mizuhara koyomi

Lovestruck Yomi. Posting right before bed cuz I got work at 6 tomorrow.

Started out as a loose sketch from last week while hangin’ with Penken and da bois. The urge to draw Yomi all zonked out sparked from how we were complimenting how we both draw euphoric expressions. I found my old tablet downstairs, and uninstalled the driver… which apparently seemed to fix it somehow. So now I can actually use my tablet at long last, and I figured I’d use it to finish this thang up.

You know how when you flip over a drawing, be it from when you’re 13 or a full-blown pro having let your guard down, and it comes out all lopsided and skewed? Well this image had it even worse before I fixed the lines. I kinda drew it too loosely at first, and didn’t fully realize it until I already finished coloring it the first time. See for yourself!


Here’s some sketches I did a while back.

The top one’s a conceptual drawing for another Virus monster, drawn loosely on a salvaged Gen 1 Pokemon memo book with Charizard on the cover. This boss monster’s a hunchbacked biker cat covered in leather, studs, and exhaust pipes, possibly meant to be fought in a junkyard stage. Puma stands at 11′2 feet tall; nearly twice as tall as Sakaki and nine times wider, so he can grab her or all her friends with his bigger arm and chuck ‘em clear across the stage if fate would ever be so unkind to them.

It was pretty hard drawing Sakaki there for scale, all tiny on such a small page with the same pencil I drew Boss Puma with, so forgive me if her proportions seem a tad off.

Those drawings of Yomi, Mario, Daisy were all done without any guidelines, though of course Mario had a lot of erasing done on him. they were done some time ago while Puma’s concept art was done this evening.


Day 5.

I really wonder if there’s anyone out there like this.