fleurmage  asked:

Hi, um, if you don't mind, could you explain what's going on in the video in this post? /post/63500334889/stuckinabucket-skate-fetuses-are-facehuggers ; skates lay eggs correct? How is this one alive outside its egg? I noticed it was tagged "decased egg" and I looked it up but found nothing. :(

That’s a video from the Florida Oceanographic Society, so skate baby is probably being used for research. Skates actually fertilize their embryos in utero and then encase them in a mermaid’s purse (like a shark’s) before depositing them. I think they just took the case off of this fellow so he’d be easier to see! He’s still attached to his yolk, so he’s likely going to be fine. 

Here’s a video of a skate embryo still in its egg case.

Me playing Silent hill 2 with a friend
  • Josie: *walks into a room in the apartment*
  • Me: This apartment is really creepy with it's old wall paper.
  • Josie: Yeah *as she searching for a key or fucking something to progress*
  • Me: It looks like a sweet old bigoted grandmother lived here. Like she's going to tell you why "all blacks are going to hell along with them queers."
  • Me: ...as she bakes you cookies