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Hi guys, I felt like I should really share this experience with you. Recently I decided to conduct something of a…social experiment.

The first photo is of me in casual wear. It’s pretty mismatched. I was wearing my pajama top over my tee and had black pants on. My hairs messed up and everything. I look unprofessional, and it’s intended.

I took a walk through an inner city neighbourhood of Brisbane. I asked the police for directions to the library. I bought a krispy kreme doughnut from the 7 11. I went inside the mall and was asked to try free samples several times. I bought the first volume from SnK from Angus and Robert’s. I wasn’t treated any differently, the reactions were warm and friendly. My outfit didn’t effect anything at all.

The second image is me in a salwaar. The hair took effort to get into curls. (Sorry, the mirror was foggy) I had a bit of make up on. I looked good. The outfit was ironed and it looked much better than the previous one. I went to the same shops an hour later. Asked the same guard where the library was. Bought another krispy kreme.

The reactions were totally different. There were no thank you’s. No one asked me to try a sample. The guard was annoyed. When I went into the bookstore the lady at the register followed me around the whole time. When I bought a copy of ‘The storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult, she asked me if I had enough money with me before she scanned it.

I am a fourteen year old girl who has lived overseas for three years. Never have I faced such blatant discrimination.

What is this supposed to mean? You’re good to go as long as you don’t embrace your traditional values? Is this why south Asian girls are embarrassed to wear their saris and salwaars in the open? Is this why we refuse to wear our bindi and play the harmonium? Is this why we think it’s better to be well spoken in English that Bangla, Urdu, or Hindi.

When white people embrace my traditional values, they’re open minded. When I do it, I’m suddenly a nuisance. I’m automatically expected to not be well spoken. I’m automatically a suspect for shop lifting.

Think about that.

30. Pillow Talk

“Mrs. Judith Laverne Wilde,”  Nick hummed with a sloppy, lopsided grin on his snout.  He glanced up at the ceiling for a second, before turning back to the bunny beside him. “It does have a nice ring to it.”

“It definitely fits.”  Judy agreed softly.

“It sounds a lot better than Nicholas Hopps.”

“Nicolas Piberius Hopps…”  Judy mutter, and giggled as Nick frowned at her, like how dare she even say out loud.  “I’ll admit it’s not great, but I have a cousin named Nicholas Hopps, and it works.”

“Carrots, what are you doing?!”

“Making conversation.”

“I don’t think you should be mentioning cousins who have the same name as your husband, after wedding night shenanigans.”

“You brought it up, Slick!”  Judy snapped hitting nick on the chest with a tiny amount of force.

“No, I was just say Wilde is a very fitting last name for you.”  Nick defended quickly.  “Very, very fitting last name for you.”

“I’ll still be Officer Hopps at work though.”  Judy returned.  “I think Officer Hopps-Wilde would be too much of mouthful.  And all the legal papers my name is Judy Hopps-Wilde…”

Nick placed a finger on his wife’s lips.  “I know that, and I love you for it, but this is not the direction I pictured our pillow talk on our wedding night going.”

AN: I wrote, and rewrote this.  This was harder than I expected.  

Thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged my little dabbles!  I’m so happy you all liked them, and came on this journey with me.  I can’t believe it’s been 30 days and I wrote 30 little dabbles.  I might do another one, cause this was a good challenge, but not sure when.

If you’re interested in reading all my dabbles for the 30 Day Challenge, use the tag “mizu’s 30 day challenge” on this blog.

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Meinst du, dass die grauen Balken weg sind und Links nicht mehr gekennzeichnet werden? Ist bei mir auch so :/ tumblr hat mal wieder irgendwas geändert und das xkit add-on funktioniert nicht mehr richtig..

Oh man so was blödes aber auch D: Naja dann muss ich wohl erst mal ohne das add-on klar kommen und hoffen, dass xkit da ne Lösung für findet.

Okay but seriously

I don’t think Sasha and Connie get the appreciation they deserve.

I mean sure, they’re in most group photos. Often they’re used as important plot devices in AU fanfics. The pairing itself is recognized both platonically and romantically…but how much appreciation do they get as individual characters?

Connie’s whole family is dead.

Sasha’s whole clan is facing an existential crisis.

They are children caught up in a dirty game of political chess and guess what? They’re playing the pawns. 

They’re soldiers. They are important characters. They are just as valid as Armin, Eren, Jean and Mikasa. 

They’re still trying to smile after everything. They’re still trying to make everyone else smile. Even in this grotesque, dystopian hell. Despite everything they’ve been through. If you don’t think that makes them two of the bravest characters in the manga you can get out of my face

Modern! Armin would be the dork who is in the astronomy club and keeps track of the lunar cycle and literally every celestial event and makes a huge deal out of it at lunch and everyone goes with him to his place because /free food/ and they set up telescopes but everyone falls asleep before anything actually happens so this loser just sits and looks through his telescope and falls in love with the world okay don’t touch me

How the hell is being “different” a problem in YA books? How is being called “different” an insult? If someone told me “You’re just like everyone else” I’d probably be a little hella pissed

 so the other day I was telling my friend about how there was this really smart guy I knew and I was like “He’s so smart like dayumn boy speak physics to me” so she called me up like 0.001 second later like

“Newton’s third law says our love is equal and opposite, baby” And hung up without another word.