someone (who i’m pretty sure was @thethespacecoyote ) made a post a while back about mettaton somehow getting stuck out of his body and blooky stepping up to be the stronger cousin for a while and I. literally. cannot. stop thinking about it???

like i’ve p. much always headcanoned that metta was way more shy and insecure when he was a ghost anyway and imagine how upset he would be to be forced back into that form and just picture timid little napstablook immediately slipping into protective mode over their cousin and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA-

Durarara!! Pixels Masterpost

They’re here, the whole Drrr cast as pixels! It took me an infinite amount of hours but FINALLY

70 pixelings for you to use for your blog, pixel family or wherever you want (feel free to message me if I forgot someone)

Please do not repost and please credit properly when you use any

also REBLOG to spread the post !!

‒ grab them at this page! ‒

“maybe if I don’t actually read the final chapter it can’t hurt me” I say as I stab myself in the heart with my own tablet pen

VERY QUICK AND DIRTY FAN…ART…of these two characters from phantomrose96​‘s awesome Steven Universe fic Tourmaline! Tourmaline (the darling biscuit on the right) belongs to phantomrose96 and ghostfiish, and Howlite (precious cinnamon roll on the left) belongs to beccadrawsstuff​ I believe??

they’re very happy and nothing bad happens to them ever and anyone who says otherwise is lyING