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Sagiri Seina ties up sayonara performance together with Sakihi Miyu and their Yukigumi Pose

“Lupin The Third”, “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Roman Holiday”: she has starred in many widely-discussed productions and established a unique Top image. On the 29th, Takarazuka Top Star, Sagiri Seina’s sayonara production had its final day at Hyogo Perfecture’s Takarazuka Grand Theater. Alongside her musumeyaku partner, Sakihi Miyu, with whom they formed a famous combi, they bid farewell to their home ground, and tied everything up at the end with the regular, since Sagiri became Top, “Kizuna!” Yukigumi Pose.

Since her Top inauguration on September 2014, all 5 of her shows which run in the home theater have achieved an audience attendance of over 100% capacity. Hailed as “Takarazuka’s New Century Strongest”, this “Chigimiyu” combi’s sayonara show included consecutive duet scenes. With 6 curtain calls in a row, it ended with the now established Yukigumi custom routine, “Kizuna!”, where everyone pulls in both fists at their waist level.

Immediately after this “Kizuna”, Sagiri and Sakihi appeared together in front of the curtain. When Sagiri threw the ball to Sakihi with a “I’m the only one talking, so say something too”, Sakihi responded “The name of the one I love begins with an S… It’s Sagiri Seina!”. She expressed her love, referencing their final revue’s theme song(*). Sagiri replied “Thank you very mu~ch”, very bashful.

Takarazuka gives otokoyaku absolute priority, yet Sagiri sought equal footing for Sakihi, and Sakihi in her intent to follow Sagiri, kept walking alongside her in all earnesty; thus, the popular combi “Chigimiyu” was born. Fans call the interaction between the two of them “public flirting”, and have been enjoying their top run for around 2 and a half years.

“Sakihi and I have been like this for 3 years. 3 years of her wrapping me around her finger… Even if I said I don’t want her to, she still followed me, and I am full of gratitude for that. Ah, I guess I’ve got an earful coming for this“ Sagiri said, inducing laughter.

Sagiri joined the Revue in 2001. Taking on acting stoically, she distinguished herself for her outstanding acting spirit, and with her excellent athletic abilities, overcame the handicap her petite and slender build posed her as an otokoyaku, making sharp dancing another of her assets. Since she became Top, she took hold of Takarazuka’s 2D adaptations, starring in plays such as “The Count’s Daughter”, “Lupin The Third” and “Rurouni Kenshin”.

Sagiri, Sakihi and co, will be grauating the Revue as of 7/23, the final day of “Bakumatsu”’s Tokyo Takarazuka Theater run, which shall begin on 6/16.

(*) 「私の愛する人のイニシャルはS」 is an actual lyric Miyu sings in the Dramatic “S”! theme song.


Male Cast Entry on “Owari no Seraph FES.”! (^_^)

(Kensho & Irino: “Yapp, we’re here…. yapp…”

Nakamura & Sakurai: “BTW! We are in “Osomatsu-san!” Look at our dorkness!”

Nobu & Kaito: “We are so cute! (^3^)”

Maeno & Tatsu: “Bang! Right into your heart!”)



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Mun: Here they are. Basically all my headcanons, appearance wise, of the rainbow girls.

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