To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Studio Ghibli, the legendary Japanese animation studio, an awesome retrospective has been set up in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills. The centerpiece of the Studio Ghibli Expo is this massive illuminated replica of the giant airship from Hayao Miyazaki’s 1986 feature-length anime Castle in the Sky.

The airship measures about 8 feet tall and nearly 20 feet long, features dozens of spinning propellers, and gently moves up and down, which makes it appear as though it’s actually floating in the center of the room. It’s surrounded by suspended planes, airships, and other flying machines from Studio Ghibli productions.

Watch this video to get a better look at the giant airship in motion:

Head over to RocketNews24 for additional photos from the expo.

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Being Human is Nice #FuruhataNao 160727

Good morning
I am Team K2’s Furuhata Nao.

I went for the filming of
The TOKYOMX show, “Otoboke POPS”

In the picture, from the left is
Matsuki Yasutaro
Otani Nobuhiko
Kahara Tomomi
Miyazaki Nobuko

They were interested in SKE48
And that made me very happy
And spurs me to put even more effort

We got excited talking about our hometowns

It was fun but since
It’s been quite a while
Since I’ve been on a talk show, I was nervous.

I forgot how it’s like…

It’s a rare chance for myself
To be on a talk show so I’m grateful for it.

Since I’ve been given this chance,
I thought to myself that I can’t just sit there
And do nothing! (lol)

It might be just a small step forward but
I tried to get into the conversation on my own
While being nervous as hell.

If they were to say
“What about you?”,
That would give me time
To prepare myself but…

Trying to join a conversation naturally
Is still nerve wrecking.

I might have been pulling a straight face while talking
But in reality I was so embarassed that I thought my face would burn
And my heart was pounding. (lol)

I guess my immunity must have gone down
Because we don’t have many
Talk shows and variety show appearances anymore?

Although I get anxious very easily,
Although I’m bad at talking,

My desire to change, and the necessity to change
Is real, so
It might get cut from the show but…
I jumped at it.

I don’t want to limit myself to
“I’m not good at it”
In anything I do.

There are members who want to be on TV shows

And members who are good at talk shows

And the managers who assigned me to this job

And members who have given their all
To establish their position

…I think it would
Let them down (if I take things lightly)

Doing it for my own sake, is also part of it so
I will do my best so that
More people will find out about me
And fans who support me will be happy!

To achieve that, I believe
I need to give my all, at every moment

I don’t think this is that extreme, but
Please don’t think
I’m being too strict to myself. (lol)

Sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.

Either ways…

I’m not young anymore! (lol)

(That’s kind of unrelated though (lol))

I can’t depend on seniors anymore
Nor be spoiled by their kindness
I need to learn from my seniors now
And become the senior in the future.

I don’t know how much of our conversation
Will be broadcasted but
Otani Nobuhiko understood SKE48,
Or should I say idols

And that made me really happy
And Otani Nobuhiko
Also made us realize some things we didn’t before!

It will be broadcasted on
August the 20th

So please do watch it(*´-`)

Thank you for reading my ameblog,
Giving me a thumbs up,
And writing me comments.

Lets do our best today as well

Nao #796

All done! He’ll go inside the shadow box he’s leaning against, but he’s still drying and taking a photo of him already inside results in bad photos :P #Totoro is another special piece I’ll be putting up at the #Otakon art auction (that is if my fiancé doesn’t steal him first lol)! What do you all think? :) #art #painting #clay #paint #3d #fanart #artist #ghibli #miyazaki #myneighbortotoro #kawaii #cute #japan #spirit #rain #leaf #umbrella #ooak #handmade

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 I didn’t plan to do anything for my 800th followers but I’m in the countryside with nothing to do with my life so here we go again. I thought I could change a bit and make these ones based on an ask game.


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1/ If you were a colour

2/ If you were a place

3/  If you were a feeling

4/  If you were a book

5/  If you were a sound

6/ If you were a smell

7/ If you were a movie

8/ If you were a moment (time, season, century etc)

9/  If you were a song

10/ If you were an object

Exemple:  3- Quietness  5- Rain against the window  7- Spirited Away by Miyazaki  8- Twilight  10- A silver pendant

By the way, while I’m talking about a Hideaki Anno show...

In the Japanese version of Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”, Anno voiced the main character, Jiro. 

I actually got to see that film in the cinema when it first came out in Japan and, good lord, that was probably the one time in my life I WISHED I was watching a dub rather than the original version.

He may be a genius animator, but a great voice actor, Hideaki Anno is not.  

anonymous asked:

Hey Rin I say your reply on a question about anime and I would recommend you watch Deathnote, Kabaneri of the iron fortress, or Attack on titan. These are some I really enjoyed myself but, totally understand if you don't get into these but just some of my personal favorites!

Hey! Have read and watched Deathnote a while ago and mostly liked it.
Titans went OK as bg, but it’s not my cup of tea.

I’m into things like “Ergo Proxy”, “Witch Hunter Robin”, 
“Zankyo no Terror”, “Death Billiards” (can’t recall everything on the spot).
Hayao Miyazaki, Hosoda Mamoru, Makoto Shinkai - their films are real masterpieces.
Ah, I also like “The Five Star Stories” film ^_^
And among my favourites are “Baccano!” and “Durarara!!”.

anonymous asked:

I totally agree with the whole "every hero needs a villain thing", but it really depends on the story. Miyazaki films are a good example; in movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, there are no villains. There are struggles and concepts to deal with sure, but usually the "villain" is some kind of life struggle or inner debate. IDK I just thought that was worth bringing up.

that’s definitely true, though i’m not entirely sure if i would classify Miyazaki films the same way as other films/shows. they’re like an entirely different thing, to me at least. they have a completely unique feel to them and no need for a villain. honestly, i wouldn’t even really classify a lot of the main characters as heroes either. that could just be me tho!! ;v;