The Dilemma

I think im not like anyone else in dna fandom where they keep promoting daiya no a here and there and talk about people sleeps on it
So when i see someone said “OH DO YOU KNOW DAIYA NO A?”
And that other guy said “i know but i havent watched/finished it :)”
I think most people will be like “oh you should finish it. It’s so amazing”
And here i am, making an essay about why you shouldn’t watch it until eijun takes that no. 1 for his uniform. So what i would say is:

Hey i read your post that you said you haven’t finished watching daiya no a. I just wanna tell you that, please dont, just dont watch it for now. I care for you so i dont want you to feel the pain bcs of dna. Like you will love everyone, and hate them at the next second, then cry for them, hate them again, love them again, cry for them and cry for yourself. The cycle wont end.
Dna is not like kurobas where how GOM and seirin adores kuroko, not like haikyuu where many people doesnt care hinata but keep eyes on him after they see how he plays, not even like ookifuri where mihashi has abe to stand up for him. This is where eijun tries to stand up by himself but everyone keep stepping on him and thinks he wont make it because hey, we have other pitchers who are soooo amazing and only few people help him a little bit (“because we are not here to play house and take care of everyone. We’re here to play baseball”) to show who he really is and slap those kind of people. Oh did i mention something about chris? Ah chris senpai is like your oasis in daiya.

If you dont want to cry for yourself, which is pathetic like what im doing right now, please dont watch daiya no a until summer tournament comes.

And im not saying this because i hate it. Damn, i love it too much that it hurts. I get bored easily that i cant even finish some animes, never mind watching it for a second time, but daiya no a, whoa, i cant count how many times i re-watch the anime and re-read the manga. I just love daiya no a so much













Me: I may have realized something about my favorite characters.  


This starting position was what I acquired by my own strength, the plays achieved with the fielders and the types of balls I ask from the pitcher. I definitely won’t give such an interesting position up to anybody.” → Seidou High’s Nº 2 | ★ Miyuki Kazuya
Happy Birthday to my lovely Núria ♥@kawaiinohime​ ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶  I’m back to my biggest love, my sun and stars: miyusawa! 

this strip is inspired by a scene of drama strong woman do bong soon (it’s cute watch it!) 
that kind of chocolate is roycé chocolate, a kind of ‘nama’ chocolate brand produced in sapporo that is famous for its squared shape.
I like to think that miyuki bought it for eijun when the roycé shop opened in tokyo and all the girls in school were talking about it (because your bf that buys you fresh -expensive- chocolate is a very shojo thing)
surprise ( ◞・౪・)


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development

Daiya no Ace Act II comicbook Vol.7

 - includes ch56 - 64

- cover: Shirasu

- Additional page at the end of ch60: Miyuki batting + Furuya & Eijun adorably staring at each other

Close-up (because this panel is so cute):

- Bonus manga featuring Chris at the university + Miyuki & Sawamura consulting each other how to reply to Chris’ question:

Daiya no Ace #6 “First Impression

Team-mate: What? Really!?

Team-mate: You’re the same age?

Team-mate: So you are a player!?

Chris: I’m 18.

Team-mate: I definitely thought you’re older than 20!! You’re too calm [for your age]!!

Team-mate: I used the honorific language to you since I thought you’re the coach!!

Team-mate: Really, *how many times have you lived before!? [*common joke in Japan you say to people who are very mature for their young age as if they are living their life for the second/third/fourth time.]

Later in the evening…

Daiya no Ace #7 “A question from Senpai

Eijun: Miyuki-senpai, look at this!! I’ve got a LINE message from Chris-senpai!
Miyuki: Hm? You’ve got that, too?
Eijun: Eh? You, too!?

Chris’ LINE message to Eijun: Sawamura, please answer honestly. How old do I look? Btw, I don’t need any jokes right now.

Chris’ email to Miyuki: Do I really look that old? My senpai use the honorific language to me… […]

Eijun: Seems like something happened to him…?
Miyuki: What are you going to reply?
Eijun: What should I reply?

Miyuki: Maybe something like “You are so calm, that’s why you don’t look like a child”?
Eijun: That sounds nice!
Miyuki: What about your reply?
Eijun: Mmmmm, maybe something like “You look 5 years younger with your hair down”?
Miyuki: Yes, that’s it!
Eijun: Yes, this is it!

- Breaking News: Miyuki is confirmed to be a flip phone user (while Eijun, Chris and probably everyone else are smartphone users.)

- Chris-senpai sent an email to Miyuki while he contacted Eijun via LINE. This means that Miyuki does not have a LINE account. Someone give miyuki a fucking smartphone and teach him how to use LINE omg he’s the captain of the seidou baseball club after all. Seriously, how can he not have a LINE account xD

Tadah~! \(^^)/

This was quite the killer, I’ve gotta say. 302 layers, guys. 302.

Like I’ve said before, I’m proud of this piece and I hope that you all enjoy this just as much as the sneak peek! (which I also edited as well!)

Under the cut, I’ll be putting a full view of 4 of the pictures above, as well as a couple of extras! ^^

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