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side note: i thought u were an artist blog oops ;; but yes still the artist is v good

I know the stamp on my pics say “Mizu-no-Akira” and not ProjectAVA… But that’s because I started as Mizu no Akira on Deviantart and I wanted to keep that name (on my pics at least) :3

But thank you anway!! ♥


ryou: i found mizu on my way back home in an alley way…

akira: he went up to me because he was closest to our house.

ryou: to be honest, it took a while to convince sven for me to keep it since she’s the first pet i’ve ever had. akira did all the convincing.

akira: sven isn’t that hard to convince. oh! fun fact: mizu was supposed to be named kuro! 

ryou: YOU wanted to name her kuro. i didn’t.



Sorry, I totally forgot about this thing. Upcoming profiling book served as a reminder. So I decided to get it over with. So basically this is PP 2 timeline translation, the timeline they presented at the GINNOCENT WORLD exhibition I visited on the 9th of January. I took pics of the whole thing, which covered the timeline from 2020 up to 2115, the end of PP 2, that is. So I translated only the PP 2 part of it since there is no official timeline yet, except for this one from the exhibition. If there is any additional info on this in the profiling book, I will add it, of course, and put it up again. I hope you’ll find this interesting. There is one thing that wasn’t actually stated in the anime, but it’s stated here for some reason. And that makes Tsunemori Aoi’s abduction look even sketchier. == Anyway here you go. >3

P. S. Please, do not forget the credits when posting elsewhere.

  •  October 20th, 2114.

The MWPSB major special case 107, a case of indiscriminate serial bombing incidents, was solved.

Inspector Shisui of Division 2 disappeared; Enforcer Yamatoya of Division 2 was killed in the line of duty.

A Dominator (1 in number) was missing; at the scene of the disappearance the “WC?” message was discovered.

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I think someone asked this already, but is there a meaning behind the name 'Mizu-no-akira'?

Mizu-no-Akira was my username on deviantart. I stopped posting stuff there some time ago, but I still wanted to keep that name. Because I’m nostalgic like that. :D


PSYCHO-PASS Official Profiling 2

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