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咲妃みゆ「灰色の午後 En Esta Tarde Gris」fromアルバム『Todos del Tango』


【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤

Wuuuuu my brain already created another oc for battim !!! This time, it will be something that will be out of the ordinary, I present to Miyu the kitsune:
Name: Miyu (meaning: beautiful kindness)
Occupation: She works in a temple, which is in toon town.
Relationships with other characters: Bonnie and Veronica the cat (Miyu considers them her friends, since Bonnie was always kind to her, and Miyu admires her for her noble heart, and she apreciattes a lot to Veronica , because she has the same tastes as her, and she loves to go to the flower boutique, to get some roses and decorate the temple)
Personality: Miyu is a young woman who dedicates full time to her work, she is very reserved to the people, besides being calm and patient. In the temple, he usually goes to the garden, because he loves serenity and listen to the beautiful sound of nature, tends to fall in love with any caricature with his innocent and mischievous smile, although Miyu does not do it on purpose. She is very kind and kind, she also loves to heal people with her powers, she especially loves to meet new friends, but, it is very difficult for someone to be friends with Miyu, since she only chooses people of greater confidence and who knows that friendship lasts. (Miyu makes the decisions seriously, and usually goes for the one that his heart indicates)
What Miyu loves ❤:
-the flowers (especially the roses and the tulips)
-the cherry trees
-the nature
- goodness
- sing (only when she’s alone)
- the onigiris
What Miyu hates 💔:
-fights -the hatred
- do not be honest with her, since her heart feels it. -the betrayal

I hope you like this little oc (seriously, I loved the result ❤) in addition, this is just a quick drawing of her, soon she will bring doodles, and drawings already done better, and possibly, in the future, make changes to her. his physique. You may wonder why it does not look like a normal caricature? Hehe, the answer is this: because I do not want to use the same way a cartoon character must have, I did not want to draw an ordinary animal, I wanted to experiment, to make a creature that has the characteristics that I want, and to fulfill my expectations, also why not make one that is from another place? Like Japan! (Honestly, I love Japan ♡ ~ ♡) Even is a rare and very majestic and beautiful being, of Japanese mythology and belief. In any case, please do not copy or steal the idea of ​​this character, please …

Bonnie: @bonnie-bombay 💖 Veronica : @yaoitrashqueen 💖 (Sorry for my english :“D)
Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-04-30 - NAOMI No Heya!

*Please note if you want to use my translation for whatever reason, please CONTACT ME first*

It was broadcasted! 

Everyone, did you watch it!
Other than myself, many senpais such as Hanazawa Kana-san and Irino Miyu-san etc appeared, recording was really fun!

I was allowed to have such a good experience, to be able to sing in NHK Hall, I’m really happy!

People who have always been supporting me, people who have seen for the first time and took an interest, yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu from now on too (*^_^*)

In the dressing room (*^_^*)

Thank you very much!

Zukalations Subtitle Test Stream: Lupin III!

Hello everyone! @zukalations has another show almost ready to release which means it’s streaming time :D

We will be streaming the 2015 Snow Troupe senshuuraku of Lupin III at 10 am PST (1 pm EST/7 pm CEST), this Saturday, July 2.

The show is completely subtitled in English, translated by me and @chemicalperfume and subbed by @lee-cynic.

It will be on either Livestream or Cytube, not certain which as Livestream had issues last time but it has better security than Cytube. Link will be posted on the day of the stream ^^

Hope a lot of people can watch! It will probably end up double-featured with a rerun of a prior subbed show as well.