Some Thoughts About Elsie.

Seeing as how I could not attend, all of this is merely speculation, but I’m curious. We’ve gotten so many cast members from Glee meeting up after not speaking for roughly two years. Why? Jenna’s guest performance at Elsie highlighted this for me, and Murphy’s attendance even further. Are they planning a Glee spin-off? My brain is saying “HELL FUCKING NO, LET IT STAY DEAD!”, but my heart is saying “YES GOD, PLEASE, I’VE BEEN WAITING TOO LONG FOR THIS!”. My mized feelings are purely because pf the involvement of Murphy. He was the one who wrote Glee into oblivion in the first place, why would Fox want him to wreck another show? I say this as a massive fan of the show, and as someone who hates Ryan Murphy for destroying the characters and screwing up the storylines. If he does pilot the writing of the spin-off, I want there to be some capable writers making sure he doesn’t do any dumb shit and stay consistent with the Glee timeline. If (and this is a huge fucking IF) the rest of the cast decides that this spin-off is worth their time, Murphy’s gotta make sure that old wounds and drama don’t resurface. Darren and Chris especially are one of the key points of this happening, and I have a feeling that they won’t be involved unless it’s on their terms…

Do you guys have anything to add on?

Luke : “Search your feelings father, you know it to be true..”
Vader : “ It is too late for me, son. The Emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.”
Luke : “…..then my father is truly dead……”

Sʟᴏᴠᴇɴᴇ Fᴏʟᴋ ᴀɴᴅ Fᴀɪʀʏ Tᴀʟᴇs

 1•∞  Bela kača s kronico

The White Serpent with a Small Crown

     There was once a peasant woman and she had children. She would go work in the fields and leave the children at home, giving them a bowl of milk to keep their hunger away while she was gone. They always ate it all and the mother praised them for their diligence.
     The children said, “Oh, but we’re not eating alone, there’s a nice birdie that comes to eat with us, too.”
     The mother thought that some cat comes to eat with the children. Still, she found it odd that the children were talking about a nice white birdie. She wanted to see for herself what it really was. She hid in the house, set up the milk as usual and waited.
     Soon, a white serpent with a beautiful crown on its head slithered out from beneath the table and into the arms of the youngest child. The mother was petrified. But the children stroked and caressed the nice birdie. When the serpent ate its fill, it shook the crown from its head and returned to the hole again.
     As soon as the serpent disappeared, mother jumped into the foyer and took the children to safety; of course, she did not forget to take the crown as well. She put it in the chest where they kept the yarn. Grandfather would wind the yarn in winter. He’d wind it all winter, but there was no end to it. The woman thought, “Whatever could it be? Perhaps the crown has such a power?” The crown was thus put away and the yarn wound up. It was then put in the grain. They’d measure and measure the grain, but the granary never emptied.
     So the crown was put in one place and then another and soon the house recovered and was doing so well that it was the richest in the village.
     And the crown remained with them, so long as the kin that treated the white serpent well lived there.

Illustration by Ančka Gošnik Godec, Slovene original below.

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Levi sat alone on the white floor, rose petals coming from every direction, he had only sat down for a moment, reaching up to grab a petal of mized colors, when he heard slight shuffling behind him. “Hm?” White hands suddenly covered his eyes, “Guess whoo!~” Came Petra, a small giggle escaping her lips. “Petra.” The name of his beloved wife brought a smile to his lips, “You shouldn’t sit down on the floor, you’ll get your dress all dirty.” Petra laughs softly once more. “It’s worth it if I’m with you y'know.”

New mixtape!


Iggy Azalea - Work

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Beyoncé - Flawless

Charli XCX - How Can I

Ella Eyre - Deeper

Sky Ferreira - I Will

Grimes - Vanessa

Cheyenne Mize - Wishing Well

Alpine - Hands

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion

Estelle - American Boy

Lana Del Rey - You Can Be The Boss

FKA Twigs - Hide

Beyoncé - Partition

Charli XCX & Brooke Candy - Cloud Aura

Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire

Ellie Goulding - You, My Everything

Selah Sue - On The Run

MØ - Say You’ll Be There

Janelle Monáe - Locked Inside

Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs

Emily Wells - Take It Easy San Francisco

JoJo - Leave

Lorde - Buzzcut Season

M.I.A. - Sexodus

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My grandmother made me this and we’ve decided to start a little business and sell beanies (like this), scarves, and earwarmers. If you are interested in one, please message me here. We can make them any colors you would like, and any pattern (stripes, mized up like this, etc.) I don’t really know the price we will be selling them at yet, but I will tell you soon enough. I just want to see if people would be interested in this. It’s great if you go to school up north and want to have these in your school colors so you can show some school spirit! I’ll post pictures of the scarf when I get back to school and of the earwarmers once I get them!

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