Spoiler Text for Chapter 77 of Tokyo Ghoul:Re

A ghoul is walking along the beach where the corpses of Investigators are rolling around
The ghoul stops, releases a kagune from around the hip and rummages out meat from the investigators which they eat
Ghoul: You get hungry don’t you?
Soon, we’ll be able to meet papa
Yeah yeah yeah
We’re happy, aren’t we Shiro?
That ghoul was Kurona

Miza’s group are taking refuge within a building
Miza: Gu…ha…ku…
Subordinate: Older sister…
Miza: …I’m fine…
Suzuya…that guy really is a monster…
To think that we were slaughtered so one sidedly up to that point…
In the background Suzuya is twirling Jason
Miza: …This place…has some deep memories
Subordinate: What…?
Miza: This observatory is where I met Naki

Miza flashback
Miza has climbed up onto the observatory and is looking down at Rushima
Miza: (This island is a lot bigger than I thought it would be…
It looks like it will take a long time to memorise the terrain
From today even “blades” are under Aogiri Tree’s control
A world where the strong take control…
Even this is part of how the world works)
At this point Naki calls out from below
Naki: Oi! What are you doing there, you defensive person (hoshinshiya)?
Miza: Defensive (hoshin)…what?
Naki:  It’s that Hohonewperson (Hoho-shinnyu)! What a weird hairstyle
Because of coulleage problems it ended up being a lot of trouble
Miza: (Hoho? Coulleage?
My hairstyle was just dryly made fun of?
What’s with this guy’s…accent…?
No…is he simply just an idiot?)
Naki: And so, that place is my northeast seat
Hurry up and get down

Hooguro and Shousei: Big brother! Big brother Naki
Naki: Oh you guys
Hooguro: Ah…that “blades”…
Miza: (Naki…! It’s this guy…
The current head of the white suits)
Naki: That annoying person has completely enshrined my northeast seat you know
Hooguro: That person is “Miza”
She’s in Aogiri starting from today
Naki: Hmm, is that so?
Miza: (The successor of the famously cunning “Yamori of the 13th Ward”…is this stupid?)
Hooguro: You just heard it from Tatara 30 minutes ago…
Shousei: Big brother, it’s not “northeast seat” it’s “special class seat”
The observatory is in the northeast so you must have got it mixed up
Naki: Hm what’s “northeast”?
Shousei: It’s a “direction” big brother
Miza: (What is “this” intelligence level)
Naki: Coeducation
Shousei: That’s the fun thing where boys and girls study together, big brother
Hooguro: You can say “enshrined” but why don’t you know what directions are?
Naki: Well, the newbie has a lot of things they don’t know so…I’ll go avertise
Hooguro: Big brother, advertise
Shousei: Hm? What about a device?  
Miza: (Is this organisation (Aogiri) really gonna be ok?)

Flashback of fighting against the CCG
Ghouls are getting killed by a CCG investigator with a Ukaku quinque
Miza: Hey Naki! The “box holder” is an Ukaku so aim for it! It’s basic!
Naki: What!?

Another flashback
Naki: The strategy is this, first you guys go like wahh from the right, I go gwahh in the middle… and then bam
Miza: Make your instructions clearer!
Or leave it to Shousei!

Another different flashback
A large number of ghouls are surrounded in a narrow pathway
Naki: I can’t go forward!
Miza: Go into the hall! Don’t kill the advantage of numbers!

Miza: Even an ordinary person has a limit…
What’s with that guy…
Hooguro: If you bad mouth big brother, I’ll kill you old lady
Shousei: What Hooguro said
Miza: …You lot do well being able to follow that
Even if you had many lives, it wouldn’t be enough
You were originally just following Yamori, right?
The reason for following him…
Hooguro: …I was in “white suits” first
I was tied in with this macho
Big brother Yamori was really great
Shousei: …I was overwhelmed by big brother Naki and got drawn in
Hooguro: There’s no way we would follow him without a “reason”
Shousei: We’re stepbrothers
We believe in the fool
Miza: A “reason”…?
Shousei: …come follow, old lady
Miza: …stop with the old lady

Miza is taken along to the observatory
Miza: The observatory…that…
Shousei puts his finger to his mouth to tell her to stay quiet
Miza: (What’s going…)
Then Miza sees Naki crying by himself in the observatory
Naki: Udo, Kumaji, Hayashima, Hiji, Hajihira, Noita, Hamo, Norunoma
Miza: …Naki…that guy…what is he mumbling…
Shousei: Oh, as expected you have good hearing
It’s the “names of companions that were sacrificed in the past”
He starts from big big brother Yamori and goes up to Gagi-san and Guge-san
Every week he goes through every person like that mourning overnight
Big brother who forgets the content of a meeting he had 30 minutes ago will only never forget the names of his companions
But thanks to him we can’t get rid of these dark circles
Hooguro: You understand the reason now, don’t you old lady?
Either way, us targets for destruction won’t live long
Either way, just like that we’ll be remembered forever, living in big brother
Miza: (Whether it’s because I stand at the top…or because I’m a simple woman, a man who men fall in love with, I…)
Miza looks at Naki and her cheeks are red

