The famous Usakichi scene from 2nd pedal stage~

Shinkai was taking care of Usakichi when suddenly other rabbits(!?) appeared claiming to be Usakichi’s family and wants to help Shinkai overcome his fear of racing. And they chose to help him by… letting Shinkai ride them as a bike?? Even towards the end a certain someone pays a visit to support him LOL

(Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play ~Hakone Gakuen Hen, Nemureru Chokusen Oni~)


@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
“Arakita Yasutomo, happy birthd—”
Arakita: “I don’t care! Dumbass! Don’t celebrate it!”

@shuto_mi (Shinkai)
Shinkai: “Jinpachi said he’ll give you a year’s worth of Bepsi as a present.”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
Arakita: “Smells like trouble, so I’m not taking anything from him!”

@gdgd37458 (Toudou)
Toudou: “Wahaha! Too bad! I’ve already brought them over in a pull wagon, so take them gratefully! No need to thank me!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
Arakita: “You’re annoying!” ※Kicks the pull wagon

@gdgd37458 (Toudou)
Toudou: “I’m not annoying! –Heeeeeeeeyyyy! The Bepsi is falling everywhe– Hey! Wait! Ahhhhhhh…”
※Fades out

@shuto_mi (Shinkai)
Shinkai: “Ah, I’ll take one of them.”

@uechan_0905 (Manami)
They’re pretty tasty~ ^^

@takuminari (Izumida)
My right pec is saying “Happy birthday Arakitaaaa”!!

@dad_dad_dad444 (Kuroda)
Kuroda: “Arakita-san, happy birthday. Eh, there’s all this Bepsi scattered around… Touichirou and I will clean this up…”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Manami)
Arakita: “Don’t drink them in the confusion of everything, Manami!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Izumida)
Arakita: “Shut up!! Izumida!! …D–Don’t cry, Andy, I’m not angry! I’m not angry! …Do something, Izumida!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Kuroda)
Arakita: “Make sure you carry them well! Kuroda!”

@shuto_mi (Shinkai in response to Arakita)
Shinkai: “If you’re gonna get mad about it, you should have just been honest in the first place and accepted them. Manami~ Want another bottle?”

@uechan_0905 (Manami)
Ah, I’m full now, but thanks anyway ♪

@dad_dad_dad444 (Kuroda in response to Arakita)
Kuroda: “I will carry them properly! With this cool-looking body of mine!”

All of Hakogaku (minus Fukutomi, who doesn’t have a twitter) stage actors on twitter. Post has been edited with additional tweets.The reason Arakita is awkward around Andy is because Andy recently grew to adore Arakita but gets easily scared by Arakita’s moods.