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[Durarara Light Novel Volume 1]After leaving the job to Celty, Izaya deeply inhaled the stale, Ikebukuro air which seemed to be nearly a few weeks old, and decided to leave.

What did the two women he met up with look like? How were they dressed? Were they pretty or ugly? Had their make-up been fashionable or was it a mess? How did their voices sound like? Why did they want to die? And even, the question of if they even had the intention of dying—all this had already been pushed to the back of his mind.

Orihara Izaya was an outright atheist. He didn’t believe in spirits, nor did he believe in the afterlife. This was why he wanted so desperately to understand humans, and this was also the reason as to why he developed an interest in them so easily, as well as the reason he could trample on them like he did.

As for people who did not need to be understood, Izaya had absolutely no interest in them.

He’d only walked about ten meters, but he’d already completely forgotten the names of the two people who had wanted to commit suicide.

He was an informant, and unnecessary information would only get in his way.

As of now, he was most interested in two things.

The first thing, was the true identity of the courier who always wore a helmet and never spoke a word. It was the existence of the entity which rode a motorbike that didn’t make a noise and wielded a black scythe, like a Grim Reaper.

And the other thing—would be the group roaming around in Ikebukuro called the ‘Dollars’.


[Volume 11(translation by Mizaya]

The results of the MRI and CT scan proved that his brain is neither damaged nor bleeding even though there is a scar on the surface of his skin.
Actually the reason why Izaya was in such a good mood was not because he was in good health.
But there was no sign of any abnormality in my brain at all.
That means my personality is not a creation by anyone but myself.
While he was thinking those things, Izaya remembered an incident before his checkup — the conversation with the “otherworldly creature” called Sonohara Anri.
What would happen if Karisawa hadn’t taken care of the scene?
Would I have been attacked by Anri? Or would Anri’s mind break before that could happen?
Izaya cannot help but to find it amusing even though he had confronted the otherworldly creature that hurts humans. However, the reason why he found it amusing was not because of Anri’s otherworldliness but Karisawa saying she was friends with Anri.
Aa, as I expected, Karisawa-san and Yumasaki-kun are interesting.
I can’t help but to enjoy this world thanks to humans like them.

Izaya further thinks about it while chuckling.
But what would happen if most humans on the earth accept otherworldly creatures like they do?
If the world accepted these otherworldly creatures living a normal life, would I be able to observe these otherworldly creatures in the same way I do to humans?

It is certain that I have hatred towards “people who stop being human” like Sonohara Anri. However, I am hardly interested in Celty Sturluson except for her “head”.

Izaya’s only interests are all humans and the afterlife.

If being dead means emptiness, there is nothing sadder for Izaya. That is because he will no longer be able to observe humans. Even if after death people couldn’t do anything for eternity, if it were possible to become a spirit, that would be like heaven for Izaya.

That is the best finale for me.

However, the existence of Celty Sturluson showed Izaya new value.

He never believed in heaven or hell although spirits existed. After only reviewing the difference of beliefs of the afterlife for various cultures, he came to realize that there is no such standardized “new world” that continues from this life.
However, Dullahans just like the legend have been existing in this city of Ikebukuro.

Assuming that she is an authentic otherworldly creature, like the legend —- there might be a battlefield called “Valhalla” as per Norse mythology or “Heaven” or “Hell”.

It’s not like Izaya wants to go to heaven by himself.

If there is only heaven and hell, I am aware that I’d most likely go to hell.
What he is hoping is to be able to see how those humans that became spirits or souls behave in the “consecutive world”.
If I told the suicidal spirits that were hoping to see “emptiness”, “It’s too bad, your belief is incorrect. Your consciousness and suffering will continue forever,” what kind of reaction would they show me?
If I told humans who were killed by the death penalty and believe that it’s the same if you kill one person or massacre thousands, “It’s too bad but it’s not the same,” what kind of face would they show me?
On the other hand, if I told a dead person who didn’t want to leave their family behind and died with fear, “Congratulations, you can keep an eye on your family,” what kind of expression would they show me? How long would they keep watching their family? One year? Two years? Ten years? Forever? Or would they get bored in a few hours once they knew that they could see them anytime? 
The world of the afterlife is unknown to anyone.
How would humans who are pushed into such an unknown world think? How would they behave?

mizaya  asked:

"i’m gonna be sick." izaya/mikado

Izaya turned away from his laptop long enough to give the student a worrisome glance. “The bathroom is down the hall if you’re gonna hurl.” He told the other. 

Mikado nodded, and slowly lifted himself up from the chair from the desk across from the informant, a hand curled around his waist as he walked down the hallway, shutting the door behind him. 

Izaya’s typing continued for a few more minutes, spinning his chair to face Namie. “Namie, can you make some soup for Mikado? A glass of water might help as well.” 

Namie’s eyebrow ticked, giving Izaya a bored glance before her gaze refocused on the screen in front of her. “Feed your own boyfriend, asshole.” 

mizaya  asked:

top five unpopular drrr!! opinions

  • Saki is important to Kida’s character development. 
  • Vorona is not a marysue. She has motherfucking flaws, okay. BEING A FIGHTING ADDICT IS A FLAW. 
  • Anri is not a cockblock between Mikado and Kida. Chill out. 
  • Izaya is not a sociopath. He’s a lonely asshole. 

kenmajuice  asked:

Do you think people will realize how pathetic Izaya is this season?

i certainly hope so because the fact that he’s a rather pitiful, pathetic character is exactly his appeal to me. how, despite his love for people, they will never return his feelings, how desperate he is to be something greater than human, to set himself apart from the rest, how he is a lot more flawed and human than he’d like to believe and has the exact same unsightly tendencies that he mocks other people for having….

it’s what makes him so interesting, so utterly human despite his own fervent denial of it!!

but do i think that realistically people will see? probably not. fandom has a tendency to see what they want and i’ve noticed the tendency of many fans to believe the exact delusions about izaya that he himself seems to. people make him out to be that kind of manipulative, all knowing, unbeatable character because that’s what they want to see from him. that’s what he believes about himself (but does he really, i wonder?) and that type of character sells

not to mention the anime has the tendency to make him out to be more omnipotent, behind everything, and untouchable than he actually is. it’s really a shame and one of the many reasons i prefer the novels

what’s interesting to me is i wonder if he would have the same fan reception if his character design was a lot more unattractive. i’m thinking not. he’d be seen as just as pathetic as he actually is

favorite male character- mikado
favorite female character- celty
least favorite character- shinras dad
favorite ship- izamika
favorite friendship- mikado/anri/kida
favorite quote- the world isnt as bad as you think
worst character death (if any)——
saddest moment- anris past

favorite male character- kaworu
favorite female character- rei
least favorite character- those guys in seele
favorite ship- kawoshin!!
favorite friendship- toji/shinji/kensuke
favorite quote- i was probably born to meet you
worst character death (if any)- k aworu
saddest moment- asukas childhood