Subordinate: You’re a maiden, aren’t you big sister?
Miza: The 30th road ghouls are captured so stop it
Subordinate: …We blocked it like a tribe, I think it’s going to be fine
As long as big sister is happy-
At that moment, Miza’s subordinate is cut by a quinque coming from behind
Miza: Mitsushita!!
Mitsushita (subordinate): Mi…za big sis…
Miza steps away from the wall and Hanbee appears  
Hanbee: Running away quickly…
For my squad’s pride, this Abara…
Don’t escape tri…triple blades’ Miza…
Miza: (It’s “Suzuya’s subordinate”…!!)
Hanbee: Let’s go!!
While holding his quinque Hanbee aims towards Miza and swings
Miza blocks the attack and attacks back with her kagune
Hanbee stops the attack without any difficulty
Miza: (I won’t give you a chance to attack back…!)
Hanbee shows no sign of retreat and swings his quinque again which grazes past Miza’s hair
Miza kicks the quinque away and it dents a wall
While Hanbee tries to pull the quinque out of the wall, Miza jumps above him and attacks
Hanbee’s quinque changes shape and stabs Miza
Miza collapses and Hanbee is sweating

Kurona appears
Kurona: You
Hanbee: (What is this!?!?)
Kurona: So you’re Suzuya’s subordinate
Both of Kurona’s eyes are kakugan

Urie: Advance discreetly,
Aura: Yes…Urie-san
Saiko: Uri…Saiko is a little…
Urie: ! Yonebayashi don’t overdo it… I’ll lead
(The smell…it’s gotten stronger)
At that smell Urie breaks into a cold sweat
Urie: (…Isn’t it too strong, the amount it smells…It can only be a bad omen, no…that kind of thing…I don’t like it!!)
Shao, take Yonebayashi
(Don’t think about it, it’s scary, I don’t want to go forward…What am I going to achieve by not going forwards?)
Everyone else…put some distance between us
(No, but if I saw it’s the end… I don’t want to see! I’m scared, shut up me!! Ehh go forwards!!)
Urie’s group advance deep into the cave

In the depths of the cave, a chair with a cloth over it is found
Urie: (Oh, the source of the smell is found)
Urie looks worried
Higemaru: Urie-san?
Urie: Ah…Y…………..You guys stay back…
Higemaru: Eh…Urie-sa…
Urie breaks into cold sweat as he walks towards the chair
Urie: (Was it this kind of smell? Nah…was it this kind of smell?)
With a shaking hand Urie pulls off the cloth and it falls on the ground
What was there was a body with no limbs or head…

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 102 Spoilers

Nico: Nfu.. ♡
Banjou: Nico….bastard….how did you get in..
Nishiki: Your outfit is like that from a dream…
Nico: You cant do that, clowns are ghouls that create surprises…if you are gonna get detained you need to hide those properly
Roma: Ha..hiik…eek…..
Roma who is being detained in the other room, there are some small kagunes coming out from her body. Nico picks up those small kagunes.
Nico: I can feel Roma’s SOS through these kagunes
When Nico is about to step in further, Seidou goes in front and stop Nico
Seidou: …dont come nearer
Nico: Ohmy, so scary. This is bad for my important part (heart)…
Banjou: …are you here for Roma?
Nico: Roma huh..she was really stupid when she got caught in Cochlea…but thats not it..even if Roma chan is being tortured or abused, I have no interest
Roma is still letting out those small kagunes
Roma: (Im counting on you, okama-)
Nico: I am just here to flatter your King and help out a bit
Banjou: Flatter…?
Nishiki: I dont think anyone stupid would want the flattery from some unknown person
Nico: Oh my dear Glasses kun, I wonder if I should flatter your girlfriend too…  ♡
Nico looks at Akira
Nico: Fu-n….this girl, is going to die
Seidou: !
Nico: Banjouu kun, you have never treated human before right
Nico: You can see it right
Nico: There is a knack to everything. If you do it blindly, no one would feel good right? Nfu  ♡
Nico thinks back of the past
Nico: I am one too. Like Yamori who played~with humans before, I went through a lot too you know…?
Banjou: … (Its true that Nico is more experienced than I am…)
Banjou: Can you heal her
Nico: No cant do, but there is a way
Banjou: A way…?
Nico: Yes, really simple…  ♡  Just get a doctor to treat her
Nishiki: Wha-?
Banjou: …are you kidding…
Nico: I am serious
Nico laughs
Nico: Even though Banjou kun’s method is abit harsh, but he can heal her properly, but the problems lie after  ♡  If we remove the RC cells inside, and treat her normally will do  ♪
Banjou: Normally…
Seidou: …We cant go do the hospital…She shielded me, and broke the law. If we go to the hospital….
Nico: Who says we are going to the hospital? We need a doctor, but…we need one that understands the body of a ghoul. I have two suggestions,  ① Akihiro Kanou
Banjou them: !!…
Nico: Human, ghoul, he knows them all, saving this girl would be easy
Nishiki: Kanou…
Banjou: ….
Nico: Let me introduce a friend of clowns
Seidou: Hey kama bastard, will he help us
Nico: Oh why? I think it depends on the condition no-? Well, the safety is x
Nishiki: We all know that is impossible… how about  ②
Nico: Nfu  ♡ ② ♡
Nico takes out a name card

