miyashita eiji

Title : Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~ Oogawa wa Mirai wo tsumugu ~
Genre : Girl s love adventure game
PSP game
Character design : Tsukino Omame
Scenario : Shouchiku Bai
Project : OperettaDue
Sales Agency : Hunex
Brand : dramatic create
Code : 50001261
It s a famous pc game so now it s adapted on playstation portable

Cast :
Tachibana Shinnosuke as Touya
Miyashita Eiji as Suren
Suzuki Chihiro as Nouru
Sugiyama Noriaki as Naran
Nakazawa Masato mo as Ruji
Oda Toshimitsu as Sefu
Makino Hideki as Esta

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Beast x Light Countdown Voice: 6 days - Leo

[CV: Miyashita Eiji (Horikawa Shinobu)]

Ah, I’m going to hit it! Ow ow ow… I didn’t expect there’d be a door there… Ah, e- excuse me! I’ve forgotten what it was I came here to do. Eheh… Ah, pleased to meet you! My name’s Leonardo Butterworth. Eh, you think it’s a cool-sounding name? Th- thank you. But my name is really the only cool thing about me… And… eh? Ah, sorry! I forgot!

The latest work from anakare, a stylish therianthrope BL game, “Beast x Light.”
Beginning service in 6 days.

Youma ~Inma no to mukaeru asa~

I’m beginning to like Operetta’s otome cds. The first one I’ve heard being Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru. A title which I always horribly botch up for some reason. Let’s hope I did it right this time. 

Like Sono Ai, this cd has two discs. The first serves as more of a prologue and introduction to the characters while the second contains the multiple endings. The translated info from the website can be found here

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