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Summary: Y/N accidentally sends Hungarian to her boyfriend.


A/N: SURPRISE SURPRISE, if you haven’t noticed already(((bc I’m on vodafone HU in all my pics))) I am in fact Hungarian, living in middle Europe, Hungary. So i thought i’d use my knowledge. I hope you liked them, and feel free to request!! And feed back is always appreciated.


- Taehyung:


~ 우리 왜 소리지르는거야? - why are we shouting?

- Namjoon:

~ Baszki, kurva hideg van - Fuck, it’s fucking cold

- Seokjin:

~ Éhes vagyok - I’m hungry

- Hoseok:

~ Szia, rég beszéltünk, mizu? - Hi, we haven’t talked in ages, what’s up?

- Jimin:

~ Te most szórakozol velem - You’re just kidding with me

- Yoongi:

~ Sziaaaaaa, eltudod nekem küldeni a képeket, amiket tegnap készítettünk? - Hiiiiiii, can you send me the pictures we took yesterday?

- Jungkook:

~ Kuki - Small penis (pronunciation: cookie)

anonymous asked:

Hey asy i saw some posts on mizu page talking about how some people in widowtracer wanted to kill off Emily. As a new widowtracer fan I'm shocked. Did you know about this?

Yes, there’s always been an element of the widowtracer fandom who HATE Emily and want her to die (and say it in those words)!

As a multishipper and as someone who’s LONGED for this sort of queer lady representation for 20+ years, I never really understood that angry vehemence. I love that Tracer is in a canon healthy lesbian relationship, even if I sometimes write widowtracer stories where she doesn’t exist :3

I love both ships! No more lesbians need to die in media to satisfy my OTPs ♡

30. Pillow Talk

“Mrs. Judith Laverne Wilde,”  Nick hummed with a sloppy, lopsided grin on his snout.  He glanced up at the ceiling for a second, before turning back to the bunny beside him. “It does have a nice ring to it.”

“It definitely fits.”  Judy agreed softly.

“It sounds a lot better than Nicholas Hopps.”

“Nicolas Piberius Hopps…”  Judy mutter, and giggled as Nick frowned at her, like how dare she even say out loud.  “I’ll admit it’s not great, but I have a cousin named Nicholas Hopps, and it works.”

“Carrots, what are you doing?!”

“Making conversation.”

“I don’t think you should be mentioning cousins who have the same name as your husband, after wedding night shenanigans.”

“You brought it up, Slick!”  Judy snapped hitting nick on the chest with a tiny amount of force.

“No, I was just say Wilde is a very fitting last name for you.”  Nick defended quickly.  “Very, very fitting last name for you.”

“I’ll still be Officer Hopps at work though.”  Judy returned.  “I think Officer Hopps-Wilde would be too much of mouthful.  And all the legal papers my name is Judy Hopps-Wilde…”

Nick placed a finger on his wife’s lips.  “I know that, and I love you for it, but this is not the direction I pictured our pillow talk on our wedding night going.”

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