Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 102 Spoilers

Nico: Nfu.. ♡
Banjou: Nico….bastard….how did you get in..
Nishiki: Your outfit is like that from a dream…
Nico: You cant do that, clowns are ghouls that create surprises…if you are gonna get detained you need to hide those properly
Roma: Ha..hiik…eek…..
Roma who is being detained in the other room, there are some small kagunes coming out from her body. Nico picks up those small kagunes.
Nico: I can feel Roma’s SOS through these kagunes
When Nico is about to step in further, Seidou goes in front and stop Nico
Seidou: …dont come nearer
Nico: Ohmy, so scary. This is bad for my important part (heart)…
Banjou: …are you here for Roma?
Nico: Roma huh..she was really stupid when she got caught in Cochlea…but thats not it..even if Roma chan is being tortured or abused, I have no interest
Roma is still letting out those small kagunes
Roma: (Im counting on you, okama-)
Nico: I am just here to flatter your King and help out a bit
Banjou: Flatter…?
Nishiki: I dont think anyone stupid would want the flattery from some unknown person
Nico: Oh my dear Glasses kun, I wonder if I should flatter your girlfriend too…  ♡
Nico looks at Akira
Nico: Fu-n….this girl, is going to die
Seidou: !
Nico: Banjouu kun, you have never treated human before right
Nico: You can see it right
Nico: There is a knack to everything. If you do it blindly, no one would feel good right? Nfu  ♡
Nico thinks back of the past
Nico: I am one too. Like Yamori who played~with humans before, I went through a lot too you know…?
Banjou: … (Its true that Nico is more experienced than I am…)
Banjou: Can you heal her
Nico: No cant do, but there is a way
Banjou: A way…?
Nico: Yes, really simple…  ♡  Just get a doctor to treat her
Nishiki: Wha-?
Banjou: …are you kidding…
Nico: I am serious
Nico laughs
Nico: Even though Banjou kun’s method is abit harsh, but he can heal her properly, but the problems lie after  ♡  If we remove the RC cells inside, and treat her normally will do  ♪
Banjou: Normally…
Seidou: …We cant go do the hospital…She shielded me, and broke the law. If we go to the hospital….
Nico: Who says we are going to the hospital? We need a doctor, but…we need one that understands the body of a ghoul. I have two suggestions,  ① Akihiro Kanou
Banjou them: !!…
Nico: Human, ghoul, he knows them all, saving this girl would be easy
Nishiki: Kanou…
Banjou: ….
Nico: Let me introduce a friend of clowns
Seidou: Hey kama bastard, will he help us
Nico: Oh why? I think it depends on the condition no-? Well, the safety is x
Nishiki: We all know that is impossible… how about  ②
Nico: Nfu  ♡ ② ♡
Nico takes out a name card

Naki is going somewhere with an angry face
Miza, Hooguro, Shousei are following behind
Miza: Naki!
Hooguro: Big bro…!
Naki kicks the door open, and inside the room are a huge load of white suits and Tsukiyama
Tsukiyama: Oui
Naki: Tsuchiyama!
Tsukiyama: Tsukiyama
Naki: What are you planning to do with all these white suits?
Tsukiyama: …you did not join in our alliance? Thats a secret!
Naki: Those white suits are our pride, I dont know what you are planning to do, but if you simply do this, I cant keep my silence!
Tsukiyama: I am just doing the preparation, if you wish to know why, just go and ask him?
Naki: …!
Kaneki is standing behind
Kaneki: …we will use these suits in our strategy, I would like to have your cooperation… I wanted to let Miza san to brief it to you all…have you learn of the strategy?
Miza: No..he ran out while we were talking about it…sorry
Kaneki: I will explain
Naki: No need, I wont help you bastard. Working with the bastard that killed big bro, its not our stile!
Kaneki: ….style…is it. “Maybe us ghouls were meant to kill each other”…this is what Yamori said…Its true that I killed Yamori….but, I only wish to survived then I overpower “Yamori’s style”. Naki san, I need the power of white suits. With your style, what could I do to let you all follow me?
Naki changes expression
Naki: …the way of 13rd ward is easy, the strong says it all
Kaneki: ….is that so, then come at me….you wanted to kil lme right?
Kaneki cracks his fingers
Naki: Thats—right!! Raaaahhhhh!!!
Miza: Na…
Shousei stops Miza who was going to stop Naki
Miza: !
Shousei: Doing so is an insult to big bro, Miza
Miza: ….sorry… (but the opponent is….that Kaneki Ken…)

Naki rushes towards Kaneki
Naki: Orah!!
Kaneki dodges and kicks Naki in the stomach
Naki: Uwah…! Gahh!!
Kaneki blocks his attack
Kaneki: Is the leader of white suits only has such power, this is not even the level of Yamori’s feet
Naki: …tch
Shousei & Hooguro:
Tsukiyama: (good)
Naki: I know that!!!
Kaneki dodges Naki’s attack, but Naki rushes forward
Naki caught Kaneki’s ankle
Naki: Caught youuuu!!!
Kaneki turns his body *just like the time when he fought with Yamori*
Naki: !! Gehh!! Doesnt it hurt!!
Kaneki: Yes
Kaneki, smiling, and kicks Naki to the wall
Naki: Uwah!!
Kaneki releases his kagune
Naki: (….aah, its aniki’s kagune….)
Naki cries
Kaneki: …do you want to continue
Naki loses the will to fight
Naki: ….just as promised, from today onwards, you are the leader of white suits…
Kaneki: No…I did not intent for that…. *sweat*
Naki: Is Aniki living….inside you…?
Kaneki: …I ate his kagune before, I think its an image… To me, Yamori is a symbol of “power” after all
Kaneki: Naki san, rather than letting the white suits to die scattered-ly, please die by my side, and I will fight for you all
Kaneki extends his hand
Naki: ….fulfilling promises is one of 13rd ward’s stile….suits, teach me how to use them
Naki takes Kaneki’s hand

Nishiki: Its good, Naki them are all in this fight with us
Kaneki: …it saves us, white suits has a lot of members, it will be a powerful addition to our strategy
Nishiki: …this, I told you about it, Oukan Act
Nishiki takes out the namecard, Yamamoto Jiiro
Kaneki: Ghoul Support Organisation…is it
Nishiki: Aa, seems like that organisation is being controlled, to hold an activity to oppose, I heard that there are medical teams over there, it seems like some rubbish religion, but it is one of whats left from Takatsuki’s influencial
Nishiki: And dont know if that Okama bastard will leak this place out
Kaneki: …if they want to ambush us, it would have happened already. We will need to leave eventually, but it is alright now. I think Nico probably is taking action separately from Fura…
Nishiki: Is that so…what are we going to do? with that
Kaneki: ….try to contact
Kaneki goes and see Akira… and Akira who seems to be in pain
Kaneki: (Please wait a little more…Akira san…)

Kaneki moving to the meeting spot
Nishiki: Its good that we started moving, but what if we fell into their trap
Kaneki: Isnt that good, gathering the ones who set up the traps is useful
Tsukiyama: Fu, nice imaginationI. Kaneki kun
Nishiki: How did you cover for the expenses of white suits
Tsukiyama: Teeko gathered the money
Man: …good evening
Kaneki: !
Man: I am Oukan Act’s Ogura
—-its the ghoul researcher, Hisasi Ogura