mizuhito since Mizuhito’s route kind of revealed something big with Majima)

All in all I was happy with what I played. And I really wish this was what I put on the MangaGamer survey as titles I want to see in english. The machine translators were a big help and they do a pretty good job actually, but there are lines just simply lost in translation (expressions, terms) and can be hard to decipher since I don’t know what it is in english either (and would be longer if I tried using my native language). But it’s definitely faster than trying to learn Japanese 1st XD I just want to play, learning bits and pieces of the language is a bonus.

*if anybody read the whole thing and you’re interested in trying to play it (without any knowledge in Japanese) here are the stuff I use.

ITH, TA, ATLAS - here’s a site with a guide on how to set those up

Google Translate, Excite and imTranslator. (excite and babylon usually make more sense most of the time)

Denshi Jisho - for double-checking and when the translators just can’t translate the word.

La Primavera - walkthrough for the game (tons of guides for other games as well)

Notepad or any word processor- for future reference and copy-pasting (since ITH hates Kanji)

And this is how my setup looks like. Would be nice if I have two displays since it feels cramped. 


蝶の毒 華の鎖 Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Mizuhito’s Happy Ending Part 4 (Last)

Half way through the game, Mizuhito revealed that they are not related at all. Yuriko’s father adopted him to make his wife jealous, due to him being head over heels in love with Yuriko’s mother. So yes, it’s not incest! (PUMP FIST)

As usual, I will skipped the R18 CGs. If you want it, ask me for it. I’m more than willing to share it ^_^

Majima Yoshiki set fire to the mansion and yes, that concluded the end. Few years later, they ended in Paris. Mizuhito rose to fame as a painter, his work mostly concentrated on Yuriko. They are not married because they were known as siblings over there. (;A; why? omg I want them to be married) Both are still insecure about each other. Why? The wolves pack set their eyes on Yuriko while the hyena pack set their eyes on Mizuhito. (;A; They are being eyed everywhere)

During love making, Mizuhito asked if Yuriko would bear his child. He yearned for a warm and complete family. He asked Yuriko to go overseas and give birth, and claimed that the child was adopted due to them being sibling in name. He vowed to change his citizenship to French so that they could be married. Yuriko was so happy that she agreed to bear his child. ((Yes, there are alot of sex scenes. Those wet sounds just (///U///) and Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice is soooooooooo goddamn sexy :3 ))

Hirakawa Daisuke

So apparently, Lucky Dog 1’s Ivan Fiore, Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari’s Mizuhito and Diabolik Lovers’ Laito are all voiced by the same person!? WHAT!?

I played LD1 first and Ivan’s voice was deep and rough sounding.

I also fell in love with Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari’s Mizuhito (omg his voice was SO sexy). Then, when I played the prologue for Dialovers and heard Laito’s voice for the first time, I went like… wait a minute, isn’t this Mizuhito..?

So I can’t believe Hirakawa Daisuke voiced both Ivan and Mizuhito/Laito. I can’t believe that it’s the same person. I’m just… Seriously, I’m impressed.

And yes, I’m sorry for being extremely slow in realizing this. This is probably really obvious to most people. Again, I’m new to seiyuus and everything^^;

But my one question is. I can’t stop seeing Laito without imagining Mizuhito’s voice coming out of him. So how can I stop this from happening???

I used to not know too much about seiyuus and things like that. Sure, I really liked the voices the characters had, but I guess now I see why a lot of people become fans of certain seiyuus <3 It’s funny how I’m starting to become a fan of someone mainly for their voice. I mean, it’s really cause of the size of their voicebox, larynx and the vocal chords they were born with..

BUT STILL in the end, it all comes down to 

It’s science I tell you. Science.


蝶の毒 華の鎖 Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

Mizuhito’s Bad Ending 1 (Butterfly)

The second last choice from the game determined your fate. Investigate Majima’s background give you the pass to happy ending while questioning Majima directly led you to this bad ending.

I was bawling my eyes out at this ending.

After Mizuhito and Yuriko questioned Majima, Majima claimed innocent. That very night, Yuriko went to Mizuhito’s room but suddenly there were explosion sounds. When they went downstairs, they found Hitoshi’s breathing his last breath. Hitoshi’s was burnt badly, which rendered him unrecognisable. Everybody except for Majima Yoshiki ended up as dead. He was the murderer of Yuriko’s parents. Because of a grudge, he vowed to annihilate the entire household. 

Yuriko and Mizuhito headed towards Yuriko’s room, wanting to escape by the balcony. As Yuriko’s room faced the garden, and the entire mansion was ablaze, there’s was no way of escape since the ground floor was already sealed off. Mizuhito suggested that they went to his room instead. 

In his room, Mizuhito took out a packet of white powder, which is poison. Lying on the bed, he told Yuriko that the white powder will cease their ending. Perhaps God is pitying them, hence this situation is to help them out (;A; omfg I seriously bawled) After reaffirming their love for each other, they smeared the white powder on their lips and then they passed on to the next world. 

蝶の毒 華の鎖 Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari

Alright, shall stop here for now. Will continue to Mizuhito’s other bad ending. One bad ending is killing me. I can’t imagine what the rest will do to me.

Hitoshi’s bad ending ain’t that bad. But I’m not posting any CGs from the two bad ending as they are R18. :3 You are free to ask it from me ^_^

Hitoshi’s bad ending 1

Yuriko found out that Mizuhito was protecting her from the wolves pack. She decided to solve this herself, and yes she was selling her body to repay the debts (prostituting). And one of the customer was Hitoshi. He said that instead of being a good girl at home and let them settled, she willingly gave herself up. (Hogtied scene ;A;)

Hitoshi’s bad ending 2

Yuriko married Shiba and they had children. Yuriko’s condition for marrying Shiba was, not to interfere with each other’s private lives, which Shiba agreed. When Yuriko married Shiba, Hitoshi went along as her lover, which everybody in Shiba’s household knew.

Hitoshi is a total M in this route, begging Yuriko for sex. (-laugh- Yuriko as S. I would love to have such an obedient butler/lover too :3 ) This route was nothing but sex. Apparently they are so in love with each other, to the point that they don’t mind how people see them. And yes, this will carry on for the rest of their lives.