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Series: Daiya No Ace/Ace of Diamond
Genre: humor
Setting: Semi-canon AU
Rating: K+
Type: One-shot Series
Read on Ao3: here.
Synopsis: In which Eijun and Raichi are cousins, and Raichi is very easily bribed.


A.N.: Yet another AU based off of this post by @falsehero, because these are all so good and I just need to write them!!!


Sanada looks up from the magazine he’s reading, frowning a bit as he looks at Kazuya.

“That pitcher from Inashiro. The southpaw.”


He waves his hand dismissively. “No, not Mei. The other one.”

“Sawamura?” Raichi speaks up from next to him, mouth half-full of his lunch.

“Yeah, him,” Kazuya says. “The loud one. We played against him last week.”

Sanada raises an eyebrow. “What about him?”

“He’s interesting.” Kazuya’s smirking now, shrugging as he leans back in his seat. “He asked me to catch a few of his pitches after the game before we left. His form is weird, and his energy is sort of crazy.”

“You caught for someone else?” Sanada asks, placing his hand over his heart in dramatic gesture. “Miyuki, I’m hurt.”

“Like I said, he’s interesting.” Kazuya shrugs a second time. “His pitches were hard to hit when we played them. I wanted to see what it was like from behind the plate.”

Sanada hums, “That’s true. He was different, that’s for sure.”

Raichi swallows the last of his lunch, digging through his bag for a banana. “Eijun’s always been like that, though. Playing catch was always hard when we were little.”

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11 / 17 / 2014 | Happy Birthday, Miyuki Kazuya!

I just wanted a blushing Miyuki sandwiched between Kuramochi and Sawamura. I wanted him happy. Apparently, the two had other plans. ^^;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIYUKI! The second part is obv rushed, I mean look at the freaking cake. But. I still have, like, three more drawings I want to finish. Lol. See how much I love you, Miyuki? //shotforever