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so im curious about how you developed the story for the comic. did you do a play through and record what happened? ive considered making a nuzlocke comic before but im not really sure how to go about it.

thanks for the ask!! Welll that’s how people usually like to do it I think? Personally I’ve never played through the game before starting a comic or a written run (of which I’ve had a few..) because hmm, for me it stays more fresh if even I don’t know what will happen in the game! in the Project’s save file I’ve just passed the third gym.  

But generally that’s the gist! You play, and you record what happens, then you figure out how you want to tell that story in comic form! I personally do a word document where I record everything noteworthy that happens so I don’t forget what happened where. For the actual plot of the comic, that I had only vaguely figured out when I started drawing, but it got more and more fleshed out with my characters. Now I have a pretty detailed mental map of the general plot and character development.

I maybe recommend that you think about your comic before starting to play! Your premise, character relationships, basically the setup and world for your comic. I’ve found that keeps me more interested in my characters and in the story :> (Also I always pick my game based on how fun the region will be to draw and how I can incorporate my own story into the game’s plot) but yeah I really recommend just going for it! This is the most fun I’ve had with an art project and I’m sure your nuzlocke comic would be awesome uwu

someone (who i’m pretty sure was @thethespacecoyote ) made a post a while back about mettaton somehow getting stuck out of his body and blooky stepping up to be the stronger cousin for a while and I. literally. cannot. stop thinking about it???

like i’ve p. much always headcanoned that metta was way more shy and insecure when he was a ghost anyway and imagine how upset he would be to be forced back into that form and just picture timid little napstablook immediately slipping into protective mode over their cousin and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA-

“maybe if I don’t actually read the final chapter it can’t hurt me” I say as I stab myself in the heart with my own tablet pen

VERY QUICK AND DIRTY FAN…ART…of these two characters from phantomrose96​‘s awesome Steven Universe fic Tourmaline! Tourmaline (the darling biscuit on the right) belongs to phantomrose96 and ghostfiish, and Howlite (precious cinnamon roll on the left) belongs to beccadrawsstuff​ I believe??

they’re very happy and nothing bad happens to them ever and anyone who says otherwise is lyING

Despite Everything (It’s Still You|I’m Still Human) - A Frisk + Chara mix of healing and handholding

1. Haunted - Holly Brook 2. Never Quite Free - The Mountain Goats 3. Human - Daughter 4. Accidntel Deth - Rilo Kiley 5. Lifeline - Imogen Heap 6. While I’m Alive - STRFKR 7. All The Stars - The Wailin’ Jennys 8. Song For Someone - U2 9. Small Hands - Radical Face 10. Taste - Sleeping At Last 11. Wait - Andrew Bird

I only pray you’ll never leave me behind
Because good music can be so hard to find

haha oh fuck I can’t believe I finished this

I know Dave is supposed to be rap, musically, but I can’t help but associate him with all those generic overplayed rock/pop songs WHOOPS anyway I really love this song

(ugh I decided to hand letter the top half because I couldn’t find a font I liked



eta: full size cause tumblr sucks

All I can do is love you to pieces
Give you a shoulder to cry when you need it
When the day is long and the night is coming down on you
All I can do
All I can do
All I can do
It’s all that I can do

A gift for saccharineSylph, who runs AskTheHeiress and is basically a totally sweet human being in general. <3 I rediscovered this song last night and was struck by inspiration. I wish I had more talent to make something nicer, but I worked really hard on this so I guess it will have to do.

Pulled an all-nighter to finish. Sleep is for the weak! It took about 5 hours straight through and my hand is now cramped like hell.

(The reason Feferi’s foot is messed up is because I ran off the page in the early sketches and failed to correct it until the very end.

The reason everything else is messed up is because I suck at drawing.)

fffalright I went back and finished it goodbye forever

my stupid gay OCs Satu and Adhara as a summoner/familiar team a la Az’s original universe!! I’m very very gomen Az

(Adhara is a Djinn, she has dead flowers growing where her eyes should be and the orange gashes are supposed to be fire inside but like hell was I going to try rendering that crap

Satu simply does not have time for this shit)

guys guys guys

I know no one looks at this tumblr but I have to post this pic. I’m so fucking proud of it. Mostly because those are the best eyes I have ever drawn in my life ever. I hate drawing eyes, it is so hard. But I tried a different way of doing them this time and it worked and asd;l;aldflksdl;s

I still can’t draw legs but fuck that shit LOOK AT THOSE EYES

Also this was drawn as fanart for a hot smutfic so LOL BONUS.

And yes, this is my crack OTP and I ship it like FedEx. Catfish 4ever.