Naki is going somewhere with an angry face
Miza, Hooguro, Shousei are following behind
Miza: Naki!
Hooguro: Big bro…!
Naki kicks the door open, and inside the room are a huge load of white suits and Tsukiyama
Tsukiyama: Oui
Naki: Tsuchiyama!
Tsukiyama: Tsukiyama
Naki: What are you planning to do with all these white suits?
Tsukiyama: …you did not join in our alliance? Thats a secret!
Naki: Those white suits are our pride, I dont know what you are planning to do, but if you simply do this, I cant keep my silence!
Tsukiyama: I am just doing the preparation, if you wish to know why, just go and ask him?
Naki: …!
Kaneki is standing behind
Kaneki: …we will use these suits in our strategy, I would like to have your cooperation… I wanted to let Miza san to brief it to you all…have you learn of the strategy?
Miza: No..he ran out while we were talking about it…sorry
Kaneki: I will explain
Naki: No need, I wont help you bastard. Working with the bastard that killed big bro, its not our stile!
Kaneki: ….style…is it. “Maybe us ghouls were meant to kill each other”…this is what Yamori said…Its true that I killed Yamori….but, I only wish to survived then I overpower “Yamori’s style”. Naki san, I need the power of white suits. With your style, what could I do to let you all follow me?
Naki changes expression
Naki: …the way of 13rd ward is easy, the strong says it all
Kaneki: ….is that so, then come at me….you wanted to kil lme right?
Kaneki cracks his fingers
Naki: Thats—right!! Raaaahhhhh!!!
Miza: Na…
Shousei stops Miza who was going to stop Naki
Miza: !
Shousei: Doing so is an insult to big bro, Miza
Miza: ….sorry… (but the opponent is….that Kaneki Ken…)

Naki rushes towards Kaneki
Naki: Orah!!
Kaneki dodges and kicks Naki in the stomach
Naki: Uwah…! Gahh!!
Kaneki blocks his attack
Kaneki: Is the leader of white suits only has such power, this is not even the level of Yamori’s feet
Naki: …tch
Shousei & Hooguro:
Tsukiyama: (good)
Naki: I know that!!!
Kaneki dodges Naki’s attack, but Naki rushes forward
Naki caught Kaneki’s ankle
Naki: Caught youuuu!!!
Kaneki turns his body *just like the time when he fought with Yamori*
Naki: !! Gehh!! Doesnt it hurt!!
Kaneki: Yes
Kaneki, smiling, and kicks Naki to the wall
Naki: Uwah!!
Kaneki releases his kagune
Naki: (….aah, its aniki’s kagune….)
Naki cries
Kaneki: …do you want to continue
Naki loses the will to fight
Naki: ….just as promised, from today onwards, you are the leader of white suits…
Kaneki: No…I did not intent for that…. *sweat*
Naki: Is Aniki living….inside you…?
Kaneki: …I ate his kagune before, I think its an image… To me, Yamori is a symbol of “power” after all
Kaneki: Naki san, rather than letting the white suits to die scattered-ly, please die by my side, and I will fight for you all
Kaneki extends his hand
Naki: ….fulfilling promises is one of 13rd ward’s stile….suits, teach me how to use them
Naki takes Kaneki’s hand

Nishiki: Its good, Naki them are all in this fight with us
Kaneki: …it saves us, white suits has a lot of members, it will be a powerful addition to our strategy
Nishiki: …this, I told you about it, Oukan Act
Nishiki takes out the namecard, Yamamoto Jiiro
Kaneki: Ghoul Support Organisation…is it
Nishiki: Aa, seems like that organisation is being controlled, to hold an activity to oppose, I heard that there are medical teams over there, it seems like some rubbish religion, but it is one of whats left from Takatsuki’s influencial
Nishiki: And dont know if that Okama bastard will leak this place out
Kaneki: …if they want to ambush us, it would have happened already. We will need to leave eventually, but it is alright now. I think Nico probably is taking action separately from Fura…
Nishiki: Is that so…what are we going to do? with that
Kaneki: ….try to contact
Kaneki goes and see Akira… and Akira who seems to be in pain
Kaneki: (Please wait a little more…Akira san…)

Kaneki moving to the meeting spot
Nishiki: Its good that we started moving, but what if we fell into their trap
Kaneki: Isnt that good, gathering the ones who set up the traps is useful
Tsukiyama: Fu, nice imaginationI. Kaneki kun
Nishiki: How did you cover for the expenses of white suits
Tsukiyama: Teeko gathered the money
Man: …good evening
Kaneki: !
Man: I am Oukan Act’s Ogura
—-its the ghoul researcher, Hisasi Ogura