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I have a question though, do you like any recent anime? I mean, I have a hard time finding quality anime in the 2010's but there's been a few-do you like any of the recent anime art styles?

I know I give new anime a bum rap, and meh, it’s kinda deserved, but I do try to watch things.  But I’m going to be honest with you, nothing sparks my interest much nowadays.  And since I am fairly social and most of my friends watch anime, and I keep this blog, hearing what other people think about something clouds my own judgement.  That’s why sometimes I may not watch something for years.  I don’t like watching something just because other people think it’s good.

I like films, so Summer Wars, Redline, Genius Party, Tekkonkinkreet…

Series; Samurai Champloo,  Chi’s Sweet Home, Genshiken, Inu x Boku SS, AnoHana, ToraDora…to name a few, and it took me a whole day to even think of those!  It was thanks to Macross Frontier I actually went back and watched all of the previous Macross series (except I still need to watch 7). 

I enjoyed The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, so I became of fan of Kyoto Animation.  Eventhough they have a house style, they have really beautiful, solid animation.  Problem is with today’s anime tropes, it makes them super boring!  Haruhi never really went anywhere and Endless Eight sorta ruined that.  The movie, is really well done though.  K-on!, Hyouka, Tamako Market, and Kyokai no Kanata…all were really boring in the end or felt like a waste of time.  Now keep in mind, I like stupid short OAVs from the 80’s/90’s that go nowhere, like Dragon Half, or Fire Emblem, or Elf-17.  So I’m talking about the KyoAni works in a different context.  There’s just no character development, and really cool ideas aren’t explored far enough.  Clannad however, was very good!  That’s probably one I can always recommend.  And Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai was pretty enjoyable too.

One Piece might not count, but it’s the only thing still being made today I keep up with.  And I started LATE.  I think I started reading and watching it 2009…?  People like to give it crap, but honestly, there’s more good shit in this story than all the anime I watched in 2000’s.  I laughed, I cried, and I got mad at villains.   It’s memorable.

And that’s the issue.  Not many of anime I watched in the last 10 years have any lasting power or keep shelf life in my head.  I go back and watch all my VHS and old classics because I can still enjoy them.  The animation, my favorite scenes, all of them keep up.  Patlabor, something I only watched this year, is ten times more enjoyable than anything I watched in the last 10 years.

Pre-2000’s anime had a quality to them.  They were colorful, had memorable characters with great design, the music was good, the animation was something I really enjoyed.  And I remember everything about them, from directors to designers, who worked on what, what episode such and such happens. Nowadays everything starts to look the same, I don’t know who draws what because of it, the music is forgettable, the “life” of the art isn’t there.

I have re-watched El-Hazard probably 50 times.  Ranma ½ still makes me laugh.  I’m discovering old anime like it’s new, like Elf-17, Catgirl Nuku Nuku, Dangaioh, Wings of Honneamise, etc.  Dragon Half may be short and go nowhere, but it beats anything I watched 20 some episodes of.

Lesean Thomas’ Cannon Busters project has me more excited than anything being done in Japan today.

To sum up, I hardly like any new anime.  I’m actually in agreeance with Miyazaki and Anno about the state of the anime industry.  I just enjoy what I enjoy, and right now it’s 80’s and 90’s anime.  There’s still so much I haven’t seen, so that makes me excited.  And I get more excited to watch old favorites than try and find new ones.  But to each his own.

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Story. A new quarter of school started and I wanted coffee from the machine. All I had were $20s but the sign said it takes 20s so it was alright. It gave me coffee so i was waiting to get change back, a 10, a 5 and some 1s. NO. NOOO. THE MACHINE ONLY HAD QUARTERS AND QUARTERS STARTED COMING OUT AND STARTED SHOOTING OUT IT WAS SO LOUD THEY WERE SPILLING OUT ALL OVER THE FLOOR IT DREW A CROWD OF 20 ME CRYING SPRAWLED OUT TRYING TO COLLECT $19 IN QUARTERS MY FRIENDS LOOKED SO SCARED I WAS TOO.

lol oh god. we had a machine that took 20s but it gave dollar coins back instead of quarters

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Eh? Your Icon is the picture I drew of Seshhy and Rin. Sweetness. Thanks for liking my pic enough to use it as an icon!

Is it yours??? HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL FOR THIS DRAWING I can’t believe it, it’s my favorite fanart of all time!!! Do you have more?? Do you have an account on pixiv or deviantArt or something? Congrats on your talent miyo-chan~

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Yeah, but how fast can YOU draw Danny, I certainly can’t draw him in 47 seconds.


This had no time limit. It looks so…unrefined. His strokes are lacking something, i dont know if its control or confidence in his strokes, or laziness.

His drawings lack flow. even if your exaggerating anatomy poses should always have a flow to them

as an example heres the early concept art from butch http://archives.frederatorblogs.com/odd/2007/02/13/early-danny-phantom/

and some by steven silver


look at the flow in stevens work, the line carry weight and and give a better sense of form, while butches line weight is completely random.

I dunno maybe im being to critical, but I just dont think Butch is a very good artist, and his style only looks good cause of the skills of the animators who actually make his shows.

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She’ll find mice or something even indoor housecats are surprising hunters. My cat brought back a squirrel when he accidentally got out of the house once for 10 minutes. Not to mention all the mice he left on my pillow. Cat+food=cat is fairly happy.

well if shes trapped in the mansion, she would be without water and i doubt vlad has alot of mice. I would hope that at least sam would get maddie, since shes the animal lover and all.

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"did she kiss him on the teeth??????????" That's what I said when I saw it at age 12, at a friend's house like "Wtf, that's not a kiss, you kissed his teeth" then it was just his bottom lip and I'm not really sure if that's how kissing works, hah.

Same XD I remember we were watching this after getting the dvd from netflix. oh man i remember that was before netflix instant even existed

(btw im laughing cause this message got sent 5 times so my inbox is filled with this message and omg i need to go to bed)