miyuki liveblog

robinwinghood  asked:

So does anybody else wonder if the lass with the Clow Wand (and all of my jealousy) could possibly be this world's Sakura, just given maybe 5-10 extra years? I mean, looking close, I reckon she could pass.


A lot of messages came through last night identifying her as Miyuki (and I’ll reply to those soon), which I suppose would make sense as well, but like

I’m not… completely sold, I guess?

I can totally understand if CLAMP absolutely meant for that to be Miyuki. 

But like. WHAT IF?


This moment omg I’m crying a little bit. First of all OKAY WHAT THE FUCK DO NOT INSULT THE ONLY THING AMI REALLY STANDS OUT WITH LIKE WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THAT MUST HAVE BEEN BOTHERING HER SO MUCH EVEN IF SHE ACTS LIKE IT DOESN’T and then Mako comes to her rescue and it hurts me because of all the emotions I’m feeling like Mako is such a good friend and defends everyone and the fact that it’s AMI AW. And then Ami asks her to stop because that’s just so her and Mako is still like well they hurt you they deserve this! Augh it hurts.