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【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤


#HAPPYAARIDAY! Enjoy this video and here’s a message from everyone for you:


Jen: Happy birthday Aari!!! I hope you have a lovely day on your special day! Your an amazing friend I’m so grateful to have you as a friend! I love you~💜

Min: Aari babe, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and joy. Hope you get to spend it with those who love you. Eat well, stay healthy and be careful as always

Elly: Hey Aari! Happy birthday my girl! It’s been so much fun rping and talking with you. I feel like we’re best friends both here and in real life! I’m glad I found a person like you who is a great friend!

Vi: Happy Birthday!!!!! <3333 one year closer to escaping from the hell that is highschool!!!

Miyu: Hello beautiful baby, happy birthday! There may have been difficult times for you all these years you’ve been alive but I just want you to know that we’re proud of you and that we really love you. I hope you have more happy memories this year and the next ones and I hope I can tell you in the next 10 years happy birthday again <3 Please take care and eat a lot of sweets and cake for us!

Eileen: So my wishes for Aari… happy birthday, also I wish you keep being the nice person you are, I’m thankful you’re part of us and celebrating your birthday with us, smile, stay beautiful and stay strong 💕

Kiwi: Happy birthday Aari!! I hope we keep rping for a long long while. I always love seeing your face in the chat <3 You always make me smile and I hope you get a chance to smile on your special day. ^u^

Mochi: Hi lovely Aari writer Mochi here! (hehe I like that name >v<)
Today is your birthday and I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY UHUUUUUU!! *hugs n kisses*
I wish u all the best for this coming year and even longer…for the rest of your life…that you can find happiness in everything that may come your way…
I know we are far apart but I still feel so connected to you…from the day first day on when the rp started I already felt this strong bond…and it got stronger each day developing a friendship I always want to treasure in my heart…thank you for that! Thank you that you are so open and let me be part of your life….and thank you for being my rp waifu haha *winks* I enjoy the time rping with u so much♡
Okay! I’m talking so long again ;v;
So I’m gonna wish you a happy birthday again sweetie! Remember that mochi always loves u no matter what!💕💕
(ps: crying now bc was listening to spring day while writing damn u BTS TT0TT)Your mochimochi♡🍡🌸

YYB wish @armys-golden-maknae a happy birthday!


This is Miyu, my most beautiful girlfriend. She is beautiful, sweet, innocent, kind, full of potential, and filled with love. However, she has a low self esteem and self worth view of herself.
I’m making this post because I want her to one day see the beauty I see in her. If not today maybe years from now. As long as she gets at least a glimpse of my love for her.

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-04-30 - NAOMI No Heya!

*Please note if you want to use my translation for whatever reason, please CONTACT ME first*

It was broadcasted! 

Everyone, did you watch it!
Other than myself, many senpais such as Hanazawa Kana-san and Irino Miyu-san etc appeared, recording was really fun!

I was allowed to have such a good experience, to be able to sing in NHK Hall, I’m really happy!

People who have always been supporting me, people who have seen for the first time and took an interest, yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu from now on too (*^_^*)

In the dressing room (*^_^*)

Thank you very much!

Zukalations Subtitle Test Stream: Lupin III!

Hello everyone! @zukalations has another show almost ready to release which means it’s streaming time :D

We will be streaming the 2015 Snow Troupe senshuuraku of Lupin III at 10 am PST (1 pm EST/7 pm CEST), this Saturday, July 2.

The show is completely subtitled in English, translated by me and @chemicalperfume and subbed by @lee-cynic.

It will be on either Livestream or Cytube, not certain which as Livestream had issues last time but it has better security than Cytube. Link will be posted on the day of the stream ^^

Hope a lot of people can watch! It will probably end up double-featured with a rerun of a prior subbed show as well.