miyu kuriyama

So I wanted to take pictures of mine and Ally’s KPA crew (I’m in love with their faces). Dev’s mine. Koi, Dhonny, and Miyu are also mine but they were made in Ally’s game with her blood, sweat, and tears…so I guess I can credit her too, but I’d like to reiterate that THEY’RE MAH BABIESSSS.  

I was in a Yeezy type mood and felt like the pictures themselves weren’t doing it for me. 



Miyu Just a thought but…are we sure that…what did you call it? “P-poppin”? Are we sure that’s healthy for the baby? 

Devyn Girl! You better do it for the vine and stop askin’ questions! *laughs*



Yeah, Devie?

Thanks for coming to Sunlit Tides to go through all of…this…with me. 

No problem, bestie.

Seriously. I don’t know how I’d get through all of this without you.

And seriously? No problem…