Johann is… complicated

I reread his entry in the Companion recently, and I have to admit, he really was a good person before his accident. And after it, too. He used to hold seances for free if people couldn’t pay but they still wanted to communicate with their loved ones. And he really did want to help that one guy using his gift to show him the way to ‘the light’ and keeping him from falling into the hands of that demon.

I get the sense that even in life, Johann was fairly removed from his own humanity. He grew up surrounded by ghosts. He couldn’t communicate with them, but they were always there. That has to have some kind of effect on how a person views life and the people around them.

At his core, I think Johann was always a selfish person, whether he realized it or not. He has a strict code of morals and a strong belief in doing what he thinks is The Right Thing–ignoring for the moment the fact that he’s changing as the world changes–and I think his inward-facing life and rigid beliefs led him to develop a sort of selfishness that was, for the most part, harmless… until he hurt someone with it. (The widower and his wife.)

Now that he’s gone through losing a friend, losing his home town, gaining and losing a new body, being betrayed by a friend, learning that another friend may not be what he seems, watching the world fall apart in front of him, his sense of right and wrong has been challenged again and again. Nothing in his life is going right, even though he’s done the best he can do be a good person. And he’s angry and messed up about that, losing his trust in everyone around him, removing himself further from humanity and from the group so he can protect himself from being hurt any more, and the end result is him being an asshole and spying on everyone and being creepy and all that…

In summary of this scattered, probably unintelligible post, Johann is one of the most human characters in BPRD, because in some ways he’s a good person, in others he’s a bad one, and there is no way to really pin him down and give him a final judgment to define him or his life.

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Which is your favorite witch?

oh god, miz

you haven’t been following me long enough to know what you’ve done


queen of my heart

role model of my life

all the things i aspire to be and more

you know when you come across a character you simultaneously a) identify with really hard but also b) want to be more like? that was Nanny, for me.

she is the lady who cracks a joke in a serious situation. she is the lady who will teach your kids the dirtiest songs she knows. she is the lady who will drink your entire fraternity under the table with something she brewed herself. and then she’ll sing a song about it. she knows how to have fun.

but also she is compassionate, and a good listener, and inherently a Mother - and she uses those things as weapons. nice weapons, certainly, and it doesn’t lessen the inherent kindness in her actions, but she knows how to get people to tell her things - and the way to do that is to genuinely care about people. (this is just a thing that has always interested me about her because usually when you get ‘kind motherly figure was only trying to get you to spill the beans’ type situations, it turns out they never cared at all? whereas nanny always does, sincerely - she is a People Person and she has honed it to an art and it’s just my actual favourite thing that her biggest witching skill is to basically sit down and have a chat with people).

and she’s powerful, and she’s intelligent, but she also knows that hiding those things is useful. and she’s old enough and has been doing magic long enough to have seen some things that would disillusion anyone, but she is seldom anything but an optimist, and i admire that too.

i have so manygytha ogg feels man, you don’t even know, but i’ll stop now 'cause this will just turn into ANOTHER 'nanny ogg is the best ever’ essay and i have already written like… four of those.


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im just going to go ahead and assume this is about the impressionist painter

I hate to burst your bubble but I’m talking about this perfect specimen of feminine humanity, Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St Croix

her superpowers are ALL OF THEM, she speaks multiple languages, she’s hugely confident (although is also riddled with insecurities and anxieties and fears ugh baby), and when she wants something, she gets it

she’s also hella rich, crazy smart, a mutant, a Muslim, a total bombshell, and a total diva who knows that she’s better than you

and I love her

okay someone was going to do it

Pacific Rim/BPRD crossover

When Ogdru-Hem began coming out of the Breach, the Jaeger program developed alongside BPRD. Despite the best efforts of both teams, the Ogrdu-Hem (nicknamed “Kaiju” by the media) keep on coming, and the Jaeger program will be shut down in 8 months.

The BPRD, worried about their abilities to defeat the monsters without the robots, have decided to take over the Jaeger program. Now they have to train best & brightest to become Jaeger pilot.

Ben Daimio, one of 2 pilots to engage in combat alone after his partner was killed (and worse the wear for it) has come to help train agents to pilot Jaegers in time for one last ditch effort - before it’s too late.





in addition to my stylish new BPRD shirt, I got a drawing of Abe as Bofur (I actually squealed, it was hilariously stereotypically feminine) and a lil desert rain frog who I’m determined to pry off the box somehow


I want to bring him upstairs before I take him out of his box and place him on his pedestal my bookcase, but i need to eat first so MORE PHOTOS TO COME


Miz and I have a very silly escapist AU in which a bunch of BPRD characters have decided to go camp in a hut by a lake in Canada instead of dealing with their problems. Ben spends most of his time in jaguar form in this AU, much tamer than normal. When it gets cold, Abe slows down and eventually ends up hibernating for a couple of months. The jaguar takes it upon itself to keep Abe warm until he wakes up really grumpy and disoriented and covered in red fur.

Anyway, it’s spring and Abe is no longer hibernating. The cat is not used to him moving around so much in his sleep, so it decides to weigh him down. Abe isn’t pleased with this plan.

Where are all the others? They are elsewhere. And that door is pretty small but Ben can fit through it as a people. Hellboy turns to the side to enter. Abe ducks. Leave me alone.

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who gave that guy a sharp object

Real talk tho i’m actually very, very scared about Johann because while i don’t really see him as a purely bad guy i see him as a really fucked up guy that obviously does not think of himself that way and has a lot of trust placed upon his shoulders when he really shouldn’t.

It’s his complete obliviousness to his own fucked up problems that set him apart from the rest of the special agents, imo, and what makes him more dangerous than any of them. Liz might be volatile, Abe might be turning into god knows what, but they are both aware that they have both inner and outer problems that make them dangerous and they take steps to try and work out their problems. Not Johann.

I don’t like how much time he’s been spending in the field without another high-ranking BPRD member nearby at all.