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Misawa day theme: AU
harry potter AU! Miyuki as slytherin and Sawamura as Gryffindor. Mura often transgress the rules and make some of his senpai(s) worry *cough*mochi*cough*. He is also a potential quidditch player, although he is still in-training at the moment. Miyuki already plays as a player tho and while mura is a bit affected by the common conception that slytherin(s) are cunning and all, but he respects miyuki and sees him differently. Miyu on the other hand, doesn’t really see the commotion of the houses’ differences or stereotypes and he treats each person the way he sees them. Still, he has a strong sense of responsibility to his house.

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You always catch me off guard. But that’s why… 

I Love You. 

When in Art Block, Draw Misawa. Happy (belated) Birthday Eijun! (Better late than never…. >.>)

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“There’s a limit to how far you can get on emotions alone! Skills come first! If you have skills, you gain confidence and even control your emotions! Ideals and feelings are for the weak to justify their weakness!”

Happy Birthday to my princess, Narumiya Mei! (Jan 5th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


I p much messed everything up but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also this scene was p gay

If Miyuki and Mei are really to form a battery for the all star game against America.
  • Miyuki: *joining hands* Dear Lord, if you're actually chilling up there, I know you're not fond of me but could you save me just this once?
  • Mei: *showing up instantaneously* KAZUYA!! I missed you so much!! We're gonna form a battery again yayyy!! *throwing himself on Miyuki*
  • Miyuki:
  • Miyuki: *looking up, crying* I know you hated me and it's mutual now.